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Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 18 May 2015

The dynamic duo! That’s how Batman and Robin were originally marketed, while my fevered imagination had me dreaming of a day that I’d don the tight green speedo of justice and fight alongside Batman as part of the Dynamicest Duo. Which may also be the name of a very weird custom tag team that I made in the last WWE game, but I’m drifting off again. Batman: Arkham Knight has more than a big ol’ Batmobile to hype fans up when it releases next month. It also has a dual-play mechanic, which has been teased over the last couple of weeks. But here’s how it actually works. ACTION!

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 13 May 2015

Where does he get those wonderful toys? The big hook of Arkham Knight has no doubt been the addition of the Batmobile to the core gameplay experience. It’s a feature that has been finely tuned into the other pillars of the Batman gameplay, becoming an extension of the Batman himself. An extension with various horses under the hood and weapons that’ll leave your foes pining for the fjords. But there’s more to the game than just throwing a Batmobile at all your problems. There’s also all those lovely gadgets, fresh off the Waynetech assembly line.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 08 May 2015

There’s only one true Batman actor. and that’s Michael Keaton. And Val Kilmer. And Adam West. Okay, bad example, but when it comes to voicing the dark knight, fans are usually unanimously in agreement over the iconic vocal pipes of their favourite dark knight detective. And that voice will be joined by a few others in Arkham Knight.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 04 May 2015

Season passes. To me, they’re essentially promises of good things to come. Promises which require a ton of good faith from fans, in order to succeed. Sometimes, they’re actually worthwhile and they do add to a game. Other times, they’re perfect examples of buyer’s remorse. Batman: Arkham Knight launches with one of the most chuffing expensive season passes of all time, so here’s a look at what your cash gets you in the form of extra content.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 29 Apr 2015

I’m obviously keen on playing Batman: Arkham Knight. So much so that I’ve already got an offshore account in the Cayman Islands, set up with the necessary R800 that I need in order to buy the game. Turns out I may need some extra cash funnelled in, as the premium Batman: Arkham Knight experience is going to cost premium levels of cash.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 28 Apr 2015

Some of the greatest things in life have come from the result of pairing up. Cheese and onion chips. A bit of Fry and Laurie. The Rock ‘n Sock connection. Even Batman has seen the value of partnering up on occasion, going through Robins the same way that bad Mexican food goes through a colon. In Arkham Knight, you won’t just be teaming up with the extended Bat-family to help save Gotham City however. You’ll be switching between vigilantes on the fly.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 27 Apr 2015

Batman may be an ass-kicker supreme, but even the most stringent of training regimens in the hands of a nocturnal maniac who resolves parental abandonment issues through violence on the criminal underworld will only take you so far. And that’s where the Bat-family comes in. Nightwing, various Robins, Batgirls and even one-time Batman replacement Azrael are all members of this family. And there’ll be one hell of a family reunion in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 21 Apr 2015

Amidst all the Batmobiles and fancy gadgets, I think a lot of people have forgotten that Batman is more than just a collection of wonderful toys wrapped up in a broken and deranged individual with a massive trust fund. The Arkham games established three core styles of gameplay that would be present at any time as players busted heads as the caped crusader. Predator, detective and combat modes all combined to form one glorious trinity of ass-kicking in Arkham Asylum, City and Oranges. But the Batman will have a new trick or two up his sleeve in Arkham Knight.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 25 Mar 2015

We have a statement from Warner Bros:

"Batman: Arkham Knight will be available as both a physical and digital release for PS4, Xbox One and PC.  In the UK, PC will be available as a digital release only."
Take this with a great big grain of salt for now, but according to some people on the internet, the heavily anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight won’t be getting a physical release on PC – at least in the UK. That’s the word from prolific, and prolifically cheap UK e-tailer ShopTo, who’s said that they’ve been told by their suppliers that the game will only be sold digitally.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 24 Mar 2015

I love me some Batman. No wait, I know this is shocking news to you, but I am a fan. But to be precise, I’m a fan of the Arkham universe. To be even more precise, I’m a fan of Harley Quinn. There’s a lot of love out there for the Joker’s number one gal, and she’s been a consistent part of the Batman Arkham games since day one. And she’ll be getting her chance to shine in the upcoming story DLC for Arkham Knight, which won;t star that meddling B-Man at all.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 23 Mar 2015

Are your Dark Knight undies filled with as much anticipation for Batman: Arkham Knight as mine are? If you said yes, then you’re my kind of messed up individual. Bad news however: You’re going to have to wait a few weeks longer for the game to release, as June 2 is no longer B-day for the B-man.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 19 Mar 2015

The Batman: Arkham games have been about more than just dressing up in spandex and spanking thugs and leaving them crippled for life by a lunatic with too much money and lingering mental issues. It’s been about applying that train of thought to their bosses as well. Batman may be a tad bit unhinged in the Arkham games, but his foes are even nastier. And that’s all a part of their initial design, which shows off the darker side of this rogues gallery.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 09 Mar 2015

Last year, I realised that Batman may not be a family-friendly character. This revelation came to me during rAge, as a parent asked me to pose with her kid while I was dressed up as the infamous caped crusader. For some reason, the toddler began bawling at the idea of standing next to a sweaty man in head-to-toe rubber who was screaming due to the make-up around his eyes having liquefied and turned his peepers into a red mess of blazing ocular pain. While my Batman is certainly not suitable for anyone under the age of six, it looks like Arkham Knight’s Batman will be even more brutal.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 04 Mar 2015

They say a hero is defined by his foes. Spider-Man has the Green Goblin, Superman has Lex Luthor and I have that f***ing ice-cream man who appears on days when I’m trying to not think about sugary treats. But out of every hero in comics these days, Batman may just have the most recognisable rogues gallery. Each villain encountered has been a dark reflection of what he could have been. The Joker represents pure chaos, Deathstroke is a dark reflection of determination on the wrong side of the law and the Scarecrow is an element of fear left unchecked. There’ll be plenty of rogues to attack in Arkham Knight. And each one will push Batman to his breaking point once again.