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Finish the drive – The Halo motorcycle helmet replica

So you own all the Halo games. You’re a king when it comes to online action. Your tea-bagging skills are the stuff of legend. But do you live your Master Chief life outside of your console? Are you stylin’ and profilin’ enough to jump on a motorcycle, pretend it’s a Banshee and take a spin while wearing the iconic green and gold of your hero?

Nice coffee table – A lifesize Han Solo frozen in carbonite

I like to think that Lazygamer.net provides a healthy working environment, but chances are, anyone at any time can and will go psycho in our offices, forcing you to shoot first. And judging by the fact that we’ve had a freezing chamber installed for “beers”, our next red-shirted intern could suffer a cruel fate soon.

Swear to me that this Batman Arkham Origins figure rocks!

I’m busy replaying Batman: Arkham Origins, and to be fair, it’s still a lacklustre and mediocre game that doesn’t live up to fantastic efforts of Rocksteady, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Still, if there’s one thing that I do like about the game, it’s the Batsuit. Which is probably why I’m slobbering over this figure right now.

Hail Megatron with this very expensive statue!

One day, robots will rule over us all. In anticipation for this, I’ve begun sucking up pretty damn hard to my microwave. And I for one, will welcome our new robotic death-lords when they ascend to the top of the food chain. Especially of they sport detail like this.

The Saints Row 4 Dubstep Gun is now a real thing

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Saints Row IV has one of the best video game weapons ever made. I simply adore the Dubstep Gun, as it blasts a continues stream of electronica at enemies. I wish that I could own one in real life. And I just might get that chance soon to lay down some brutal bass

You will believe that an action figure can fly…

While a bunch of you have no doubt seen an earlier screening of the latest Superman flick, Man of Steel, the majority of us who are way too scared and cold to venture outside will most likely only be seeing it tomorrow or this weekend. And then we’ll be wanting some merchandise afterwards, i reckon. I’m busting out the credit card for this bit of merch specifically.

Gordon Freeman returns…as a massive statue

What’s that you say? Gaming has some great heroes these days. Korvo from Dishonored, Kratos from God of War and Desmond McMonkeyface from the Assassin’s Creed franchise? I scoff at your selection. Scoff to the max. Back in the day when those guys were nothing more than pen on paper diaper concept drawings, there was one hero who stood tall and kept damn quiet. Gordon Freeman was his name, and he was an ass-kicking scientist in a biohazard suit and spectacles, swinging a crowbar around and kicking head-crab head-ass. And now he’s been immortalized, in statue form.

Win a life-sized Halo rifle replica with BT Games!

Halo 4, from 343 Industries is coming soon - and from first hand reports, it could be the best Halo yet. Halo’s one of those odd franchises that doesn’t just attract fans - it attracts super fans, with people completely losing themselves in Spartan lore. If you’re one of those super fans, you could end up winning a pretty damned exclusive replica of Halo’s iconic MA-37 assault-rifle.

Don’t make Sub-Zero angry,you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry…

Mortal Kombat is a serious game. How serious you ask? Why, dead serious(Ha!) I shout in response! Having your heart and spine ripped out daily, while fighting inter-dimensional monsters and mutants is no laughing matter, something that is reflected in this Sub Zero bust. Just look at those eyes people! They’re emitting all kinds of Nic Cage crazy!

This handcrafted Skyrim dagger has increased my jealousy perk to 100

When it comes to dragon-slaying, there are some fantastic weapons lying around Skyrim, and while my favourite decapitator will always be my Daedric long-sword with dual fire and ice enchantments (Or the tepid water enchantment as that one sarcastic dragon called/shouted it), it’s just a pity that I’ll never see it in real life.

Well, not unless I grind my real life perk of creativity up to a 100 that is, much like what Bill Doran has done. The video game replica prop master recently cranked out another perfect masterpiece, and it has me praying to Mehrunes Dagon for one of his creations.