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Shadow of Mordor arrives October 7

A new Lord of the Rings game, that stars a new hero and features a far higher ratio of ass to kick instead of watching midgets become uncomfortably chummy with one another on an High Elf bed! Hell, I’m already sold. And I still don’t see why everyone is labelling this as an Assassin’s Creed clone.

Unity 5 available for pre-order today

The next iteration of the Unity engine, Unity 5, is available for pre-ordering sometime today at the Unity store.

Jump back into Borgovia – we have a date

I thoroughly enjoyed The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. It's a quirky and fun take on the ARPG genre, and I'm excited for the second installment. Now, we have a launch date, and a nifty way to compare the second game to the original.

Sniper Elite 3 release date, collector’s edition and pre-order bonuses revealed

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: No other game on the market knows how to make a kill-shot as gruesomely satisfying as the Sniper series. Most of the gameplay may not be up to scratch, but when you bunker down and take aim? It’s pure magic that comes out of that barrel. So when is the game out? Soon actually.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls pre-order bonuses detailed

It’s almost time, oh faithful crusaders of the Blizzard brand. Diablo III expands like a waist line during the festive season with the Reaper of Souls add-on this year. And if you pre-order it, you’ll get a bonus or two.

Rumour – GTA V preorders start this Friday

Will it or won’t it? That’s the question that plenty of Grand Theft Auto fans on PC have asked since the fifth game was revealed, promoted and pimped out on console last year. Rockstar has kept dead quiet on the matter so far, with nary a hint of anything being done to bring the game over to the PC platform. But PC gamers could be in for a surprise, as early as this Friday.

Amazon Germany and France list Grand Theft Auto V on PC

Yes the rumour that simply will not die is back and just as unsubstantiated as ever. This time the rumours are being stocked by Amazon’s German and French operations who have both listed the PC versions for pre-order in the last 24 hours.

PSA: PlayStation 4 for R5799 at Kalahari.com

[Update] And it's back to R6299. Bummer. Kalahari are claiming it was a mistake but we were notified of it by Kalahari so yeah who knows what just happened here.

Original Story Follows

The PlayStation 4 is being released in South Africa on December 6 this year, for a wallet-destroying price of R6299 – but if you act now, you can shave five hundred Randelas off the price by ordering the thing from Kalahari.

F1 2013 revs its engine with detailed pre-order incentives

Codemasters has revealed all the greasy details on F1 2013 and its pre-order editions. Unlike the Perelli tyres it won’t disappoint.

Titanfall is available for pre-order on Origin at an unreasonable price

You can now pre-order Titanfall on Origin, the price has been slashed by an impressive R50. Not that it makes the deal any better. The game made a big splash at E3 this year, winning every one of six Game Critics Awards nominations.

Last chance to pre-order your Lazygamer shirt

What you haven’t ordered a Lazygamer.net shirt yet? Why do you hate us so much.. we slave over this cheap keyboard (well I do, which reminds me I need to upgrade this thing) all day to entertain you and all we ask in return is to be loved.. and you refuse…

You might want to pre-order your next gen console

Neither Microsoft nor Sony’s next generation console is here yet. From what we’ve heard, we expect Sony’s PlayStation 4 to release locally around November this year, with Microsoft’s Xbox One coming a little later next year. If you want either of them close to their respective releases dates, you might want to look at pre-ordering.

The Xbox One is breaking pre-order records

Everyone on the internet seems to hate the very idea of the Xbox One; an (almost) always online console that restricts the way you play your games. I recently said that these angry people are no longer the target market, no longer the core audience – and that in the grand scheme of things they no longer really matter. that’s starting to seem quite true – as the Xbox One has started shattering pre-order records.

First PS4 pre-order price listed at R8300

The first pre-order page for the PlayStation 4 with a price is up and you may want to sit down for this. According to the page the PlayStation 4 is going to set you back R8300 on launch day.

What is a good pre-order bonus?

Last week I posted an article about how I felt Activision’s worldwide pre-order bonus for Black Ops 2 was pretty poor, this being the Nuketown 2025 map. This expectedly lead to some heated discussions online and offline over what actually is being offered for Black Ops 2 pre-orders and what makes a good pre-order bonus.