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Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 14 Dec 2012

Not all games are created equal, yet for the most part, they’re priced equally. We live in a world where Ninja Gaiden 3 costs the same as Far Cry 3; Where Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City cost the same as Sleeping Dogs. Awful games shouldn’t cost the same as great ones, but they do. In fact, it looks like things might be going the other way, and we might be paying more  for the good ones.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 22 May 2012

As you may have noticed with the recent release of Max Payne 3 and other releases over the past few months we are sometimes subjected to premium pricing for certain games in South Africa.

The last time I broached this topic with one of the distributors it was explained that these were premium titles and that as such it was accepted that we get charged a premium for them.