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No, there is no GTA V PC beta

Grand Theft Auto, last year’s best selling game is for now, stuck on the old consoles. It may or may not be coming to Pc, and even the new machines from Sony and Microsoft. Rockstar hasn’t confirmed a damned thing. People  though, want to believe. Which is why some of them have been dumb enough to get suckered by the latest GTA V Pc scam, promising beta invites.

War Z developers apologise.. but is it too late?

We’ve covered the War Z saga in minute detail and I can’t say I was overly disappointed when the game was ripped from the Steam store after all the complaints.

WarZ is being accused of scamming players again

Well well well this doesn’t look good at all. If you remember back on the 29th of November I posted an article around an ex-moderator of WarZ who accused the company of purposefully banning valid players with the knowledge that these guys would buy more accounts as they are addicted.

WarZ moderator claims the game is a giant scam

It was only 3 days ago that a Medal of Honor moderator ripped in that game and now another popular moderator has taken to his soap box and has turned against their game of choice WarZ.. but his accusations are way more juicy.

Don’t be taken in by promises of Battlefield 3 beta keys

Battlefield 3, even for an FPS shunning heathen such as I, looks irrefutably fantastic. It’s easy to become excited about the title, so much so that one’s reason and logic might go out the window when offered the chance to participate in the game’s beta. One scam-site has taken advantage of eager fans’ mental vulnerabilities, by throwing up faux keys for the game in an attempt to make a little bit of illicit coin.

Cape Town Console Repair Warning

As any of you with out of warranty faulty PS3's are no doubt aware, the official channels for repair through Partserve aren’t exactly affordable – It costs R2200. The reason for this is they swop the console out, instead of actually repairing it. This has lead many to seek alternative, more affordable sources for repair – most of which offer a “quick fix” reflow with a heat gun. These are rather temporary solutions and really should be avoided. If you’re a Cape-Town based PS3 owner seeking out of warranty repairs, you have more to be wary about.