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Posted by Matthew Figueira - 03 Mar 2015

It feels just like yesterday that I reviewed the first episode of Capcom’s latest Resident Evil title, Revelations 2. It was a solid start to the season, leaving me with a healthy craving for the next instalment. If you’re eagerly awaiting the next episode too, the good news is that it'll be out soon. The bad news is that… well there is none. I thought it was just as good as the first episode, if not a teeny bit better.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 02 Mar 2015

I am a huge Resident Evil fan. As a child, I played the PlayStation 1 entries – the series debut and its two sequels - to the point where I could finish them all in a single day. The series has changed somewhat over the past years, infuriating the purist fans thanks to the more action-orientated approach, yet making new ones in the process too thanks to undeniably fun gameplay. When I played the first Revelations on the 3DS, it was a pretty darn decent return to form. There was a ton of action, yes, but there was also elements that really took the game back to the roots of the series. I really enjoyed it, and have been awaiting the sequel eagerly. Its finally here, albeit in episodic format. With expectations high, I took episode 1 for a spin.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 10 Feb 2015

It's been a mere three weeks since Resident Evil was re-released for modern gamers. With a shiny coat of paint and the glory of nostalgia, Resent Evil HD Remaster was sure to do well. But it has done even better than expected.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 02 Feb 2015

When I was growing up, Capcom was easily my favourite development house and publisher. Just about everything the company made was guaranteed to be gold. They’ve given me some of my very favourite games and series, like Street Fighter, Mega Man, Resident Evil, Okami, Onimusha, Ghosts and Goblins – and the list goes on for what seems like perpetuity. In more recent times tough, the company’s image has been tarnished, and a Capcom logo is no longer a guarantee of any sort of quality. It is, after all, on the Resident Evil 6 and Lost Planet 3 box. Capcom reckons this year’s the year to change that.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 28 Jan 2015

I’m busy playing through the remaster (of the remake) of Resident Evil. As much as I’m enjoying it, it just doesn’t feel right. It’s got a strange, modern control scheme that’s rather discordant with the feel of the game to go along with its shiny, polished, and high definition veneer. That’s not the problem though – you can easily switch to the original, lumbering tank-like controls and play the game with rose-tinted glasses. Still, something is off – and I’ve realised that it’s the voice acting.

Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 28 Jan 2015

Capcom used to be the go to publisher for insanely terrible anti-consumer practices, and basically popularized the idea of locking on-disc content behind a paywall. They haven't been too bad in recent memory, but that could change at any moment with any one of their new titles. Take Resident Evil Revelations 2, for example, which has some odd micro-transactions.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 27 Jan 2015

I’m digging Resident Evil lately. The franchise is moving away from that silly action template that was wilfully borrowed from the Paul Anderson movies, and back towards proper horror. With Resident Evil HD being a welcome return to the core game and what made it so damn great in the first place, you might be all zombied out. But there’s still more Resi action on the way, in the form of the episodic Revelations 2. A game, that will have some proper raid action. And Barry. BARRRY!

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 22 Jan 2015

For many of us, Resident Evil was our first taste of true horror. The PlayStation was young, our parents were oblivious and our pants were clean. It’s a game that has come full circle however, with a brand new remake of the Gamecube remake, that happens to be rather damn good It’s also horribly fiendish, and as unforgiving today as it was in 1996. And if you’re popping your Resident Evil cherry for the first time, you might need a little help. But we’ve got your delicious brains covered.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 20 Jan 2015

I’m not saying that I’m scared of Resident Evil. But i am saying that if anyone asks me to review the damn game, I’ll run to the hills quicker than a Ronnie James Dio song. Resident Evil is back once again, as the rather scrumptious 2002 remake gets another chance to shine outside of the Nintendo GameCube on other platforms. And it looks like Capcom may have a winner here.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 02 Dec 2014

Who doesn’t love Barry Burton? That lovable oaf hasn’t been seen since Resident Evil 3! The ESRB rating for the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 2 raised suspicions that he would finally be a playable character. It made sense, because his daughter, Moira, is in the game. This latest trailer now confirms that gamers can step into his bearded role.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 10 Nov 2014

I am excited for Resident Evil Revelations 2. The first was rather good, taking the series back to the good old days… you know, when survival horror was about surviving, not simply shooting the heck out of everything that moved. Knowing Capcom though, this sequel could be all sorts of NOPE, but for all the wrong reasons. We’ve known for a while now that Claire Redfield will be playable along with Moira Burton. The game’s ESRB rating has been released, and it looks like Moira’s father, Barry Burton, could be playable too.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 29 Oct 2014

I’ve always maintained the idea that horror games will always be scarier than horror films. One reason, comes from the fact that the fright-fest isn’t over after 90 minutes, and you’re actively controlling the dip into terror. Another reason comes in the form of the antagonists themselves, as games are always throwing heavier and scarier obstacles at your face, usually attached to a chainsaw. Here’re ten such abominations that will have you experiencing a warm and liquid manifestation in your pants.

Posted by Lazygamer Staff - 20 Oct 2014

October is all about the fear, right? Halloween is almost here and the rest of us can be terrified of Christmas shopping. This month, a couple new horror games have been released, and they have some big shoes to fill. Here are our picks of some of the better horror games of the past 10 years in honour of our Fear Fest. Just the last ten years or so so please no moaning about the lack of Silent Hill 2 or whatever other game you love didn't make our list.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 15 Oct 2014

I am unashamedly excited for Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - the sequel to one of the better franchise entries of late. It will take Claire Redfield, as well as newcomer Moira Burton (daughter of Barry ‘lol Jill sandwich’ Burton), and put them up against all manners of horror. Much to my delight, the game finally has a release date.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 15 Oct 2014

There is a lot of be afraid of in The Evil Within. In general, I'm less afraid when I can actually see the baddies that I need to kill - those environments are absolutely terrifying for me, though. Here is a trailer showing off all the horror as the game launches.