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Sony doesn’t know why PS4 is so successful

Sony has sold a ridiculous number of PS4s, crossing the ten million mark as announced at Gamescom. This success goes way beyond their initial predictions or expectations and I'm sure Microsoft is hoping to replicate this with the Xbox One once they launch in the new territories this September. So how did Sony do it?

The Gamescom Bloodborne demo is dark

We all knew that Dark Souls was going to be a dark game - it says so in the name. From Software is now bringing us Bloodborne and you can see the section of the game that they showed off at Gamescom. Prepare to lose some of your own hope and humanity.

Sony doesn’t need to “buy outright exclusivity”

This year’s Gamescom won’t be remembered for surprise reveals or gigantic game showings. Instead it’ll be remembered for the PR storm surrounding Microsoft and Rise of the Tomb Raider. A lot of people are claiming that Microsoft is now trying to buy exclusives, something Sony says they’ll never do. Except, they already do buy some exclusives. Sort of.

Hotline Miami lands on PS4 next week

Starting out as a lone PC indie title, Hotline Miami has somewhat become a cult classic. The ultra violent and psychologically thrilling 2D action title has already made its way to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, and next week it makes the jump to Sony’s new hardware.

Gamescom 2014 – WiLD, where you can play as anything you want

Here’s something that hasn’t really been explore in games before. What if I wanted to soar like an eagle? Hunt prey in a pack of wolves? Swim upstream with all the other tasty salmon? Well, now there’s a game for that.

Gamescom 2014 – Tearaway unfolds on PS4


Tearaway undoubtedly looks like a fantastic PS Vita game, one that combines flexible papercraft with the hardware of that handheld. But could it ever be accurately ported over to the PS4? Sort of, actually. The first thing you have to do according to developer Media Molecule, is not port it at all.

Gamescom 2014 – Mordor crumbles in Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor has slowly crept onto my radar ever since its first reveal. It’s looking more and more unique with every trailer we see, and that didn’t stop at Sony’s press conference.

Gamescom 2014 – Introducing Volume, from the mind behind Thomas Was Alone

I’m a massive fan of Thomas Was Alone, which means I’m a big fan of designer Mike Bithell. Imagine my surprise when he took to the stage at Sony’s Gamescom conference to reveal a new title.

Gamescom 2014 – Playstation 4 has sold 10 million units

To kick off their Gamescom 2014 press conference, Sony decided to briefly talk about how well the PlayStation 4 has been doing since launch late last year. We know it’s been selling like hotcakes worldwide, but the total figure is staggering.

Gamescom 2014 – Infamous: First Light is neon overload

Infamous: Second Son might not have been the most engrossing gameplay experience, but it’s definitely a stunner on the PS4. The lighting is just so on point, which is probably why the expansion, First Light, looks so damn fine.

Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition is devilishly massive on PS4

While gamers have yet to make a complete plunge from physical copies of games down to digital, the option to do so has still managed to pick up the pace in recent years. Most games these days are available ina  digital flavour, with newer titles even having a pre-load option that saves you the hassle of buying and waiting. Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition on the PlayStation 4 however, is going to make you want to go with a physical copy of the game.

Rumour: Assassin’s Creed Unity only at 720p on PS4

Assassin’s Creed Unity is, without a doubt, one of this year’s biggest releases. Not only is it a soft reboot for the franchise, it’s also our first taste of a true next-generation Assassin’s Creed title. But will it be running at full HD by the time PS4 players we get their hands on it?

You should see a Doctor – Surgeon Simulator:Anniversary Edition hits PS4 next week

If you’re looking for a game that will help you hone your medical skills, practice life-saving skills and make you an asset to your fellow humans in times of medical emergency, then you should stay far the hell away from Surgeon Simulator. If you’re looking for a game that has dodgier medical techniques than the quacks who advertise abortion and erections on sloppy stockers , then this might be the game for you. Especially if you haven’t experienced it on PC.

No Man’s Sky will eventually land on PC

Details about No Man's Sky have been slowly trickling in during this year, especially after the impressive showing the game had at E3. It was one of the highlights of Sony's press conference, punctuated by the news that it would be launching on the PS4. Without a word on any other release platforms, you would assume that No Man's Sky was a PS4 exclusive. That's only half true.

PlayStation Now is criminally expensive

The PS4 doesn't allow you to play all your old PS3 titles, which is a real bummer for many fans who sold off their previous console to hop onto the next-gen train. Sony's answer to this is PlayStation Now, a streaming service that allows players to rent PS3 games and stream them to PS4. The program came under fire during closed beta for its pricing, and it seems like nothing has changed in the open beta.