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Halo composer Marty O’ Donnell fired from Bungie

Halo theme composer and Maestro Chief Marty O’Donnell is no longer a Bungie employee, as the audio wizard has just been terminated by the company.

GTA V’s soundtrack has “20 movies worth of score”

I’ve always enjoyed the radio stations of GTA, something that has kept me playing for way longer than necessary ever since the days of GTA 3. Listening to Lazlo berate guests, those crazy ads and waiting for a LoveFist song to start blaring is something that only GTA fans will know about. And in GTA V, expect the biggest soundtrack ever to come out of that game.

But have you heard the DmC: Devil May Cry Soundtrack?

We don’t often do posts on game soundtracks, but I just had to, HAD TO do one about the DmC: Devil May Cry Soundtrack. Why? Because it’s the most amazing eargasm you’ll have for a while.

The Fez soundtrack is a mysterious enigma of unlockable brilliance

By now, quite a few of you are enjoying the nostalgic magic of Fez, with it’s charming take on platforming and retro action. For those of you who just cannot get enough of the boiler room however, you’ll most likely be interested in the official soundtrack, that released on Friday.

It’s available at a pay-what-you-like price (Pssst! $7 minimum!), and features all the quirky melodies that make the game so wonderful. So, it’s a really nice soundtrack then. Except it’s more than just that.

Put your tinfoil hats on people, because this audio rabbit-hole goes deep.

Lazygamer Awards 2011 – The Best of the Rest

With the major awards announced, we often forget some of the other finer aspects that go into the development of a hit title. From the background score to the men and women behind our favourite characters, these categories may not need a page devoted to each of them, but they do deserve some attention.

Here’s a look at some of the games and persons who have earned their own rewards.

Skyrim’s full opening sound track

Are you desperately looking for a new ringtone while thinking about how awesome Skyrim is likely to be? Then with a little bit of technical wizardry we may have found a solution.

The only problem is that this Skyrim soundtrack is still stuck in YouTube format, if you know how to extract it from YouTube into an mp3 please feel free to tell us about it below but keep your voice down we’re listening to our impending future.

Free Portal 2 Soundtrack

Portal 2 has come and gone, and has been one of the most successful games of 2011 hands down. In the first hour of its release it sold over four million units and that number continues to climb. Besides the amazing gameplay and rich story line, Portal 2 has one of the best sound tracks to date. Now Valve has released 23 songs from the game for free download, including 6 ringtones. For the download link hit the jump.

Behind The Scenes: Creating the soundtrack for Red Dead Redemption

If we ever think about what goes on behind the scenes of developing a videogame very few of us envision anything more than an army of sun starved coders slaving away behind a mountain of Red Bull and Pizza.

But while that may be a reality for parts of the game these things are so big now that there is a lot more to it, for example the soundtracks in games aren’t created by sun starved coders and in Red Dead Redemption in particular they seemed to have resurrected some honest to goodness cowboys to give it some authenticity.

Skate 2 and Skate It track list

Skate 2 and Skate It track list

EA revealed the soundtracks for Skate 2 and its Wii/DS sibling Skate It today, and variety is definitely a highlight. While the Tony Hawk series became known for its punk rock and rap mixes that honestly were not that great, the Skate sequels are looking to challenge its throne on that front by being different. Below is a full track list for Skate 2, and songs shared by Skate It are marked with asterisks:

Lips Soundtrack Revealed

You had better start practicing in the shower because Lips is coming and we all don't want to look like a bunch of fools, although that is inevitable. Along with the song list, 1UP.com have put up a fairly detailed overview of the game and what you can expect from it so you will want to check that out if you are interested in what it has to offer. Full song list and links available after the jump.