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King Oddball (PS4) review

Let me cut right to the chase, King Oddball really has no reason to be on PS4. It’s priced at R86 or R101 , depending if you buy it with cross play for Vita.

This tech demo is mind-bending

Mighty Switch Force 2 review – Switching things up

Mighty Switch Force 2 is a puzzle platformer that channels some serious retro vibes. As soon as I started the game up, it felt like I was playing something from my 16-bit past. 

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes review

Thumb cocked to the left. Partial joint pain in digit: First point of attack. Two: Index finger; paralyze movement, stop fragging. Three: heavy Redbull drinker, quick snap to caffeine dispenser. Four: Drag in in right thumb on face buttons, mash progress. Summary prognosis: My new mastery of Mortal Kombat might be attributed to too many hours playing the latest Sherlock Holmes game. Recovery: Dubious at best.

Catherine Review – Sheep Thrills

Launched almost a year ago everywhere else, Catherine was a unique-looking title with sadly no distribution presence here in sunny ol’ SA. That all changed this year when it finally made its way to our shore, as the tale of love, infidelity and talking sheep eventually released.

But is Catherine worth the wait, or should we be cheating on it with some other games?

Tetris 3DS review – I’m just gonna slide this in to this hole here….

There was always one in the classroom. That kid at the back that was too clever, or didn't care about the subject. Because he was playing Tetris on his Gameboy. He was easy to spot on the playground, with the large crowd either watching him zoom along at level 9, or standing in line for a chance to play.

Fast forward several years, and the 3DS finally joins in on the fun. Having Tetris in your pocket will make you feel like a kid again. You will love spending time at work, whiling away hours by packing all those blocks into neat lines.* You too can have crowds of people lusting over your high score and fighting to sit close to you to watch you perform those multi-line combos.**

Free Portal 2 DLC ‘Peer Review’ Now Available

Free Portal 2 DLC ‘Peer Review’ Now Available

In case you missed our post and details about Portal 2’s upcoming DLC, Portal 2 has received some great DLC from Valve for the wonderful price of absolutely nothing.

A report on Joystiq informed us that the DLC is now available to download on Steam, Xbox Live and the Playstation Network so if you have Portal 2, then you have no reason in the world to not download the DLC. If you don’t actually already own Portal 2, what are you doing with your life… honestly?

Well, you could also always just… go and get it right now! Enjoy the DLC folks.

Portal 2 DLC Is Free On All Systems, Arrives This Week

We love Portal 2… well honestly, who doesn’t love the Portal games (you should be ashamed of yourself… yes you)?

Valve, being the swell guys that they are, are releasing the first set of DLC of Portal 2 for absolutely NO money at all and yes, across all systems. Sweet I know, click the jump for the details and more.

Developer agrees their game is too hard, will patch it

Developer agrees their game is too hard, will patch it

People often complain that puzzle games are overly complicated or to hard but generally they manage to get on with it after searching Google for a few clues or asking their friends to help. What doesn’t happen often is that the developer in question comes out and agrees that the game is actually too hard and that it will patch it to make it easier.

P.B Winterbottom Now Available On Xbox Live

If you are looking for something interesting and new to play, you may want to give P.B Winterbottom a look on XBLA.

The game is now available for download and features some rather clever puzzle solving. The game is kind of styled around old black and white cinema and the puzzles are handled by cloning your character and recording a few seconds of motion to assist you.

It's a little difficult to explain, but it's really neat. Check out the gameplay video after the jump to see what I mean.

Axel & Pixel announced for XBLA

Axel & Pixel announced for XBLA

I haven’t heard anything about this title before but the graphics are instantly appealing to me.

Axel & Pixel is a new IP being developed by a new Czech developer, Silver Wish Studios.

The title is being described as a point and click adventure game and as you can see from the screenshot above it will revolve solving puzzles.