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Bound by Flame review round up

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a B-Grade game that’s been any good. Without the budget and polish of their triple-A brethren, great ideas tend to be executed poorly. Despite hopes to the contrary, Spiders’ Bound by Flame doesn’t break tradition. Here’s what critics have to say about the ambitious, but flawed RPG.

Story and gameplay in Bound by Flame launch trailer

Bound by Flame is one of those games that could go either way. As a sprawling B-tier RPG with the scope – but without the budget - of AAA titles it’ll likely lack the polish you expect from full-priced retail games. It could, however, make up for that with heart.

Get stabby in Bound by Flame

I’m becoming increasingly intrigued by Bound by Flame. If you played Mars: War Logs from developer Spiders, you’d know that it was an interesting action RPG that with the right amount of polish could have been exceptional. Their previous game, Of Orcs and Men also showed incredible promise. They’re taking another stab at RPG’s with Bound by Flame, a combat-centric, choice-laden RPG in the vein of Kingdoms of Amalur. 

Feast your eyes on these Mars: War Logs screenshots

While we’re all pretty much miffed out with some game developers these days, for making the same old generic crap or compromising their games for the “new age of gaming”, there are development studios still doing it right, even if they aren’t considered AAA. Spiders Games in my opinion is joining the ranks of studios like CD Projekt Red, developing games the way they should be developed.

Mars: War Logs Trailer – Nuff said

Mars: War Logs Trailer – Nuff said

So you know that game I told you about in August that’s being developed by spiders? Well, it’s got a new trailer and OH MY BOD it’s just freaking awesome.

This game is being developed by spiders!?

A new game called Mars: War Logs has been announced and it's being developed by spiders. Ok not really! But it would be cool if it was.