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Bloodborne has some deliciously gruesome weapons

Bloodborne has fans of Demon Souls all sorts of excited. It's back to being a PlayStation exclusive and it's got a dark, gruesome feeling to it. It's definitely looking like a quality RPG already, with some especially interesting weapons for you to cut down big bad nasties with.

You can’t see this first screenshot for WWE 2K15

I’ve had several issues with the WWE franchise as if late, that contrary to popular belief, cannot be sorted with a steel chair to the head in an Extreme Rules match. One of my biggest complaints however, comes from the fact that the visuals have barely evolved over the years as Yukes has trotted out the same engine year after year into the ring. WWE 2K15 however, looks like it may have finally got the graphic piledriver slam that it needs.

Dragon Age Inquisition’s Exalted Plains

Ah, Dragon Age Inquisition, I am so ready for you. This time, we are graced with not only another screenshot (to add to last week's singular screenshot), but we also get some descriptive words. The game must be almost ready, right?

One new Dragon Age Inquisition screenshot

Wow, I thought the guys from The Division were bad, giving us two screenshots at a time. Now the good people of Bioware see fit to taunt us even more, dishing out a measly one screenshot. We're promised more, soon, but c'mon!

Minecraft Monday: Just look at that castle plus win a copy of Minecraft

The guys and girls on our Minecraft server have really been working hard this week with this latest gallery of screenshots showing us some incredible castles, angry birds, vikings and even a Ferris wheel.

Bioware helps Morrigan cosplayers

Bioware is showing a bunch of community love at the moment. I'll show you the new screenshot we got via twitter, but I'm most impressed by the character models they're releasing on their blog - all in the name of cosplayers.

Cliffy B teases a Last of Us copycat game?

Cliff Bleszinski has been releasing teaser images of the new game he’s been working on for quite a while now but this latest one may raise one or two eyebrows with the very distinct characters in the foreground.

Cliffy B teases a Last of Us copycat game?

Cliffy B teases a Last of Us copycat game?

Cliff Bleszinski has been releasing teaser images of the new game he’s been working on for quite a while now but this latest one may raise one or two eyebrows with the very distinct characters in the foreground.

Cliff Bleszinski teases with a new video game screenshot

Cliff Bleszinski, the design brains behind Gears of War, has shocked everyone by tweeting out of the blue that he has been working on a project and attached the following image to the tweet.

Behind the Scenes with The Bureau XCOM Declassified

So last night we were invited to a special behind-the-scenes screening of the upcoming The Bureau XCOM Declassified which may or may not still be under embargo. I really should read these documents they give us.

Watch this 1993 Doom screenshot transform into 2013

When Doom was released way back in 1993 it wasn’t quite hyper-realistic but it was still pretty impressive as far as gaming went in those days. However it hasn’t really aged well and so a Deviant Art user, Elemental79, decided to spend 35 hours touching up an old screenshot to bring it into 2013.

Is this a screenshot of the next Prince of Persia?

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the Prince of Persia series with the first game in the series being one of my all time favourite memories but as technology has advanced and graphics have improved I’ve found myself falling out of love with the title.

A new Crysis 3 screenshot emerges

It seems the marketing team over at EA Games is having a problem plugging the leaks as more and more Crysis 3 information is being leaked prior to the official announcement.

This time we get to see a brand new screenshot, well bullshot really as there is no way this is ingame action and is at best a screenshot of a pre-rendered CGI movie or it has simply been manipulated out of the engine to try and show just how awesome Crysis 3 will be.

New Ghost Recon screenshots and video released

Late last night, okay so it wasn’t late but it’s later than we managed to stay in the office, a few new screenshots and some video footage of the upcoming Ghost Recon title from Ubisoft.

The main focus for this release is on the drone accessory in the game which from my few minutes with the game will be a key gameplay mechanic in the game and will make for some seriously entertaining multiplayer.

New Dead Island Screenshots

Recently I was lucky enough to spend a week in Mauritius for personal reasons, however while I was there I couldn’t stop thinking about the upcoming zombie slugfest, Dead Island, which is set in a holiday resort on a island paradise. But fear not being the loyal gamer I am I had my escape route from the room all sorted (it involved flinging myself off the side of the balcony onto a palm tree that would then elegantly bend down until my feet gently hit mother earth)