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Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 24 Jan 2014

Microsoft is really determined that Xbox One will be the all around experience in your living room. Of course, most people watch TV in their living room, and plenty of that TV is of the reality persuasion - at least in the US of A. So, it makes sense that they would sign someone on to help create "unscripted video content" on the Xbox.

Posted by Yolanda Green - 31 Jan 2013

Most gamers who enjoy eSports don’t necessarily enjoy spectating it; the people who do, however, have a greater understanding of the game than your everyday casual gamer. StarCraft 2 design production chief, Chris Sigaty thinks that getting eSports on television would propel it to mainstream viewing, but what are the odds of that happening outside of Europe, South Korea and the United States?

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 02 Feb 2010

Somebody at Sony has obviously been hitting the electric Kool-aid, because they thought this was a good idea. Starting on February 18th, you’ll be able to download weekly episodes of “The Tester,” a new reality TV series from the PSN.

The show will feature real life gamers competing for one of the most dull, draining and wholly unfulfilling jobs in the videogame industry – that of the Q&A tester. A staple of childhood gamer fantasies, the job of the tester is far, very far removed from the fun and glamour perceived by the prepubescent mind. It is, I suppose, an interesting way to occupy a vacancy that could easily have been filled by throwing a cheeseburger at a vagrant.

click the header picture to embiggen – It’s Penny Arcade’s take on the show.

If you’re somehow interested, you can find a trailer after the jump. Reality TV…not quite my thing.