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Dragon Age: Inquisition ends the war between Templars and Mages

Dragon Age: Inquisition looks impressive and it was wonderful to see the demo at E3 last month. Bioware has been showing off that same demo via YouTube, and it just proves how well the game has come together. Just remember, a bunch of years have passed since Origins, so some of the characters will look rather different.

Borderlands developer Gearbox is making a MOBA too…

Well, sort of. MOBA’s are very definitely the in thing at the moment, with just about every single development house on the planet busy on some form of MOBA. And of course, Borderlands developer Gearbox wants in on that action too. Where most MOBA games take their roots from Real-Time strategy games though, Gearbox’s Battleborn finds its inspiration in, where else, first person shooters.

Freddie Prinze Jr voicing Dragon Age’s Iron Bull

Remember Freddie Prinze Jr? He used to be a relevant actor in teen romantic comedies. In actual fact, he played a teen well into his later years thanks to the magic of youth, aka the power of an ironic hat. Now he will voice Iron Bull in Dragon Age, and pull weird faces to do so.

Guerrilla Games’ PS4 IP will be ‘Unique’

Judging by the amount of Killzone: Shadow Fall games sitting on game shelves in the pre-played section, quite a few of you picked that title up for your PS4 last year. When it comes to launch titles, Guerrilla Games hit the new-gen with something solid. But their next big game could be even bigger in scope.

Dragon Age Inquisition gives more tidbits

Dragon Age: Inquisition has become the ultimate tease for me. Every few days we get a screenshot or a tweet, it's driving me mad. So, I thought I'd share the madness in one nice, pretty package. Here's the latest from Bioware.

Dragon Age Inquisition shows off more screenshots

It is getting closer - the seasons have definitely changed, which means that 7 October isn't all that far away anymore. Bioware keeps showing off the different environments that we can expect to explore in the game, and this weekend saw some more screenshots released into the wild.

Dragon Age: Inquisition shows off more environments

Bioware has been feeding us the slow drip of information about Dragon Age Inquisition. Yet, like a woman stranded in the desert, I have been savoring every drop. Now, there are some new screens to rub all over your eyeballs.

No FFXV this year?

Recently, I saw someone compare the number of Final Fantasy games (and spin offs) to other annually released titles. Of course, I don't think they were aware how long Final Fantasy has been going, or how long avid fans need to wait between games. Now, it seems we have to wait even longer.

New leaked Dragon Age screens

I'm keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed in the hopes that I'll get to lovingly stroke some Dragon Age Inquisition at E3. Until then, I feel like we're clambering for scraps every time Bioware shows us something, and even when they don't. Here are some chilly new leaked screens for your eyeballs.

Child of Light review – I am woman, hear me Aurora

Child of Light wears its JRPG influence on its sleeve. Though it’s devoid of a spiky-blue--haired androgyne, it’s a coming-of-age tale recounting the ever-enduring human spirit. It’s got a hybrid active and turn-based battle system that recalls fare like Final Fantasy and Grandia. But a JRPG it’s not.

Dragon Age Inquisition gets box art

If a game gets box art, it means it's almost ready to release... right? We have been getting the odd screenshot for Dragon Age Inquisition, but now it's time for box art. Let's hope the next bit of news about the game out of Bioware is a release date.

World of Darkness has been cancelled

It feels like World of Darkness, the MMO based on the white wolf’s fictional, gothic universes has been in development for just about ever. Announced in 2006 as part of CCP and White wolf’s merger, it was meant to tie together those universes in one large multiplayer setting, though it seemed to be focused mostly on Vampire: The Requiem with the aim of being “a contemporary vampire simulator.” Doesn’t matter though. 8 years later, and it’s been unceremoniously binned.

Child of Light trailer shows off the world

We are now two weeks away from release. That's right, Child of Light is coming to all consoles and PC at the end of this month, and they are building up that hype to get us excited. This latest trailer shows off the different environments.

Square Enix wants to focus on core gamers and “heavy JRPGs” again

Over the last couple of years there’s been an idea in the gaming development industry, amongst the bigger players, that a game needs to hit as many checkpoints as possible in order to appeal to the widest audience. Sometimes that works. Most times, it fails. And that’s something that Square Enix has realised, as they shift focus in their gaming department.

The winner of the South Park: Stick of Truth bundle

Thanks to our friends at Ubisoft, we’re giving away a super rad collection of South Park goodies along with the excellent South Park: Stick of Truth.