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Microsoft wants you to care about SmartGlass

Microsoft unveiled its SmartGlass technology – whereby you can use a tablet you already own to interact with games on films on your Xbox or Windows 8 PC  - at E3 last year. Though obviously a stab at the Wii U’s second touch-screen tactic, it’s an interesting bit of tech…that close to nobody actually uses, or even cares about. Microsoft wants to change that.

EA: SmartGlass is “a killer initiative”

Microsoft publically demoed its new SmartGlass at E3 this year - giving smartphone and tablet owners a way to interact with their Xbox 360 games in potentially new and interesting ways. Expect a great deal of support in future EA games - because the publisher thinks Microsoft’s on to a winner.

Nintendo isn’t worried about intelligent silica-based technology rivals at all

Gaming looks set for a shake up of sorts, over the next couple of years. If there’s one thing that the giants of the industry look keen to expand upon, it’s bringing new games to new screens, through tablet devices and smart-phones specifically.

Nintendo has just such an idea with the Wii U, while Microsoft is planning on using existing devices for their SmartGlass application. Microsoft might have a potential advantage here with that idea, something that should cause some concern within Nintendo.

Except that they aren’t worried at all.

E3 2012: Microsoft grabs itself a piece of that sweet tablet pie with SmartGlass

Nintendo is heading into the new generation this year, with the Wii U and its focus on tablet gaming, using a larger flatscreen in your hands for a controller. Looks like Nintendo has an edge on its competition.

Ha! Just kidding, as Microsoft has edged them out now with Project SmartGlass.