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Rain dominates Flash in MLG semi final

In a gruelling Protoss versus Terran battle, Rain has secured his spot in the Major League Gaming Tournament of Champions finals.

Gamescom 2012 Sony – Mad Puppets and ghostly Rain appears!

Sony has two new games to show, from Japan Studio. First on that list is Rain, and it’s not a game about an Asian celebrity forced to act in horrible movies.

Mortal Kombat Rain gameplay trailer

His name is Rain and he's purple, why does the artist formally known as Prince spring to mind? But for serious, the third all-new character to be released via DLC wields water like the other characters wield a blade. He will be joining the likes of Skarlet and Kenshi (who are both currently available for download on 360 and PS3) and will be available on July 19th, 2011. Hit the jump and see the the watery warrior in action.