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Dark Souls 2 scores high with Famitsu

In revenge of Japan news, the nation that was home to Sony PlayStation and the last to get their hands on the new PS4 console has had a chance to play Dark Souls 2 before anyone of you lot have. Naturally, there’s a score attached to the end of the rope that said reviewer was going to use to help forget about the crushing difficulty of the cult hit RPG.

GTA V’s soundtrack has “20 movies worth of score”

I’ve always enjoyed the radio stations of GTA, something that has kept me playing for way longer than necessary ever since the days of GTA 3. Listening to Lazlo berate guests, those crazy ads and waiting for a LoveFist song to start blaring is something that only GTA fans will know about. And in GTA V, expect the biggest soundtrack ever to come out of that game.

Tomb Raider gets its first review, PC specs revealed

After two months of moderately placed big game releases, March arrives to put a hurtin’ on your bank account. There’s a number of big games on the horizon, such as Bioshock Infinite, Sim City and Gears of War JudgEment. But it’s Tomb Raider that happens to be receiving the fair share of public adoration right now. It’s a reboot that has Lara Croft revealing how she became a tomb plunderering lady, and it’s doing this without the need for top-heavy visual eye-candy. So what’s the game like then? And more importantly, can your PC run it?

The Pac Man score to end all Pac Man scores

Sure, you might be the King of Kong. You may be the sultan of Sonic or the Czar of Crash Bandicoot. But there can only be one Prince of Pac Man. With the latest record set for the iconic pellet-chomping game, it looks like no one will ever be able to dethrone current title-holder Dave Race of Ohio, as the American has soundly beaten the previous record.