Posted by Matthew Figueira - 24 Apr 2015

Final Fantasy IV is easily one of my favourite entries in Square Enix’s long running franchise. It originally released way back in 1991, but has since seen multiple re-releases and even a 3D remake. It spawned a sequel many, many years later (in 2008), called The After Years, which went on to be ported to multiple platforms and received the 3D treatment too. It’s now coming to Steam, giving PC users around the world the chance to experience its mediocre, grind-fest, episodic tales.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 17 Apr 2015

The Witcher 3 is exciting. It features some of the deepest story-telling that you can get in gaming. For some, it's too complex; for others, it's a dream come true. Whatever your stance, there are some very cool things that are nuanced and considered. I like games made by smart people and CD Projekt Red are obviously a highly intelligent bunch.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 15 Apr 2015

I’ve owned every single Souls game that From Software has delightfully created – and I ended up despising every single one. Not because they’re bad games, but rather because I just didn’t get them. It made me reluctant to pick up Bloodborne, especially since it meant getting a PS4 too, but there hasn’t been a second where I’ve regretted that purchase. That’s not counting the 30 or so seconds of anguish after each and every death though.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 13 Apr 2015

Although we pretty much all knew it was happening eventually, the reveal of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided came as a little welcome surprise last week. I’ve been dying for a sequel to the stellar Human Revolution since I finished it years ago, if only to see how proper boss fights would play out. The Missing Link DLC gave a good indication of what they could’ve been, but Mankind Divided is taking things a few steps further.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 08 Apr 2015

When it comes to Witcher developers CD Projekt RED, there are two principles that come to mind. Their strong stance against any form of DRM, and their reluctance to charge for post-launch content. The Witcher 2, for example, revealed a ton of content for free following launch, and 16 free DLC pieces have already been revealed for the upcoming conclusion to the trilogy. The two newly announced expansions, however, do not fall under that banner.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 08 Apr 2015

Square Enix is doing possibly the weirdest game reveal in the history of gaming. Instead of just biting the bullet and letting the world know at once, they’re forcing us to sit through a three-day reveal which is magnitudes more disorganised than any Twitch Plays Pokémon game ever. Thankfully, the internet is impatient – which is why the game we’ve been waiting for has leaked. And it’s not at all surprising.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 31 Mar 2015

The Witcher 3 is so close that I can almost taste it now, and not in the twisted sorted of way your brain probably interpreted that. The game will follow in the console footsteps of many before it, delivering a better visual experience (at least in terms of resolution) on the PS4. But wait, isn’t there DirectX 12 to possibly beef it up in the future on Xbox One? According to CD Projekt RED, it isn’t going to help much.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 30 Mar 2015

The Witcher 3 is a stunning game, and I think everyone with a sliver of knowledge about the RPG already knows that. There are many techniques that go towards creating immersive, gorgeous back drops, one of which is chromatic aberration. It’s a setting that often stays locked away from player tweaking, but CD Projekt RED isn’t going to force it on you if you really don’t like it.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 30 Mar 2015

As much as I love PC gaming, I’m under no illusion as to how expensive the hobby really is. Upgrading parts every few years takes a heavy toll on my wallet, but thankfully cheaper PC games tend to soften the blow. One thing I’d hate to see though are games that charge different prices for different configurations – which is basically what From Software is trying to pull with the Dark Souls II remaster.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 30 Mar 2015

It’s not uncommon for Souls veterans to look for ways to cheese past some of the series’ more gruelling tasks, and I expect it to be no different for From Software’s latest hit, Bloodborne. Using obscure design choices sometimes leads to surprisingly effective results, but it’s not too effective when it ends up breaking your entire save game. That’s something that can happen far too easily in Bloodborne, but there’s an easy way to avoid it.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 24 Mar 2015

Ever since I shaved my head a few weeks back, I've been resisting the unrelenting urge to shave this bit of fluff on my chin that I like to call a beard. It's the best I've managed in a long time, but still looks like a pitiful, patchy mess despite my genetics. Growing facial hair just doesn't seem to be my thing, but thankfully I can live out my inadequacies in The Witcher 3 through Geralt.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 19 Mar 2015

Dragon Age: Inquisition might not have had the deepest quests all of the time, but there was no denying that there was a hell of a lot to do. There's so much that BioWare still hasn't seen some of its more elaborately hidden content surface, meaning there are still some juicy secrets to uncover. Just like this absurdly weird quest that has been leaked - although it sounds like trolling at its best.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 19 Mar 2015

Earlier this week Nvidia revealed the price of the Titan X, and it unsurprisingly rang in at a massive $999. Those are the types of single cards that you'd only really buy for 4K gaming, which is still far from a necessity. In fact, it's difficult to find a game that makes a compelling case for a 4K upgrade - although The Witcher 3 is really testing my resolve.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 18 Mar 2015

Pillars of Eternity is one of the more anticipated Kickstarter games. Promising branching story-telling, character development, a huge world to explore and deep combat, it may well be the RPG everyone has been waiting for. After getting delayed at the end of last year, I worried it might be descending into development hell. But I was wrong and the game is releasing so very soon.