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Posted by Stephen Snook - 24 Jan 2014

In a shocking turn of events, the number one most popular app of all time, Angry Birds, has officially sold 2 billion copies. Which normally wouldn’t be considered surprising news for such a successful game. However, Rovio’s Chief Marketing Officer Peter Vestabacka told Mobile Entertainment about the milestone and how they plan to expand their business… By taking on the juggernauts of the soft drink industry.

Posted by Abigail Holden - 19 Dec 2012

Love Angry Birds but tired of flinging the little buggers across the screen? Perhaps you feel the green pigs have been treated unfairly? Bad Piggies gives you the chance to experience things from their point of view.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 12 Dec 2012

I haven’t enjoyed a film adaptation of video game since the Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. Ha ha, just kidding, that’s possibly one of the worst thing ever committed to celluloid. I dislike such adaptations, and tend to like them even less when they’re based on games I don’t care too much for. I’m not expecting to enjoy the Angry Birds movie that’s recently been announced…when it rolls around in 2016.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 08 Oct 2012

Proving that you can sell the same thing multiple times, it looks like Rovio is taking their iconic birds with anger management issues to space. Er, again. Only this time, the action will be taking place in a galaxy far, far away…

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 12 Jul 2012

Angry Birds, the mobile game phenomenon that has you hurling vitriolic avians across the screen ad verdant swine is available on just about everything capable of playing videogames. In many cases, it’s largely free - though it’s supported by annoying adverts. Ad free versions of every single game in the series, for example, can be had for a mere $6. Total. They’re now headed to consoles - the Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS -  in retail form with new platform specific features.  Oh, and at a significant premium.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 02 Jul 2012

Mobile gaming - the sort done on smartphones and tablets - is killing the traditional videogame industry. That’s the opinion of many analysts who’ve charted the successes of companies like Rovio and Gree, believing that they’ll soon challenge consoles for hardcore gamers’ hearts. DICE’s GM Karl Magnus Troedsson thinks that’s a load of horse manure.

Posted by Abigail Holden - 16 May 2012

Those Angry Birds are back, and they’re still angry. The green pigs are also smugger than ever before. I can understand why the Birds are so livid. As if you needed an excuse to wipe those smug grins off their piggy faces, Angry Birds Space is here to fill the void. If you’re new to the Angry Birds franchise, there’s plenty of flavours available, on PC and various phones and tablets, as well as demo versions for you to try.

So far, all the Angry Birds games have followed the same premise, even though the level design has been given a certain theme, all have been based in a world with uniform gravity.

Angry Birds Space changes all that.

Posted by Abigail Holden - 09 Mar 2012

So you’ve heard people talk about this “Angry Birds” thing, but haven’t the faintest idea what they’re on about? Either you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, or you simply don’t own a touch screen device. Never fear, Angry Birds is available on PC as a standalone, not browser-bound title, making it more accessible to the masses than ever before.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 03 Feb 2012

Gene Simmons, and the remnants of his Rock ‘n Roll band, are no strangers to merchandising. They’ve sold everything from Christmas special cartoons to KISS make-up kits, no doubt angering many a staunch mother in the process.

But in what could be one of the more lucrative ideas for the band that is fronted by a pensioner with tongue issues, it seems that Gene Simmons totally wants to cash in on the Angry Birds phenomenon.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 31 Jan 2012

Mikael Hed, head of Rovio, the company behind casual gaming phenomenon Angry Birds isn’t too worried about piracy. In fact, he believes it’s a great way of getting new fans - who might be more inclined to pay the next time round.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 12 May 2011

Google, showcasing just how far it’s Chrome browser has come, has released a version of Rovio’s insanely popular and horribly addictive Angry Birds. According to Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior vice president of Chrome, “Chrome’s graphics rendering speed is more than ten times faster than it was just a few years ago. It wouldn’t have been possible to render Angry Birds in a web browser a year ago.”