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Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 31 Oct 2014

I absolutely adored Sleeping Dogs on the old generation consoles. It was a unique take on the sandbox genre and offered hours of fun in a setting that hasn't been overdone by every video game before it. Square Enix has released it again for the new generation of consoles, with visual upgrades and all the DLC. So, is it worth revisiting?

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 10 Oct 2014

Wow I loved Sleeping Dogs. It was a game I only played way after release, but it was a whole bunch of fun. It reminded me of Donny Brasco, in a much more interesting and unique setting. If you still haven't played it, now is the best time - you can grab the Definitive Edition. Just look at how gorgeous and compelling the game is now.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 26 Sep 2014

By now you’ve heard me wax lyrical both on and off about my love for Sleeping Dogs. Sure, it may have been rough in some places, but it was damn satisfying in many, many other areas as well. I dig the arcade style driving, the gunplay was spot-on and the combat may have been lifted from Arkham Asylum, but it was improved upon tremendously. The game is getting another shot later this year at glory. And sweet pork buns, does it look pretty.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 25 Sep 2014

Just about every game these days is packing some kind of micro-payment system underneath its hood. All those little transactions add up at the end of the day, resulting in the usual pay-to-win model that gamers aren’t exactly fond of. Triad Wars is one game that will feature monetised content, but according to its developer United Front games, this dip into the Hong Kong underworld will focus on fun first.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 23 Sep 2014

Out of all the sandbox games that I double-dipped into in the previous generation of gaming, I think Sleeping Dogs may have been one of my favourites. There’s just something magical about that game, from the combat and atmosphere to the superb gunplay on offer that made it stand out for me. Triad Wars looks like more of that then, but with a PC twist that sees you running your own racket in Hong Kong.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 07 Aug 2014

Looks like Definitive is the new HD remaster of this generation after all. Fresh off of the downright sexy graphics of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, comes another Square Enix game that is getting higher definition kung-fu to the face in October.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 06 Feb 2014

Square Enix will always have a soft spot in my heart - I will always associate them with all the JRPGs I loved in my younger days. Last year, they lost a ton of money and went through some major restructuring, and now it seems to be paying off. Let's hope this leads to come more games for us to love.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 17 Jan 2014

Square-Enix had what they believe was a disappointing year in 2013m, despite having some of the year’s best (but not best selling) games. There’s been a bit of a management shuffle at Square recently – but the company’s changing more than just its management structure. Square Enix’s European CEO Phil Rogers says more than job titles have changed.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 31 Dec 2013

Sony changed the face of online networks when they released PlayStation Plus onto the gaming world and taking everyone by surprise by giving all their subscribers free games every month. What’s more is that these games were pretty new and generally very good.

Posted by Lazygamer Staff - 22 Dec 2013

Finally, we made it to the top 20 - and these are some fantastic games. I don't think anyone can argue with us about them, although you all probably will anyway. But we don't mind - they still made us happy during this gaming generation. As usual, the disclaimer is in place; this list isn't based on scores, sales or metrics, just on our discussions, bickering and threats against each others' loved ones.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 13 Dec 2013

I think I have battered woman syndrome when it comes to Square Enix. Back in the day, Squaresoft consistently released games that I loved. Lately, there have been a bunch of duds and weird statements from Squeenix that make question if they know what they're doing. But clearly that didn't mean any of those bad things now that they're saying good ones, right?

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 28 Nov 2013

Oh Steam, why do you do this to me? I was just about to start working through some of my console backlog, but no, you had to come with another amazing sale including The Walking Dead.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 09 Oct 2013

Yesterday, we learned that United Front Games and Square Enix were teaming up again to bring us more games set within the “Sleeping Dogs universe.” As huge fans of Sleeping Dogs, the prospect alone has us rather excited. Here’s a list of 5 things we’d want to see in Triad Wars.