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FFD: What really old games need to be rebooted?

For some reason this generation, we’re getting reboots and remasters of games that are barely a year old. That hardly plays up on the nostalgic factor that gets people excited about remakes and reboots. I’d rather get a reboot of something from forever ago. Last generation, we some some revivals of games that genuinely needed the resurrection, most notably the friggin’ excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown. But what other games could do with a worthy reboot?

The future of Unreal Tournament to be revealed on May 8

If there’s one game that consumed far too many hours of my life, it has to be Unreal Tournament. Grabbing a pulse rifle, going on a rampage and waiting to hear an announcer shout “MULTI-KILL” are just a few of the highlights of that rad shooter. And it’s high time that a new version was developed.

Outcast Reboot HD heads to Kickstarter

So which big box PC game is gathering dust on your shelf? I’ve got a couple, but one of the odder titles that I purchased in my wilder years, had to be outcast. A game that pushed my mighty Pentium II 400 Mhz PC to the bleeding edge. And it’s making a comeback.

Thief Review – The Sham Burglar

Before Batman was hanging upside down from gargoyles and Sam Fisher was strapping custom night vision goggles to his head, the king of the shadows was a thief in the night. It’s been a decade since we last saw Garrett and his City, but this year he finally steps out of the shadows. It might have been better if he had just remained in the darkness, and in fonder memories of a classic series.

Batman:Arkham Origins glitches will remain unpatched

Batman: Arkham Origins wasn’t exactly warmly received when it launched last year. Sure, I may have loved the look, story and voice talent behind the game, but the sheer amount of unpolished work on the game which resulted in a ton of bugs, ruined it for me. And don’t expect those bugs to be patched anytime soon.

Dead or alive, Robocop: The game is coming with me

Remember a couple of years ago, when movie games were prevalent on current-gen systems? Most of the time, they were beyond crap, resulting in messes such as the Thor tie-in, and the legendarily awful GI Joe: Rise of COBRA. These days though, studios are content to pump those games out onto cheaper mobile platforms. Which is where Robocop is headed to next.

Command and Conquer isn’t dead yet

No matter what business model it falls under, one thing is certain: We could all do with a little bit more Command and Conquer in our lives. EA and Victory Games were developing just such a new entry in the franchise, before that studio got canned and the game cancelled. But it may not be as dead as previously thought.

Need for Speed Underground reboot: It ain’t happening

Here’s one for the scrap heap of hasty reporting: For a brief while, it looked as if the faster and more furious Need for Speed classic franchise, Underground, would be returning with some HD go-faster stripes and an oversized rear spoiler. Turns out, that nothing could be further from the truth with that story.

Thief is going to have some ‘purist’ options

Since the last time that we didn’t see Garrett make off with our CGC 7.8 graded first issue of Daredevil (YOU BASTARD!), gaming has changed. Regenerative health is the norm now, and you need an extra dollar or two to unlock some premium main menu content. But it looks like the upcoming Thief may have some more classic elements to it.

Thief reboots, sneaks up on consoles and PC next year

It’s been in the shadows for way too many years now, but it looks like Thief hero Garrett is finally ready to return to the gaming spotlight. The latest cover of Game Informer revealed that dark stealth game, formerly known as Thi4f, is back on track and is scheduled for a 2014 release across various platforms.

Tomb Raider Review Round up

We’ve already shown one publication’s tremendously high review score for the impending Tomb Raider reboot – but now that reviews are everywhere, it’s time to take a look to see if the newly redesigned Lara has her own merits, or is just a full circle, re-appropriated Nathan Drake. Here’s what critic have to say.

Resident Evil Producer feels that action focus may not have been a good idea

Resident Evil, what happened to you? You used to be cool. I remember plopping your second game into a Playstation console, gaming away throughout the night and mentally scarring myself to the point where I was too scared to get out of bed to take a piss break. Now? You’re a mere shadow of your former self, an action-bloated adrenaline junkie film that doesn’t surprise or innovate. And according to Resident Evil producer Maachika Kawata, this new direction may have been the wrong one.

Resident Evil could get a reboot

Let’s face it. Resident Evil is a mere shadow of what it used to be. Once a shining example in the survival horror genre, its focus has shifted to being pretty much a straight-out action experience. Resident Evil: Revelations producer Masachika Kawata has said that the franchise could get a much needed reboot – provided it retains “what Resident Evil is and what makes it appealing to fans.” Wait. What?

Capcom gives DmC’s Dante his classic look, but who’ll give Capcom a spine?

Ninja Theory’s DmC reboot has not exactly been a hit with fans, many of whom hate the fact that the white-haired ass-kicker they grey up with is depicted as a bit of an angsty, emo, ignoble jackass. It’s something that’s even addressed right in the beginning of the game, via a tongue-in-cheek jab at the series. Gamers though, they hate this Dante (delightfully renaming him Donte)...and they want the old Dante back.

Cancelled Streets of Rage remake footage leaks online

It’s been an odd year for gaming. While not as rich in titles as 2011 was, it’s still been a pretty decent year, but one which saw far less effort put into remaking classic games. One such game that was on the reboot cards though? Bare Knuckle Streets of Rage, which was in development by Ruffian Games, before it was dropped harder than a kangaroo in shorts and boxing gloves.