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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls has sold millions

I’m pretty late to the Diablo 3 party. I only just picked up the game for Xbox 360, but I have to admit, I’m having a blast playing as monk with fists of iron. As usual, I am way beyond fashionably late, as the expansion is out for PC. And it has sold plenty so far.

Kalahari is cancelling all those cheap game deals

This week had a great start to it. New games, new news and all that. And then we posted abut the Kalahari sale, which saw upcoming and new games receive a pretty hefty discount. Even better, there were valid vouchers floating around the net, which could have netted you further discounts. Expect those bargains to cancelled however.

PSA – Gaming sales now on

It’s not yet the end of the month and you’re already eating the box that your Corn Flakes came in. Still, much like an alcoholic or a smoker, you always have money for some addiction. So here’s how you can save a few bucks with these current gaming sales.

PS4 nearly doubled Xbox One sales in January

The numbers are in, and Sony appears to have all the momentum - according to NPD figures, the PlayStation 4 is out-selling the Xbox One by 2:1 in North America. 

Sony is rolling in revenue from PS4 sales

Sony is currently enjoying a 64.6 percent increase in revenue to the tune of 441.8 billion yen or $4.35 billion dollars (USD) for the quarter ending December 31st last year, due to the launch of the PS4 in major markets.

This is why GTA V isn’t on PC yet

Last night the bean counters at Take Two Interactive released their financials for the last year and there were some surprising announcements in between all the tedious non-GAAP and loan note talking.

PS4 is leading because Sony “listened to developers”

Right now, the PlayStation 4 is the darling of the console world. Gamers love it, developers love it and the very vocal people on the internet love it. It’s certainly starting to look like the PS4 is going to be the lead platform this generation. Not just in game development, but in game sales too. It’s because Sony listened to developers, says Sony, patting themselves on the back.

Angry Birds sells 2 billion: No one is surprised…

In a shocking turn of events, the number one most popular app of all time, Angry Birds, has officially sold 2 billion copies. Which normally wouldn’t be considered surprising news for such a successful game. However, Rovio’s Chief Marketing Officer Peter Vestabacka told Mobile Entertainment about the milestone and how they plan to expand their business… By taking on the juggernauts of the soft drink industry.

No publisher dominates the PlayStation landscape

Monopolies are terrible things and are rarely, if ever, a good thing for consumers. It’s great, then,  to see how well spread out the top publishers are on the PlayStation landscape.

Cook,Serve,Delicious! makes bank on Steam

Cook, Serve, Delicious! by Vertigo Gaming has seen a huge increase in sales after being greenlit for distribution on Steam, making more money in one day than the developer made in the whole year prior. Developer David Galindo wrote on Gamasutra about the experience:    

Is the PS4 outselling the Xbox One 3:1?

The extremely bored guys over at Neogaf have been checking the real time sales on Amazon using a neat little hack they found. All you need to do is head on over to Amazon and then add the console to your shopping basket.  Then at the checkout change your quantity to something over 900

Vita sales surge following PS4 release

One of the very things that I think Sony had hoped would happen with the release of the PlayStation 4 has come to pass. People are buying PlayStation Vitas.

PlayStation 4 world’s biggest console launch of ever

Most of you in South Africa will be getting your shiny new PlayStation 4’s early tomorrow, ready to take on the world for the long weekend ahead. Or perhaps you went and bought it early. Either way, you’ve contributed to making the PlayStation 4 the console with the biggest launch in the history of videogames.

Gran Turismo 6 launch sales a fifth of previous game

Gran Turismo is one of those evergreen franchise for Sony; a game that just sells and sells. Some people buy PlayStations just to play the game. It seems however, that it’s starting to lose its verdant lustre.

Activision: Fans still love Call of Duty!

This year’s Call of Duty is the first in quite some time to not be heaped with lavish critical praise which suggests to some that the series is running out of steam. Many have bemoaned the copy and paste nature of the annualised games for years, but despite that Call of Duty has had an undeniable quality or some sort of spark – which critics feel is lacking a bit with Ghosts. Doesn’t matter to Activision though.