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Is pro-gaming sustainable in SA?

It can be really hard to break into the eSports scene - teams struggle to get recognized, it can be difficult to get sponsors, and even poor ping can cause problems for locals. We've talked about what it can take to go pro, but once you get there, is it even worth the trouble? In light of PandaTank's retirement from eSports, I asked Congo Kyle some questions, with interesting answers.

Congo Kyle to be South African eSports’ next big thing

South Africans are putting our eSports scene on the international radar, and not just with some of our very talented gamers. One of our, if not our most popular Dota 2 shoutcaster Kyle Wolmarans is kicking off his career with a bang; which leads me to believe that he could become South Africa’s next gaming celebrity.

Project Omega Update: Entries and Shoutcasters

Lazygamer will be hosting our very first Dota 2 LAN tournament this month, here are some updates about the tournament entries and shoutcasting. And if you missed our post last week because you were to busy enjoying the long weekend, I’ll give you a little recap too.

Great Odin’s raven! We have ourselves some shoutcasters

This weekend’s StarCraft 2 Invitational will be shoutcasted by some of South Africa’s best. Etienne "Celestial" Nel and Kyle "Congo" Wolmarans will partner up to bring us the most exciting and awesome shoutcasting throughout the tournament.

StarCraft 2 shoutcasters, assemble!

If you’re seeking shoutcaster fame, then you may have your chance sooner than you think and you should enter this StarCraft 2 shoutcasters competition.We’re looking for two awesome guys or girls, or one guy and a girl or two guys, a girl and a pizza place. Just kidding on the last option, I don’t even know how I remember that reference.  

Local gamer turned international shoutcaster

Trevor “qu1ksh0t” Henry is well known in the old school Call of Duty 4 community in South Africa. Having been a driving force behind one of our oldest clans, Big Fat B*stards and a great Call of Duty 4 talent, Henry has left an imprint here and will now do so on the international scene as a League of Legends shoutcaster for Riot Games, creators of the game.