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Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 05 Mar 2015

Helldivers begins as a quirky but typical top-down shooter. You are put through your paces in the tutorial and it all feels quiet generic. That is, until, you venture into space and discover that it is actually one of the grandest, most enjoyable experiences that you can get.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 03 Mar 2015

It feels just like yesterday that I reviewed the first episode of Capcom’s latest Resident Evil title, Revelations 2. It was a solid start to the season, leaving me with a healthy craving for the next instalment. If you’re eagerly awaiting the next episode too, the good news is that it'll be out soon. The bad news is that… well there is none. I thought it was just as good as the first episode, if not a teeny bit better.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 02 Mar 2015

Shadow of Mordor redefined emergent gameplay. Thanks to a unique experience for each player as they progress through the story, brand captains and develop a nemesis, Shadow of Mordor made this particular open-world sandbox feel dynamic and intriguing to explore. The Bright Lord is meant to expand upon this experience while giving us greater insight into Celebrimbor's backstory.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 02 Mar 2015

I recently moved house and as much as I love my new house there is a massive problem: there is no ADSL available in the area which means I’ve been shopping around and checking out all my options - and as such I will be bringing you some reviews of alternative Internet options in South Africa.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 02 Mar 2015

I am a huge Resident Evil fan. As a child, I played the PlayStation 1 entries – the series debut and its two sequels - to the point where I could finish them all in a single day. The series has changed somewhat over the past years, infuriating the purist fans thanks to the more action-orientated approach, yet making new ones in the process too thanks to undeniably fun gameplay. When I played the first Revelations on the 3DS, it was a pretty darn decent return to form. There was a ton of action, yes, but there was also elements that really took the game back to the roots of the series. I really enjoyed it, and have been awaiting the sequel eagerly. Its finally here, albeit in episodic format. With expectations high, I took episode 1 for a spin.

Posted by Umar Bastra - 27 Feb 2015

Freedom in video games comes in different shapes and forms and more often than not the word open-world comes to mind. Sure enough, a huge sandbox provides the player with the freedom to do whatever they like within the limitations of the game’s design, but freedom is not only limited to the games world but to the choices you’re able to make as well. A simple example would be most of Bioware’s recent role-playing games. The player is free to shape their experience based on their choices and actions within the game. Monster Hunter doesn’t fall into any of those categories though but it still provides what I find to be the most enjoyable form of freedom; the freedom to choose how you play and how you build and grow your character.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 26 Feb 2015

DRAGON DRAGON! ROCK THE DRAGON! DRAGON BALL Z! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! If you’re still playing a Dragon Ball Z game these days, then you most certainly aren’t doing it for the story. After decades of exposure, the Dragon Ball Z saga has pretty much run itself ragged, as players can only throw a spirit bomb at Frieza so many times before the novelty wears off. But what about a game where those infamous battles have been altered, resulting in wildly different outcomes? Is such an idea any good? Surprisingly, yes. Yes it is.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 25 Feb 2015

Up until very recently, I hadn’t touched a Legend of Zelda game. That’s mostly due to the fact of never really owning a Nintendo console, which all changed fairly recently with the launch on the New 3DS. Ocarina of Time was my first stop, and I was simply blown away by the sheer quality of a game that was created more than a decade ago. The Legend of Zelda reignited an addiction I haven’t had with a gaming series in a long time, and Majora’s Mask just served to intensify it.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 25 Feb 2015

I’ve got some pretty fond memories of Homeworld. Until that game had been released, I was content to play Age Of Empires II, reveling in 2D medieval warfare as I wave after wave of expendable Teutonic Knight at my opponent until they finally surrendered when their kill limit activated. And then Homeworld came along, with its shiny visuals and 3D approach to strategy. It was freakin’ awesome. The classic RTS is back this year, in an even shinier new package. And so far, the game is a massive hit across the review boards.

Posted by Daniel Hallinan - 25 Feb 2015

When Gearbox won the bid to the Homeworld licence, it certainly raised eyebrows, and saw a mix of hope and fear for the franchise, particularly as the new team formed by many of the original Relic developers failed to get it themselves. And then Gearbox announced that, in collaboration with those aforementioned developers, they would be releasing a full remaster of the two main games of the franchise, with a heavy visual upgrade to boot.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 24 Feb 2015

We’ll have a review for Dragon Ball Xenoverse out later this week, once I’ve invested a ridiculous amount of hours into every aspect of the game. If you can’t wait however, you will see other reviews pop up from other websites, but I sincerely doubt that those guys have a Cha-la-headchala ringtone like I do. I have pumped several hours into the game so far, so I might as well share some of that with you guys.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 23 Feb 2015

Long gone are the days where you were stuck looking at a rather limited range of motherboards to support your brand new processor. The introduction of the LGA 1150 socket from Intel opened up countless possibilities for motherboard creators, including the Z87 and Z97 boards. There's no question that if you're looking for that overclocking upper hand, the Z97 is definitely the way to go. Even the top of the range motherboards have found a way to carve a mid-range, affordable market, and the ASUS Z97 Pro Gamer stands tall here.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 20 Feb 2015

When I initially previewed The Order: 1886, I was left dumbfounded. How could anyone think that Ready at Dawn, the people behind some of the best handheld games, have made such a misstep? “People obviously just don’t understand Ready at Dawn’s vision,” I’d mutter to myself, assuring nobody in particular that the game would end up being incredible. How could it not? A steampunk, neo-Victorian setting? An order of Knights fighting an ancient, supernatural darkness? My confidence was sorely misplaced, because The Order: 1886 is one of the most profoundly disappointing games I’ve played.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 19 Feb 2015

I have a  confession to make: I’ve never ever played a Kirby game. It’s not just because the title character reminds me of my deep-seated fear to merciless amorphous blobs who consume everything, like in that classic 1988 remake of The Blob -  or watching people order ribs at an all-you-can-eat special at Spur. Still, that might change with Kirby And The Rainbow Curse, which returns the little pink fella to a Nintendo home console. And so far, scores are kind of mixed.