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Your Empire needs you – South Africa gets its own 501st outpost

REBEL SCUM! Sith lords may have all that dark side power, but even the rule of two isn’t enough to enforce the iron grip of the Empire. What the Sith needed, was an army that could spread their law across the galaxy, taking names and kicking ass across the cosmos. But sometimes, being bad can be good. Just ask the 501st Legion, an international army of Star Wars fans and cosplayers who now have an outpost right here in South Africa.

Are you a skilled driver? Check out the CMaster Invitational

We did a piece a while back where we spoke about the local driving talent of our TrackMania Nations Forever community. The sheer skill and perfection of some of the driving on display really was something special to watch. Think you have what it takes to join the elite? Best you get your warm up laps done so you can enter the CMaster Invitational.

South Africa to take on New Zealand in StarCraft II Show Match

StarCraft is possibly the only game in existence which can make me stress like a madman. Micro? Macro? APM? You need to know how to manage all of these and more, all at the same time, if you ever want to be any good on a competitive level. There are gods among men players who are capable of such feats, and South Africa is home to some of them. Want to see them in action? Some of our best players will be taking on the best New Zealand has to offer this weekend.

City Vs City Clash: large scale local Battlefield 4 tournament

The winter leg of the DGL has come to an end, and the DGC isn’t too far off. Sad that there isn’t any local eSport goodness in the immediate future? Don’t be! The City vs City Clash will be taking place at the end of this month.

Rumour no more: EA distribution changing hands in SA

In April we told you that EA’s local distribution was changing hands again; that it was being wrest away from Apex Interactive and thrust in to the hands of a new partner. While our information back then was from sources we trusted, we could not confirm it – thanks to the vehement denial from the parties concerned. Now we can.

Energy look to the future: eVo join their Dota 2 roster

It seems that now is the time for change and growth for MGO’s in South Africa. In-Finity Gaming recently announced their acquisitions leading up to the DGC. Energy eSports are looking to the future too, as they have welcomed some new blood into their organisation.

In-Finity Gaming acquires two other MGO’s

Local gaming MGO, In-Finity Gaming, have announced that they will be bolstering their roster by absorbing teams from Pulse Gaming and Unknown Gaming. What are their plans moving forward?

This is who I think should replace the MSSA

The MSSA is currently suspended from SASCOC and if my personal dreams comes true this marks the beginning of the end of the MSSA’s and Colin’s interfering with eSports in South Africa.

Southern Barbarians make South Africans proud

We were proud of the Southern Barbarians no matter what happened. However, these latest results make us want to dance for joy - and leads to more questions about the state of our national eSports body.

Why are local game prices so insanely high?

Much has been said on social media recently about how insanely high our local prices for video games have become and this morning I received an email asking us to investigate this.

Xbox One will be at its best for SA launch

For those who don't know, Graeme Boyd (aka Acey Bongos) is the Social Marketing Manager for Xbox in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). He is one of the presenters at the Xbox press conference for E3, and often teams up with Major Nelson to release important news. I got to speak with him at E3, and he also happens to be a really awesome guy.

Microsoft South Africa is listening

Before jetting off to America, I was lucky enough to sit down with some key people over at the local Microsoft offices. I asked the questions that you wanted answers to, and got their responses on video. Here is the interview.

Blazin’ Aces Review–Sopwith Returns

I always get a bit of butterflies when I open up a game that has been developed by local South Africans. It honestly makes me oddly proud that our country is creating more and more games and the quality is getting better and better.

Team RiZe is no more

You may recognise the name Team RiZe as we spoke about them quite extensively earlier this year when they stole the local Call of Duty World Championship spot by including 2 UK based players and then ended up in LA with only a single South African representing our country.

Xbox One will launch 4 September

We have been desperately waiting for a launch date for the Xbox One ever since we found out that South Africa was not included under the UK's umbrella for the initial launch. I have been itching to get my fingers on those vibrating triggers, and it seems we finally have a date to mark in our calendars. Maybe.