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Punch crime in these new Batman:Arkham Knight screens

Oh, you think screenshots are your ally. But you merely adopted the teaser screen. I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn't see proper gameplay until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING! The screenshots betray you, because they belong to me!

Take to the skies with the Batwing in Batman: Arkham Knight – April Fools

The more I see of Arkham Knight, the tighter the cowl around my head grows due to my expanding excitement. And because I have a massive head. The game looks like a ton of fun, and after three Batman releases, fans finally get to drive the Batmobile. But that’s not the only vehicle in the game waiting for players.

Brand new Batman: Arkham Knight details reveal an evolved world and prime villain

I’m pretty excited for a new Batman game. Hell, I’d pay top dollar for a new Rocksteady game that featured nothing but new visuals and extra ass-kickery from the darkest of knights. But Arkham Knight won’t just be a grand finale to the work that Rocksteady have created. It’ll be an evolution of the Batman, making him the apex predator that he was meant to be.

Batman: Arkham Knight has some new and improved villains

Riddle me this, riddle me that, how many villains does it take to vex a big bad bat? The Arkham games have always had a great cast of villains that harass players throughout their journey and in Batman:Arkham Knight, that formula isn’t changing.

The Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight sounds like a beast

I’m still nursing a massive grin on my face over the news of a new Batman game from Rocksteady. Gotham is getting bigger, there’s a new black hat in town and Rocksteady wants to end their trilogy (You don’t count Arkham: Origins) with a bang. It all sounds good. But bugger all that, I just want to drive the Batmobile.

Batman: Arkham Knight skips multiplayer, more revealed

I’ve got to hand it to Warner Bros Montreal, because releasing the prequel game Arkham Origins was a genius move. A game that was clearly meant to be a lacklustre release, that provided the perfect distraction from what Rocksteady were busy toiling away on. Well played gents, well played.

Batman: Arkham Knight announced for next-gen systems

Did you think that Batman had a tough night in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City? Well wait until you get a load of this game where the dark knight joins forces with his greatest ally: His wheels.

New Arkham Game coming this year

During a financial call to investors last week, licence holder Warner Brothers confirmed that there’d be a new Batman game bearing the “Arkham” mantle coming later this year. While that may sound like good news, don’t get excited just yet.

Rumour: The next Batman sequel is going to be a prequel

Holy silver age wackiness Batman! While the two Arkham games may have re-established the Dark Knight as a force to be reckoned with in gaming, they also happened to tell one complete story, closing the curtain on one memorable experience. But seeing as how they’ve made a ton of cash as well, it’s clear that the night isn’t over yet for the caped crusader, as Warner Bros Interactive has tapped Rocksteady to once again get cracking on a sequel of sorts.

Re-review: Batman Arkham Asylum

So you've read about the Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Edition, and you've told yourself that you are going to buy it. What! You've never played Arkham Asylum? Perhaps you skimmed the reviews in 2009 when it came out. Maybe you overlooked the pre-played area when you were out shopping last week. Perhaps you were just broke.

Don't worry, I was in the same boat. Truthfully, there is no longer any excuse for not experiencing the asylum, and now is the time to leap into the Bats costume and find out what happened in there!

Hands on with Sleeping Dogs

Whenever there’s an open-world sandbox action title set in a big city, it inevitably gets compared to the genre’s most prolific title, Grand theft Auto - and for good reason. As much as other games try pack in content, story-telling or seedy underworld crime action, few stand up to Rockstar’s flagship series.

Poor imitations and approximations come and go - and it would take something really special to knock GTA off of its perch. Sleeping Dogs, from Square-Enix and United Front Games could be it.

Bought The Collector’s Edition? Get Your Free Batman: Arkham City Cover Here

If you like many of us bought the Collector’s Edition of Batman: Arkham City, then you are also sitting in the predicament where you don’t actually have a normal game case to put your game into (one of the reasons I dislike CEs).

Well, the good folks at IGN have put together some awesome hi-res cover art for you. Simply get the image printed at a local printer (on some decent paper), slip it into an empty DVD case or old PS3 or Xbox 360 case and voila, you have yourself a Batman game case.

Grab the hi-res images after the jump.

Essential Reading: The best Batman comics to read before playing Arkham City

Not everyone is that familiar with the caped crusader. Sure, we all know the origin. Young Bruce Wayne witnesses the murder of parents before his very eyes, and spends the next decade and a half honing his mind, body and spirit so that he can spend nights fighting crime and terrifying criminals, while dressed as a giant bat.

But over the decades, the character has evolved, to be more than just a regular vigilante. He’s become one of the most dangerous characters in the modern day comic universe, a remorseless tactician who will not budge on his war against crime.

So if you’re eager to learn more about some of the Dark Knights finest escapades, and the books that shaped him into the modern day detective and crime-fighter that he is today, sit back and enjoy the following feature.

UPDATE: Batman: Arkham City Stock Issues Limited To Playstation 3

A quick update on the situation with Batman: Arkham Asylum’s local stock being delayed.

The folks over at NAG Online have managed to make contact with the folks at Warner Bros. Interactive and Nu Metro and report that the South African Batman: Arkham City stock issues are limited only to the Playstation 3 and only the Collector’s Edition.

All Xbox 360 orders as well as the standard and Catwoman editions for PS3 will still be arriving as per usual, however those that ordered the PS3 Collector’s Edition will only be able to get their hands on their copies “early next week”.

Batman Arkham City to feature new game+ mode

We’ve all heard how awesome Batman Arkham Asylum was, no doubt about that. It set a benchmark for games featuring mentally damaged orphans who fight crime while wearing their underwear on the outside, while also showering fans with plenty of fan service and riddles throughout the massive game world.

The one thing that Arkham Asylum didn’t do right though, was to keep the action going after the main credits rolled, much like other sandbox environment games. Sure, the option of challenge mode was there, but the island of Arkham Asylum was essentially a dead world after the main story was complete, something that the team at Rocksteady Studios plans to avoid for the sequel.