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There’s a huge PSN Easter sale on

Whenever those Steam sales happen, the Pc folk go in to a buying frenzy while console gamers sit about, tapping their fingers on their desks. Good news for those of you on the PlayStation side of life; there’s a pretty huge Easter sale happening right now.

Bid on a cheap PlayStation 4 or Xbox One

Ah, Bid or Buy - our local eBay. You are strange and wonderful - where else could the guys get their awful chili peppers and rare comics? This Wacky Wednesday, you can even pick up a cheap PS4.

BT Games is having a Collector’s Edition sale

It’s only the middle of the month, but what better time in our annual race around the gigantic ball of fire and death known as the Sun is there to do some cleaning? BT Games is having a stock clearance on Collector’s Editions of games. Here’s what’s up for grabs.

Humble Store wants all your money

The Steam sale is notorious for taking all our money. It's very hard to survive one of their sales without caving and buying something. Now, the Humble Store is offering similarly amazing deals, plus you will be giving to a good cause. How can you resist?

Grab Fallout 1-2 and Tactics for free in the GOG Winter Sale

Oh the weather outside is delightful, but living in South Africa is so insightful and since we’ve got no place to go, let my gaming rig glow!

Huge gaming sale at Kalahari.com

I love Steam, and my backlog over there is extensive. However, I still believe that we need to support retailers or eventually we will be completely dependent on digital distribution. Over at Kalahari, they're running a massive sale with some prices rivalling that of Steam.

The Gamers Gate Specials – 29 July 2013

It’s Monday. That automatically means that life sucks and you better get back to work before your boss catches you reading this. Or you can say testicles to that upcoming meeting on staff synergy, and download some games instead. Here’s a few newer ones that are worth that final paycheck.

The numbers of the Steam Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale is finally over, and it looks like most of you will be playing games by candlelight until payday. There were plenty of bargains to be had with that annual event, and as usual, everyone won. So how well did that sale really do?

NAG LAN tickets go on sale August 31

Most of you will most likely never get a chance to visit Gamescom or E3, but on a local scale, we’ve got a pretty damn good alternative in the form of rAge. The Really Awesome Gaming Expo will be held this year from October 4-6, and as usual the massive LAN event will be the peak attraction. Tickets go on sale August 31. Here’s what you need to know.

The Half-Life complete collection for cheap

Valve’s Half-Life series is regularly cited as one of the most influential in all of gaming – and if you haven;t played any of them then you really ought to be hanging your head in shame right now. Shame on you! thankfully, you get to make up for that particular transgression, because you can pick the entire series up for next to nothing.

PSA – Grab an Xbox 360 and PS3 for cheap

Still don’t have a console, and happen to be just dying to play The Last of Us or some of those other Microsoft and Sony exclusive games? Well good news then! Dion Wired is having a sale, and you can snag one of them for around R2000. There’s a bunch of decent games on sale as well, so happy hunting!

PSA: BT Games is having another amazing clearance

Yeah, it looks like there’s too much stock taking up space at BTGames, so they’re practically giving away a ton of their stock. That stock includes hardware, like PlayStation Vitas they’re giving away from R2000, and Wii U bundles that can be had for just R3000. Sweet!

A sneak peek at BT Games clearance sale

Every year, the fine folks from South Africa’s most prominent video game retailer BTGames host a clearance sale, giving gamers a chance to pick up a host of games, hardware and peripherals for a steal. This year is no different, and the sale kicks off tomorrow. We’ve got the details – but we’re only allowed to share a teeny-tiny bit of what’s to come.

Civilisation 5 for R105 on Steam.. yes please

I’ve got a bit of a love affair for strategy games and so I couldn’t not pass on this great information when I saw it this morning when I logged into Steam.

Do NOT miss these insane Steam specials

If you’ve had a look at the Steam summer sale and somehow managed to keep your wallet safe - then I’ve got bad news for you. Well, I suppose it’s good news if you’re looking for cheap games - but terrible if you were hoping to pass through the Steam Sale unscathed. The current flash sales - which you need to jump the hell on ASAP - are too good to pass up.