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Think gaming is expensive today? Check out this ad from the 90’s!

Gaming isn’t exactly the cheapest hobby. Whether you are PC or Console, it still requires an investment of a few thousand Rands just to get started. What about the games? Forget sales and discounts, full priced titles are a rip off, A RIP OFF I TELL YOU! Are they really though? This 90’s Toys ‘R” Us advert certainly puts things into perspective.

Why is Microsoft hiding Xbox One sales?

Microsoft has released its latest quarterly figures, showing that the company’s Xbox is selling rather well and making the company a fair bit of pocket money. That’s good! But there’s a problem. They seem to be shying away from disclosing sales figures of its newest console; obfuscating them as a general Xbox lump sum.

Xbox One sales have doubled since the Kinect was dropped

Ever since Microsoft debuted the Kinect a couple if years ago, it’s been a hard sell for the company. The pinnacle of wiggle tech, the response to the device by gamers hasn’t exactly been overwhelming. And it received a less than enthusiastic welcome when the Xbox One initially bundled the hardware with the console. Times changed, and Microsoft eventually dropped the Kinect as a mandatory Xbox One organ. And that’s had a positive effect on sales.

The Vita is actually selling out…in North America

Sony’s PlayStation Vita hasn't been doing well, and even Sony’s relegated it to being a bit of a Portstation and handheld indie gaming device. The thing works better as a PS4 extender than a handheld. The tide though, is turning. Spurred on by the release of the newer, slimmer and more importantly cheaper PlayStation Vita, the thing has started selling like the proverbial hotcake. In fact, Sony’s struggling to keep up with demand.

Sales are almost over and need your money

The Steam and Good Old Games sales have been ridiculous, as usual. There have been fantastic games at insanely low prices for weeks now, and on the final day we get the biggest hurrah.

FFD: Do sales devalue games?

The annual Steam summer sale is here, ready to pillage your credit card account. It’s joined by a veritable cacophony of other sales from vendors like Good old Games, Humble Bundle, PSN and everywhere else. They allow gamers to pick up great games at ludicrous discounts, sometimes reaching 90% off of the sticker price. Are these sales actually devaluing games?

Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (19 June 2014)

I know you all missed your dose of Indie Zoe last week, but really, I was far too busy playing all the AAA games at E3. Besides, most indies were wise enough to stay away from releasing any news last week - they knew it wouldn't make top billing. But, here's the stuff you might have missed.

Good Old Games preempts Steam Sale

We all know the Steam Summer Sale is coming. My wallet isn't ready, so I will probably have to just unplug my router until it's over. But before I can even prepare for that, Good Old Games has started their sale, and it includes a free game.

Can Microsoft stop the PlayStation 4 train?

May’s NPD stats are out, giving us a wee bit of insight in to the retail sales of games and hardware within the United States. As is usual, the NPD doesn’t cover digital sales or second-hand, so only paints a small part of the picture – but it certainly looks as if the videogame industry’s health is getting better, and much of that renewed vigour is because of the PlayStation 4. 

Former Xbox fans are buying PS4, says Sony

According to Sony’s US marketing boss John Koller, former fans of other consoles are the people who’re now rushing to buy the PlayStation 4. Citing some or other internal marketing data that may in fact be wholly fabricated, Koller said that 31% of  new PlayStation owners PlayStation 4 had an Xbox 360 or Wii in the last generation, but skipped the PS3.

Watch Dogs has become UK’s biggest new IP launch

For what seems to be forever we’ve been inundated with Watch Dogs marketing. Everywhere you look – yes, even here -  you’ll see an advert, a trailer or some other bit of marketing guff  for Ubisoft’s open-world hacking playground. Thankfully, that’ll be winding down now as we make way for the the next best thing. It looks though as if all that marketing has been paying off. We already know that the game is doing pretty well, smashing the company’s sales records. It’s is now the UK’s biggest new IP launch in the history of video games.

The Wii U is outselling the PlayStation 4…

…just for this past week, and only in Japan. Yes, the headline is a bit misleading, but it’s certainly interesting to note that in Media Create’s sales charts for last week, The Wii U is indeed outselling the newly release PlayStation 4 in Japan. It’s odd, as that week saw a high-profile release by way of Infamous: Second Son, while The Wii U saw the release of...nothing of note.

FFD: Do pre-order incentives matter?

In an age of Steam sales and PlayStation Plus it’s getting harder and harder for publishers to convince gamers to buy games brand new. One of they ways they try to do just that is through pre-order incentives. Buy the game new and you’ll get some plastic bauble, a map or an art book or, increasingly, some sort of digital extra for the game you’re purchasing. Do these matter to you?

Metacritic scores matter, kind of

As one who reviews games, it's nice to believe that those reviews matter. Before I wrote reviews, I read them, and I can remember specific instances when reviews prompted me to buy or pass on certain games. But just how important are those scores for purchasing patterns?

PlayStation 4 sales now nearly double the Xbox One

The latest NPD figures were released last week while we were all sunning ourselves for the long weekend on our private yachts paid for by the bribes from the main distributors… er I mean we were sitting in squalor and eating rodents.