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Destiny to earn $600-900 million this year?

I love the fact that there are so many analysts and researchers in the field of video games. The latest batch of research sounds quite in-depth, and appears to indicate that the massive investment in the Destiny IP could well pay off sooner than expected.

Sony tops global gaming hardware sales

The last time that Sony had the most hardware units sold annually was in 2006 – just after the release of the Xbox 360 and the Wii. Sony was still high on the success of the PlayStation 2 and they were confident that the PlayStation 3 would reign supreme. It didn’t. Since then Nintendo’s been the champ, thanks to the Wii and the DS…but fortunes turn, and once again, Sony is king.

Analysts: Xbox One to overtake PS4 next year

The sudden, unexpected dumping of Kinect will undoubtedly have big consequences on this silly console war. How big a consequence? Some analysts think the Xbox One is now poised to overtake the PlayStation 4 in sales next year.

inFamous causing a PlayStation 4 sales explosion

We previously heard a little while back that the release of Titanfall caused the Xbox One sales in the UK to increase by 96%. And a mere two weeks later the PlayStation 4 exclusive inFamous was released so let’s see how the sales compared.

NPD: Video Game spending up

Is there an apocalypse planned for this year? We were supposed to have that Mayan apocalypse in 2012 when the calendar ran out, and I'm sure there were some others predicted for last year. People love to predict doom and gloom, and we've been told for years that the video game industry is dying. Yet the numbers for 2013 are in, and the industry is still very much alive.

Xbox One: 3.9 million shipped

It may seem like ages ago, but the holiday season has only just left us. Oh, the generosity - tons of presents, food and booze. No wait, that's not what Christmas is about... is it? Well, that generous spirit certainly worked well for Microsoft.

GTA V about to break the 30 million mark

Grand Theft Auto has always been a huge seller, but I think even Rockstar have been taken aback at how incredibly well the latest installment has sold. And that's even before the much anticipated, maybe real PC version has been released.

Over 2 million Xbox Ones sold in 18 days

Major Nelson, the community mouth piece of the Xbox division has just revealed that the Xbox One had some incredible sales in its first couple of days.

3DS on target to become the best selling console ever

It seems crazy to think back now to when the 3DS was being released and thinking that Nintendo may have missed the boat on this one and that the device may not find a market.

Are shooters on the decline?

An interesting pie-chart (well, as interesting as pie charts can be, really) over at Dual-shockers has sales data from the Entertainment Software Association compiled from NPD reports, and it shows that shooters are no longer the predominant genre of videogames (in the US).

Seriously, it’s time to pre-order your console

I will admit, I've been bad.  I haven't pre-ordered my console yet, even though I know that there will be limited supply.  Somehow, I keep thinking that I'll just be able to saunter into a store after launch and pick up my PS4 without a problem.  Well, apparently GameStop in the US of A has already run out of launch stock.

The games industry gets a little more transparent

Check any videogame industry sales reports and they’ll all tell you one very sobering thing; the entire industry is in on the verge of collapse because game hardware and software sales have steadily decreased year-on-year – but is that really true?

The PS3 is only 50 034 units behind the Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 got off to a flying start in this generation with the PlayStation 3 preferring to stay at home perfecting its make up before leaving for the race. By year 3 the Xbox 360 was miles ahead of the PS3 and unbelievably it decided to take a nap.

Gears of War: Judgment the last in the series?

According to investment company, Cowen and Company, the two big hitting titles from last month are both failing to gain traction at retail and as such they expect them both to miss their sales targets.

76 million Xbox 360’s sold worldwide

We recently let you know that the PS3 was wining the HD console race by way of some figures from the International Data Corporation that claimed the PS3 had sold through 77 million units. That’s apparently not entirely true, and the numbers cited were “shipped, not sold.” The race is close though; Microsoft’s just announced that 76 million Xbox 360’s have been sold worldwide to date.