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PSA: Quick, get a Nintendo 3DS for R900

[Sorry folks...it's out of stock now] The 3DS is easily the system I played most last year, because it’s home to a wealth of fantastic games. If you’re keen on a bit of the best in handheld gaming action, you can grab a 3DS for R900 at Dion Wired right now. That’s practically for nothing – coming in R600 or so less than the budget, extra dimension-eschewing 2DS.

Ground Zeroes: Zero value?

I played Ground Zeroes the other day.There has been some controversy surrounding the game on account of its short length. Of course most people do know that it is merely a prologue and is setting up the story for the upcoming and much larger Phantom Pain, but that hasn’t stopped me from feeling just a little irked by it. Let me explain.

In defence of Indie pricing

The impetus to write this came from the reactions to the score I gave Indie fighter “Nidhogg". I gave it a nine out of ten because I enjoyed it a whole bunch and a lot of people didn’t think it was worth it due to the 15 dollar price tag. So it got me thinking; What metric should people price games? Is 15 dollars (USD) too much for a content-light indie game? What makes a AAA game worth $60  in comparison?

The Argentinian Playstation 4 price is insane

In anal intrusive news, the Playstation 4 is going to be expensive. Right now, the average price for one of those consoles locally will set you back around R6300, which is quite a few grinning Randelas. But when it comes to price, Argentina is getting the real short end of the stick here.

PSA – Playstation 4 price revealed

Man, I hope you guys are getting a decent bonus this year. Hot off the news that the Playstation 4 will be arriving on December 6, comes word from ITF Gaming that the console has a current RRP of R6299. That’s plenty of moolah. Fortunately, you only need one kidney to live.

What will the local price of the Xbox One be?

So late yesterday local retailer AWX were the first local retailer to show an expected price for the Xbox One - and it has made a few people cry in the corner.

The cost of making a ship in Star Citizen is pretty high

It’s amazing how expensive developing games can potentially be. While some developers have the benefits of reusable assets to lower costs, creating new code from scratch can sometimes be prohibitively expensive. But in the case of Star Citizen, it’s money well spent.

The Xbox One needs to ‘win the value argument’

And on the opposite side of the price debate today, we’ve got the Xbox One! It’s bigger, has more of a Kinect-ing punch and my grandma thinks it’s a betamax tape player! And for that extra thousand bucks that it’s going to cost, will it convince fans that there happens to be value behind the tech?

This is why the Playstation 4 is cheaper than the Xbox One

The console wars are coming. And with it, brand new comments about us being anti-everything. Truth is, we dig both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. Which one will most gamers choose though? Most likely the Playstation 4, thanks to a cheaper price tag. Which is mostly due to the PS4 nixing the inclusion of its camera device.

The Xbox One is “over delivering in value”

Microsoft believes that since they are over delivering in value by such an extent that gamers are going to be flocking to the job centre to earn enough money to buy the most expensive console on the market.

The Playstation 4 is going to cost how much?

By now, we’re getting ready for a next generation where we can finally be accused of being Playstation fanboys for a change. Ha! Progress. I’ve got a credit card and I’m not afraid to use it, but even if this turns out to be RRP, then the Playstation 4 is going to be more expensive than I imagined.

The Xbox One revealed

After eight years of current-generationing, Microsoft is finally ready to move on and look towards the future. With Nintendo having fired the first shot in the next-gen war with the Wii U, Sony hit back with the Playstation 4 earlier this year. And from the rear, comes the Xbox . We’ll be updating as news arrives, so stay awhile, and listen!

Fresh Xbox 720 Rumours – Mandatory subs and pricing

Time for some fresh Xbox 720 rumours! We’ve got a date, we’ve got a plan and our damn dashboard won’t stop hyping the event now. So what do the latest rumours point to for the future of the Microsoft console? Subscriptions, selling price, operating systems and more!

The first Steam Box is going to cost ya

Well, technically speaking, the Xi3 Piston isn’t the official Steam Box that Valve is supposedly tinkering away on, but it sure does fill many of the requirements for said vapour-PC-console. The Piston has just been announced as having a launch date towards the end of the year, and that pint-sized box is going to arrive with a hefty price tag.

Disney Infinity is going to be pricy

Disney Infinity is going to be pricy

I don’t envy the Skylanders team right now. They’ve hit on a great gap in the market, and it’s one that appeals to the demographic with the most cash to spend: Kids. And by money to spend, I mean the funds belonging to their parents. Still, Skylanders isn’t that bad financially speaking, and you know what you’re getting when you buy a new ally for your team. Disney plans to move into that territory though, and they’re bringing with them franchises that range from Pixar to Marvel. But it’s going to cost ya.