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Why Destiny won’t let you cross play between PS3 and PS4

For those of you in the PlayStation world, this weekend was probably filled with lots of shooting and running around with your friends in Destiny. However, if all your friends aren't on the same platform, you can't play together - even if you're all on PlayStation. Bungie has a reason for this.

Japan won’t let this Frozen PS4 console go

I dig custom consoles. Hell, I’ve owned a couple, with my current Xbox 360 being housed in a nifty Gears Of War 3 shell that I picked up for cheap a while ago. My PlayStation 4 however, as sexy as it is, looks rather plain. I need something to distinguish it. I need something to make it stand out. Or I could just let it go with this Frozen variant.

Sony contemplating PS4 early access

Right now on PC, there’s a brand new scourge in gaming; early access. Consumers are asked to pay for access to a game that’s still very much under development. They then get to play the half-cooked game, with their hopes pinned on eventually getting a full game. It offers developers who can’t otherwise afford to make a game a way to monetise their work-in-progress and fund game development. When it works well, as it did with Minecraft and Don’t Starve , it can be a good thing. But for every Minecraft, there are 15 Cube Worlds.

100 million modern PlayStations sold

In a new video aimed at investors, Sony has detailed how many of its contemporary PlayStations are sitting in homes, pockets and bags at this very moment. The figures include just the modern PlayStation family; The PS3, PS4 and Vita.

Destiny’s PlayStation exclusive content is upsetting Xbox fans

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that Destiny is a PlayStation exclusive. Sony has been pushing the game so hard in comparison to Microsoft that it’s an easy mistake to make. Not only that, but the PlayStation version of the game seem to be getting a fair share of exclusive content, and that’s upsetting quite a few people.

The Last Of Us PlayStation 4 screens look stunning

The Last Of Us may just be one of the prettiest games to ever grace the PlayStation 3, thanks to its software pushing that console to the breaking point of rendering believable characters and a detailed world that had one too many shrooms, man. Naturally, it was always going to pop up on PlayStation 4, as remastering games is now the new HD collection that so many other titles experienced during the early PS3/Xbox 360 days. But hot damn, does it look good.

Why does The Last of Us remastered exist?

I’ve come to realise that I’m a selfish jerk. Being a PlayStation 3 owner who’s already played The Last of Us, I’ve been one of the many moaning about the game being re-released as a remastered version. I want new games, not rehashes of stuff I’ve already played. But The Last of Us Remastered isn't for me; it’s for the scores of brand new PlayStation owners and converted fans.

Even Sony is impressed with the current direction of the Xbox One

If I had to give an award to the best E3 press conference this year, I’d give it to Microsoft. Now while some people may not have dug all the games that were shown, that isn’t exactly the point I’m making here. What Microsoft did, was create a show that was just pure games. And that’s impressive. So impressive actually, that even Sony had some praise for their rivals.

GTA V goes to Spain in live-action recreation

GTA V broke all the records and sold ridiculous numbers of games. The new-gen and PC versions are incoming, and I'm sure Rockstar will get us all hyped for the game again like they did last year. Their trailers were impressive and got people far too excited, and spawned awesome parodies like this.

Resogun Heroes DLC is now live!

Six months after I bought a PlayStation 4, and I’m still playing Resogun. It’s a game which just may be one of the very best launche titles ever. And it’s getting a DLC upgrade right about now.

It’s thanks to Knack that the PlayStation 4 has more RAM

A console may never have hardware that can equal a PC, but those devices sure as hell can utilise what they’ve been given in a far more efficient manner. Even if it had shipped with an original 4GB of Ram, chances are that the PlayStation 4 would have been home to some great games. But thanks to Knack, Sony doubled up on that specific component before they launched their home console.

GTA V looks much prettier in this PS4 comparison

Sony briefly revealed that yes, Grand Theft Auto V was coming to new-gen platforms. At which point, everyone inside the Sony event lost their sh*t, something that I’d imagine was happening around the world at the exact same time. So how much prettier does the game actually look then? Here’s some video proof for those of you who want an HDier Trevor rampage.

Destiny will have plenty of PlayStation exclusives

Destiny is almost upon us, with most of you getting a taste of the upcoming Bungie game thanks to some Alpha-lovin’. That was exclusive to the PlayStation 4 though, with all other platforms getting the cold shoulder despite the fact that the game will be available on them in September. And here’s a number of other exclusive features that PlayStation owners will be experiencing soon.

Former Xbox fans are buying PS4, says Sony

According to Sony’s US marketing boss John Koller, former fans of other consoles are the people who’re now rushing to buy the PlayStation 4. Citing some or other internal marketing data that may in fact be wholly fabricated, Koller said that 31% of  new PlayStation owners PlayStation 4 had an Xbox 360 or Wii in the last generation, but skipped the PS3.

Take a look at leaked Bloodborne footage

Bloodborne from the renowned masters of masochism, From Software may or may not be the Demon’s Souls 2 you’ve been waiting for. It’s being designed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the guy in charge of the excellent Dark Souls, but not the rather lacklustre and soulless Dark Souls 2. It looks excellent, even if it is currently running at a piss-poor frame rate.