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The International: Play-ins, Solo Championships and Phase Two Details

The International officially kicked off yesterday, with four wild card teams competing for the final spot in the main competition. The solo championship took place at the same time, pitting some of the best skilled players against each other in some good old-fashioned 1 v 1. Which team secured the 16th spot, and who dominated mid lane to nab the solo championship?

Square Enix files trademark for new Deus Ex game

Square Enix has filed a trademark pointing towards a title that could be the new Deus Ex game. Here’s what I think will go down.

Pachter doesn’t think anyone cares if he’s wrong

Pachter doesn’t think anyone cares if he’s wrong

It's Christmas Eve and all is well, apart from Michael Pachter that is who feels that no one really cares if he gets his predictions right or wrong, apart fom fanboys that is. Now I understand what he is saying, basically the corporates that he advises aren't looking for exact match predictions but rather general trends and wide ranging ideas. However it's kind of sad that his main job is predictions and yet he doesn't feel that anyone cares if he's right or wrong. If it makes you feel any better Michael we care, we really do. I mainly care when you get it massively wrong because that's funny and makes for good stories. Getting it right is okay at times as well but wrong is where the hits are. Source: CVG