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inFamous sequels could take an Assassin’s Creed approach

Some game studios find themselves producing a hit game, which evolves into a franchise and becomes their primary title to work on. For some, that’s a good thing as it allows them a safe buffer to make some cash back in a turbulent economy. For other studios, they want to avoid being a one-game pony. But inFamous developer Sucker Punch is fine with having such a reputation.

First look – The gameplay of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man was an average film back when it was released in 2012, with an equally average game. It had some bright spots, but it was pure cash-in material for the movie. Fast forward to 2014, and the cycle repeats. The new game however? It looks completely different, revamped and ready to do some web design in a completely original manner.

South Park:The Stick of Truth could get a sequel

If there’s one thing that I enjoyed about South Park: The Stick of Truth, it’s that it was impossible to not have a grin on my face as I played through it. Thanks to some sick humour and my even blacker sense of it, I quite dug the game. And I’d kill for a sequel. An idea, which might not be far off at all.

Dishonored 2 slide reveals an E3 debut

Sequels! Get yer sequels! Fresh from the development studio! Includes extra crunch time! Get it on a stick! Good for what ails ya!

Is Hush the primary villain of the next Batman game?

Who’s afraid of the big bad bat? Ever since the events of Arkham City the caped crusader has been left without a purple-suited maniac in his life, as the Joker finally succumbed to the effects of the game that kicked the entire franchise off in Arkham Asylum. A new game is on the way, and that’s no secret. So who will be the main antagonist? Well, Hush up and I’ll tell you…

The next Gears of War must ‘reignite the franchise’

If there’s one game that got me sold on console gaming, it was Gears of War. It was one of my very first games on the Xbox 360 and since then, I’ve played all of them. Gears of War 3 was the pinnacle of the series, with many a night ending in my character dying from pink shotgun wounds. And the next Gears game will need to recapture that spirit.

Tim Schafer would love to make a Brutal Legend sequel

I’ve got a shelf of games, that have gems on it that will never, ever be traded. Games that were so good, that I’ll still be playing them a couple of years from now and loving them just as much. One such game on my shelf? Brutal Legend. And I want a sequel to it. So does its creator Tim Schafer apparently.

Forza Horizon 2 rumours bring the kudos

I’m not great at racing games. Oh hell, who am I kidding? I’ve seen orangutans behind the wheels of cars that were doing a better job than me until my inner jackass shouted “BANG CLYDE!” just so that I could watch the car wreck. But as far as racing games go, I loved me some Forza Horizon. And the rumour mill is pointing to a sequel on the way.

Battle Satan as a dragon in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Ask Geoff which game he’s most looking forward to this year, and he’d pop up behind you dressed in leather and with whips in his hand, and whisper into your ear “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. As frightening as that image may be, he does have a point, because the sequel is looking superb so far.

Fallout 4 may still be real, set in Boston

It hasn’t been a fun couple of weeks for Fallout fans. With the Spike VGX awards coming up, many thought that Bethesda would be showing off a PS4 and Xbox One version of Fallout 4, something bolstered by a mysterious website. That turned out to be a hoax. But Fallout 4 may still be alive, and it could be set somewhere wicked awesome.

A Tomb Raider sequel could be announced at the VGX awards

One of the best failures of this year had to be the superb Tomb Raider reboot. Managing to shift 4 million units worldwide, the game fell short of the ludicroustacular expectations of publisher Square Enix. Still, the general consensus was that the game was damn good, and a sequel would be most welcome. We might be getting news of that sequel very soon then.

The Warhammer 40K Space Marine sequels that almost were

If you haven’t played it yet, go pick up Warhammer 40 000: Space Marine. It’s a dedicated action game that deserved better and was supposed to spearhead a trilogy of games, but those plans eventually fell apart when THQ collapsed. And according to its developer, it would have been one hell of a story.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings in next year

There’s a new Spider-Man film out next year and if you thought for a second that there wouldn’t be a game to take advantage of that film release, then you’ve obviously been huffing web fluid again.

Rockstar has ‘45 years worth of ideas’ before GTA 6

By now, most of you will have finished the mammoth single-player campaign of GTA V, and are probably swearing at your TV screens right now about getting into GTA Online. So when is the sequel coming out? Well, don’t expect it for quite a while yet, as Rockstar is pretty much focused on plenty of ideas for the current game right now.

Here’s a look at the Turok sequel that never got made

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is a game that needs no explanation. But I better do it anyway. The last time the son of Stone appeared in a game, it was way back in 2008. It wasn’t a runaway success, but then again, I don’t want to live in a world where dinosaur-hunting with plasma rifles is frowned upon. And at one point, a sequel was on the way.