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Gamescom 2014 – Your friends are always close in Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon was a gem of a racing title on the Xbox 360, and Horizon 2 looks like it’s just going one better in every way possible. But you don’t need to worry about racing around the world alone, because Horizon 2 is going to have to connected to your friends…all the time.

Are you a skilled driver? Check out the CMaster Invitational

We did a piece a while back where we spoke about the local driving talent of our TrackMania Nations Forever community. The sheer skill and perfection of some of the driving on display really was something special to watch. Think you have what it takes to join the elite? Best you get your warm up laps done so you can enter the CMaster Invitational.

The Crew Beta Preview: Drive angry… with friends

The Crew made it really difficult for me to even start playing. This week’s beta was definitely a test rather than just a chance for players to get in on some racing action early. Issues aside, I finally got to play through a sizeable chunk of what The Crew has to offer, and the Ubisoft open-world formula is immediately recognisable.

Never drive alone in the beta for The Crew

If there’s one kind of pornography that never gets me into trouble, it has to be car porn. Those sumptuous spoilers. The feel of some bonnet booty. The lure of the leaf spring! The caress of the crank-shaft! All this, and more in the upcoming closed beta for The Crew! Here’s what you’ll find in that test version of the open-world racer.

Think You’re Quick? Check Out Our Local TrackMania Talent

If you’re a fan of racing, you’ve more than likely checked out the TrackMania series at some point in your gaming life. Thought you were king? You may change your mind after watching this excellent video by local speed demon Neil Cross.

Kinect is your backseat driver in Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 2 stands as one of my more anticipated titles for this year, purely because the first one was just far too awesome. Microsoft spoke a lot about the title at E3, including its vast open world, some of the various cars you get to abuse and its impressive visuals.

Move aside Arkham Knight, this is the Batman game that we deserve

One of the reasons I’ve been slobbering like Homer Simpson over Batman: Arkham Knight, is that you get to drive around in the Batmobile in that game. And that specific incarnation of the Batmobile is fantastic. But what if I told you that a Batman game exists where you can drive all of the previous cars that Batman has pimped out? Because such a game does exist.

Project Cars is coming to retail

Project Cars is mainly known for being one of the most visually stunning titles gaming has ever seen. Up until now there was no indication that the title would ever reach store shelves, but a new deal has finally changed that.

“Next Car Game” early release impressions

Do you remember FlatOut? It was a demolition derby racer with an awesome physics engine from the PS2 and original Xbox era. Complex vehicle deformation and semi-simulation driving with a focus on performing stunts was an amazing combination. BugBear Entertainment, the Finnish studio responsible for such madness, is at it again with the aptly named “Next Car Game”, an obvious working title.

Project Cars looks like the sexiest racer of all time

I’ve always felt that car games have reached the ceiling of what was possible, gameplay-wise. There' are only so many ways that a developer can make a car handle as realistically as possible, with the next big advancements being visual. And man oh man, Project Cars looks like the sexiest racer hitting the market soon.

World of Speed MMO announced

Slightly Mad Studios, developer of Project CARS has announced “World of Speed" an arcade racing MMO which will be free to play, landing sometime in 2014.

New Drive Club footage looks promising!

New footage of recently delayed PS4 racer Drive Club has surfaced as part of PS4’s launch campaign video.

GTA Online: Turkey Shoot & Black Friday Sale and Casinos in upcoming DLC?

Starting today November 28th to December 1st there will be 50% off hunting rifles, ammunition, attachments and 50% off black clothing and accessories in GTA: Online in time for the holiday weekend. So just in case you didn’t get enough of the hunting mechanic in GTA5 and dressing in black, now you can do it for half the price, yay!

Project C.A.R.S: Does it make next-gen racing look silly?

The backronymically-named Project C.A.R.S (community assisted racing simulator) from the enthusiast folk at Slightly Mad Studios is shaping up to be quite a glorious, impressive thing indeed; especially on the PC – which from the looks of it, will be visually much more sumptuous than the sort of racing games we’ll be seeing on the next generation of consoles.

Japan World Cup 3 is the craziest game ever made

We get sent plenty of games here at Lazygamer. And we’ve played them all. We also get sent requests to play certain games that you may not have heard about. And while I admit to enjoying those weird Idol Master games from the land of the rising sun, Japan World Cup 3 may just be the craziest game I have ever seen.