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Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 27 Mar 2015

The 1.08 patch for GTA V managed to improve the game’s frame rate performance across both of the new gen console, but it seems this boost to fps came at the expense of some of the game’s graphical fidelity and some of its physics. There’s a great deal more texture pop-in, the level of detail has taken a serious knock, and the anisotropic filtering has pretty much just gone away. Rockstar’s released a brand new patch with an iterative number on the end…but it unfortunately doesn’t fix much.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 26 Mar 2015

Grand Theft Auto V is a technical marvel on old hardware, but shines especially bright on current-gen consoles. The frame rate is noticeable better, textures are sharper and the world generally feels more alive. There are hiccups here and there, and Rockstar are constantly working on patches to rectify these technical issues. Too bad these optimisations are sacrificing some of the overall sheen the game has.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 17 Mar 2015

GTA Online has been subject to a few patches since the much-anticipated heists mode made its debut – mostly to fix a few niggling network issues, inject a bit of stability and whatnot. It’s probably going to be on the receiving end of another patch soon – because there’s a glitch in the online mode that allows you to earn a great deal of money, by doing very little.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 11 Mar 2015

The unbelievably anticipated Online Heists mode for GTA V started rolling out this week, and is now live for just about everybody – other than Pc gamers of course, who have a while yet to wait for the game. As you’d expect, because smooth launches just don’t seem to happen anymore, the mode’s been hit with a few server issues. Numerous players have reported being unable to connect to the online service.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 06 Mar 2015

Grand Theft Auto V has been teasing Heists ever since the very first trailer for their online mode. The feature has been delayed time and time again, but it's finally reaching all versions of the open-world game next week. You’ll be able to rob banks with friends, engage in heart-racing getaways and bag a whole lot of cash in the process. That’s what it sounds like on paper, but how does it actually look in game?

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 02 Mar 2015

I bet no one was expecting to wait this long when Rockstar finally announced GTA V for PC. The game has launched on consoles twice now, and still Rockstar is hammering away with the PC version. It recently got delayed for the third time, pushing the release date to early April. And I won't lie, these new screenshots aren't making that pill any easier to swallow.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 24 Feb 2015

GTA V has been a on long road to PC - and taking wrong turns at nearly ever junction possible. Just a few short days before the game was set to launch in January, Rockstar set back the PC version back to March, along with a window for the eagerly anticipated Heists mode. Heists are still on track for launch, but GTA V on PC has been delayed yet again.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 04 Feb 2015

GTA V is a pretty good game. For all its faults, objective depictions of the seedy underbelly of a digital Los Angeles, base humour and crass pseudo-satire, it’s a heck of a lot of fun. And it’s selling like proverbial hotcakes. Take 2 has now confirmed that it’s sold in – shipped – 45 million copies of the thing.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 13 Jan 2015

Well that’s not all that surprising. GTA V was scheduled for release on PC in just over two weeks, without any real screenshots, trailers or even system specs to show. So it’s not that hard to imagine that Rockstar need a little more time with the title, as they’ve now pushed it back a few months.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 12 Jan 2015

Grand Theft Auto V is nearly available on most major platforms, and I’m waiting patiently for the arrival of it on PC. That’s coming in a few short weeks, but it seems like I, along with thousands of others, will have a choice to make. That’s because a rumour suggests that the retail version of the game will be skipping Steam entirely.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 18 Dec 2014

I’ve got a score to settle with Rockstar. Or at least one to plan, prepare for and execute perfectly. Synchronise cheap watches bought at the robots, on the count of 3, lads. GTA Online heists are finally, finally, coming to the game. But that won’t be until next year. Which means that you need to be a tad bit more patient. But at least Rockstar will be making it up to players, with a Christmas gift.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 18 Dec 2014

Red Dead Redemption. Three words that may sum up one of the greatest games that Rockstar ever made, an epic western and a tale of revenge told through a six-shooter. It’s a game with equally good sales as well. So where in tarnation is the damn sequel already?

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 17 Dec 2014

It’s safe to say that just about everybody dug Grand Theft Auto V last year. Part of that success was due to the game having three great leads, a vibrant world and no annoying cousin phoning you and wanting to enquire about an evening of ten-pin bowling. What the game also had, were bank heists. These were great missions, structured into several phases that required planning, teamwork and precision. And now, they’re finally headed online.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 10 Dec 2014

  As a result of a petition, a pair of retailers in Australia stopped stocking Grand Theft Auto V. The reason for the petition was GTA V’s deplorable treatment of its digital women. TakeTwo’s uberboss, Strauss Zelnick responded to the curtailment in a reasonable way. Speaking in a presentation at BMO Capital Markets 2014 Technology & Digital Media Conference, Take-Two’s president Karl Slatoff had a little more fire in what he had to say.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 27 Nov 2014

There’s no denying the impact of last year’s GTA V. Massive, hyped up and delivering on several promises, the game blazed a billion dollar trail for developer Rockstar Games. But when just about everybody buys your game, you’re faced with a dilemma when it comes to the remastered re-release. After all, how do you convince consumers to buy the same game twice? By making the remastered version an entirely different game, that’s how.