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Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice Delta and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines head towards the PS Vita

I’m still new to the PS Vita, having recently picked one up, but I quite dig the handheld. It’s primarily an indie game device for me (OLLIOLLIOLLIOLLIOLLI!), but that doesn’t mean that it can’t handle bigger ambitions and games. And it looks like the Vita will be home to some localised big names soon.

Destiny of Spirits review – Free to slay

Whenever someone mentions the word Free-to-play, or F2P for short, it usually sends a cold shiver down my spine. The F2P market is filled with atrocious pay-to-win and wait-to-play models that honestly make me wonder how these abominations thrive in the gaming eco system. While conceptually sound, most companies use this model to bleed gamers dry by tapping into that part of the brain that convinces us to buy ‘just one more’ premium item.

Sony accused of bribing Reddit moderators?

[Update: The thread has now been marked as April Fools on reddit... so either it was the most tasteless April Fools yet or they are covering themselves.. pass me my tinfoil hat back]

[Warning it is the 1st of April so take this with a pinch of salt. But it's not the first time something like this has come to light and it is personally naming and shamng so if it is a fool it's a tasteless one]

A startling new post has appeared on the games sub section of Reddit, the self proclaimed home page of the Internet. The damning claims state that Sony approached all of the moderators behind the sub-reddit and offered to pay them to remove negative PlayStation news and any positive Xbox news.

Sony Computer Entertainment cuts even more jobs

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the darling of the console business right now, with sales of the system rather impressive after just a few month on the market. Still, despite the success, Sony’s been rather loose with its axe when it comes to Sony Computer Entertainment staff. Not long ago, Sony confirmed that God of War developer Sony Santa Monica was smacked with a bout of layoffs, and now even more Sony first parties have been hit with redundancies – this time focused on UK-based studios.

inFamous: Second Son Review – Come as you are

inFamous: Second Son is one of the few new games for the PlayStation 4, built on a franchise that isn’t shared with other platforms. It’s a game that is meant to be a bridge between generations, while drawing in new fans and keeping the old ones from moving on as the game shows off what the PS4 is capable of. And it succeeds in all those departments magnificently.

Sony reveals VR Project Morpheus for PlayStation 4

It’s been about as secretive as my hate for peas, but Sony has finally and officially announced their virtual reality project. Take the red pill and behold, Project Morpheus.

Feast your eyes on a sh*tload of new Infamous: Second Son screenshots

I don’t think we can say much more about inFamous: Second Son right now. In fact, I’m all Delsin’ed out, as I wait for the review copy to arrive. So sit back, strap on a beanie and in-vest yourself in the pre-order, because a crapload of pictures speak a million words.

Is Sony set to do digital game rentals?

For console gamers, PlayStation Plus is a revolution. Giving gamers a selection of essentially new games for a flat fee subscription is something that would be unheard, and the idea laughed at just a few years ago. Sony may be on track to revolutionise games all over again – by letting console gamers rent digital games from the PSN.

Rumour – Sony to reveal VR tech at GDC 2014

What’s new is old again. Virtual reality is making a comeback of sorts, with the Oculus Rift leading the way. But thanks to the beauty of capitalism, competition is just around the corner. Competition with a Sony brand on it according to recent reports.

DriveClub goes back to the drawing board

Don’t expect to see the upcoming racing game DriveClub anytime soon, because it looks like Sony is sending this project back to the pit crew for a further inspection.

Infamous: Second Son DLC is on the way

Pink lights, beanies and the city of rock ‘n roll. Damn, I cannot wait for Infamous: Second Son. Which is why I should hurry up and do a new order for the game after my last one got cancelled for '”abuse”. Infamous: Second Son will most likely be a lengthy game. And once the end credits roll, there’ll be more content on the way.

Jack Tretton steps down from PlayStation

In what I can only see as a bad sign for PlayStation it has been announced that Jack Tretton will be stepping down as President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America at the end of the month.

The latest trailer for SOMA looks terrifying

I don’t handle horror games well. The reason for that might be because of some solid scare design, some well managed use of knowing when to to do a jump-scare or the fact that I’m an absolute coward. So you can bet your clean pants that a game such as SOMA is going to have me assuming the foetal position when it arrives.

Over 6 million PlayStation 4’s sold

It was just before the launch of the console in its native Japan that we told you Sony had sold through over 4 million black boxes. We’ve been waiting to see how much that number would change after the console’s release in its home market. The answer is : lots.

Sony’s latest WRPG: Bound by Flame

Wow, I have a dirty mind. Once I read the "bound" part of the title, everything else they said about the game with its "deep customization" and "massive monsters" just got all jumbled up in my brain. Hmm, I wonder if that's actually making it more appealing.