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Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 03 May 2013

Marketing a game is pretty easy these days. A mysterious package here, a bribe over there and a few teaser trailers thrown in for good measure and BAM! Job done, time to hit the bar. The thing is, gaming adverts these days are missing a certain something, a particular ingredient that has been lost over the years. I’m talking about downright tripping the light fantastic madness. Here’s ten adverts from yesteryear that downed a bottle of absinthe and then had some crystal meth for breakfast.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 19 Apr 2013

What happens when we fall down games industry? We get right back up? Stuff you, you’re fired and I just murdered your puppies! The industry today is pretty unforgiving. Make one wrong move, and you’re out the door. But a couple of years ago, experimentation was welcomed. Especially with Sega, before they started to smell worse than the Virtual Boy 3D.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 31 Jan 2013

Who had the most games? Whose games cost the most? Who had the best looking console in previous generations? These are questions that most of you will only be asking now, but they’re still interesting questions nonetheless. The majority of us grew up with at least one console in our homes, entertainment devices that went from catridges to DVDs, from wired controllers to power-gloves. Here’s a mathematical run down of some of the powerhouses from previous generations of gaming, how much they cost in their homebase of US of A, and how much a complete run of games would have set you back.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 01 Apr 2011

Busy schedules stopped it from happening last week, but it’s time for another edition of The best games you’ve never played. Each week, we’ll be bringing you information on good games that flew under the radar, obscure games, Japanese-only imports or games from the past that would make a grown man cry, overcome with nostalgia. We’ll be including games from antiquity, right up to current gen systems.

Today? We pay homage to a criminally underlooked brawler, Guardian Heroes.