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Team Rize responds to controversy

As we've told you before, there was something awry when Team RiZe was selected to represent South Africa. I interviewed Pupsky, our lone remaining South African player, to get his response to the controversy.

Minecraft Monday: Did you win a copy of Minecraft?

So last week we showed you how awesome our Minecraft server was coming along and gave you the chance to win your very own copy of Minecraft thanks to our Minecraft admin, Gareth Bockel

Southern Barbarians in top 3 at ESL

Remember that South African team that wasn't allowed to use the flag or the name South Africa when competing at ESL? They have been competing under the name "Southern Barbarians" instead, and they are crushing the competition.

No more local PS4 stock constraints

The PlayStation 4 has done pretty well just about everywhere, selling out at most retailers. Even locally, stock of the machine has been hard to come by. But no more. Ster Kinekor has sent out a press release saying that as of this week, stock of the console will now be as regular as Darryn since he started eating more bran.

Here comes a new SA eSports league

By now, you're all familiar with the trials and tribulations over at the MSSA. We are hoping for change, keeping some optimism about the new president, but many have called for an entirely new organization to take over and take eSports in a positive new direction. Now, it looks like that might be happening.

Yes Titanfall does work in South Africa

We all by now know that Titanfall is not officially on sale in South Africa due to what EA is claiming is less than ideal network connections to the servers in Europe. But what in reality is a side effect of the CPA complaint. 

Why South Africa can’t have nice things

It's official, South Africa is getting shafted when it comes to Titanfall. We can only hope that if and when we eventually get the Xbox One, Microsoft will up their game and bring in local servers, too. For now, though, we will have to do without one of the biggest games of the year, and maybe even more big titles as time goes by. But is it all EA's fault?

South African Broforce could be heading to the Vita

Our local indies really are shaking up the world at the moment with Desktop Dungeons finally releasing to critical acclaim and then we had Snailboy which really pushed our local graphical prowess onto the world stage. But now we have something completely different which the world just can’t get enough of.

Show off South African COD talent

Alright, so Geoff already told you about the awesome COD: Ghosts Million Dollar Championship for XBOX. The winner of the qualifier will get flown to LA to compete against the best in the world for the big prize. But Megarom wants to show off the uniquely South African talent, and they need your help.

Why the Xbox One cloud is useless for us… for now

Microsoft has been very vocal about how the cloud is going to add a ton of power to their Xbox One console and that as things roll out we will see the benefit of the cloud. One of these benefits is that they are offering cut price server hosting for multiplayer games using their Azure platform.

Xbox One hitting South Africa in October?

A fresh batch of Xbox One rumours have surfaced, and there’s some interesting news in there for local readers still waiting for news on a South African release of the console. According to The Verge, the console could be hitting the country in October.

Is pro-gaming sustainable in SA?

It can be really hard to break into the eSports scene - teams struggle to get recognized, it can be difficult to get sponsors, and even poor ping can cause problems for locals. We've talked about what it can take to go pro, but once you get there, is it even worth the trouble? In light of PandaTank's retirement from eSports, I asked Congo Kyle some questions, with interesting answers.

Clan Focus: Vicious Vixens

It’s a new year and as such it’s time to attempt brand new things again. What we are aiming to do this year is interview as many online gaming clans as possible and what better way to start things off than with South Africa’s only, as far as we know, female-only gaming clan.

Minecraft Community Post–Show me yours

Those who have been following me on twitter must now know that my kids have become obsessed with Minecraft. It’s all they seem to want to do now and I spend half my parenting life trying to get them to go outside and swim or something… I’ve become my mother.

Watch South Africa take on Israel and Denmark in League of Legends tonight

I previously posted about my concerns surrounding our League of Legends team in place to take on Israel and Denmark in a tri nations tournament.