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New Destiny classes, story and enemy details

Destiny's website got an update, giving us all kinds of new information about the lore, environments and classes. There's a ton of new information, and it's making the game look even more appealing - and less Halo-esque, sort of.

Destiny is “on final approach” for release

Last week we heard how Destiny lost one of their best composers, Marty O'Donnell, when he was fired from Bungie. Sad news whenever people lose their jobs, but at least we now hear that the game is still on track, and will feature O'Donnell's music.

Review: Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Garden Warfare was a tough one for me. I had never played any of the other games in the series, and this one is totally different gameplay wise from the others in the series. It also brought up the question of reviewing a game that is almost solely an online experience, and whether or not day one server problems should affect the score. Luckily for Popcap, the newest entry into the popular franchise is a solid experience with lots of fun to be had.

Chroma – Music meets first-person shooting

When it comes to music games, Harmonix is pretty much at the top of that game genre. From Guitar Hero through to the upcoming Disney Fantasia, these folks know how to develop a few tunes. So what happens when you take all that experience and mix it up in a new genre? You get Chroma, a musical FPS.

Patient Zero: IRL Shooter set to be the biggest Australian Crowdfunded campaign

Following the massive success of Patient Zero: IRL Shooter in Melbourne, IRL Shooter is coming to Sydney!

You’ll only get to play The Division and Destiny late 2014

This year's E3 showed off a lot of pretty new games. Two games which people are really excited about are the MMO shooters (although apparently they don't like being called MMOs) The Division and Destiny. However, we still have a long while to wait before we get to pew pew with friends.

A new cover based shooter using the Oculus Rift looks incredible

I’ve been slow getting on the Oculus Rift bandwagon as I didn’t really see how slapping a helmet on with a screen in my face could really be that exciting. But my mind has just been changed thanks to a video posted up by an Australian developer.

Epic is working on a new triple-A shooter

What’s next for Epic games? Gears of War is pretty much a fond memory of chainsaw swords for the company, while they’ve focused on graphical engines and some zombie-slaying action. But don’t count them out of the shooter market just yet.

A Closer Look at Battlefield 4

Its next generation shooting doing its thing. EA showcase a 64 player multiplayer game, showing us what we can expect.

FUSE review – aFUSE Bouche

I’ll admit to praising Insomniac’s Resistance 3 probably a little more than it rightfully deserved. the single biggest reason for that was the game’s weapons, and the incredible agency that accompanied them. Inventive weaponry seems to be Insomniac Games’ forte – because that’s the only thing that sets its latest, multiplatform effort FUSE apart from its myriad competition.

Yes, the XCOM FPS is coming back

Not long ago, 2K Games hushed up all the media pertaining to the XCOM first person shooter, by making all the YouTube videos private, and killing the game’s site. And then yesterday, Darryn received a strange package (well, stranger than the other packages he receives, and I’m led to believe he *ahem* receives…*ahem*…packages all the time), pretty much convincing us that the XCOM FPS was set to make a grand return. 2K Games has now confirmed our suspicions.

The XCOM shooter may still be alive

I’ve got sources man! Leads into all kinds of mysteries! And according to the FedEx guy who just dropped off a mysterious parcel, proof that XCOM is still alive!

40 almost impressive minutes of Fuse gameplay footage

Insomniac Games live streamed some Fuse gameplay and I have to say it was really almost impressive, but not quite. The game looks like it’s been designed well but presents just about nothing new. The reason for my complete lack of  enthusiasm may just be that we don’t see enough innovation and originality in games; this however doesn’t necessarily make it a bad game.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Review

Back in 2010, first-person aficionados who had a hankering to shoot targets from a much further distance got the chance to squeeze that trigger in Sniper: Ghost Warrior. And it was absolutely awful. Armed with a fresh sequel, the second Sniper: Ghost Warrior game is a improvement on the original. Not that much though, but still, sort of better.

Crysis 3 review – Following Suit

I’m probably in the minority, but I actually liked Crysis 2. It didn’t offer the sandbox freedom that the first game provided, but it was an entertaining battle through smaller, tighter and decidedly more linear levels. With Crysis 3, Crytek have sought to find a modicum of balance between the two philosophies – and they’ve largely succeeded.