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Pokémon Australian Championships announced!

Nintendo Australia has announced the Pokémon X and Y National Championships for Pokémon X and Y!

April Fools gaming news round-up

April Fools is like Christmas for writers. It’s an excuse to exercise some creative talent, while an old Scrooge in the comments section yells bah humbug at everything posted. There’s a lot of great content posted on the first day of April. But this was some of the best.

This handmade Pokémon from Man at Arms is super effective

Until Nintendo finally caves in and makes a Batarang Pokémon, I’m going to keep my in-game PC stocked with Honedge and Aegislash variants. Because nothing says business like throwing a living sword at Team Rocket. And now, master Blacksmith Tony Swatton has brought Honedge to life.

Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal!

That's right, TPP has changed over to Pokémon Crystal, a far larger game than the previous Pokémon Red, just 25 hours after beating Pokémon Red. And they’re already twelve hours in.

Twitch plays Pokémon is over!

Twitch Plays Pokémon is over after beating the Elite Four and the final rival battle in just 16 days, 7 hours, 50 minutes, and 19 seconds!

Twitch Plays Pokemon’s new democracy system

Remember the madness Twitch Plays Pokemon I befouled Lazygamer with two days ago? Well much like evolving primitive man, the 120,000 strong viewer count now gets to potentially decide via popular vote what controls to input via the advent of a democracy system.

Twitch Plays Pokemon is really frustrating

Do you remember Pokémon Red and Blue on the original Gameboy? Well now thanks to the wonders of Twitch streaming, you can play it along with 50,000 other people.

Pokemon Bank Hands On – Gotta bank ‘em all

As great as Pokémon X and Y is, the game does have one drawback. Namely, that it doesn’t exactly have space for several generations of Pokémon to fit inside the in-game PC. That’s where Pokémon Bank comes in, as it allows players to cloud-save their beloved monsters. And it’s worth a few bucks once a year.

Pokémon Bank finally available in PAL regions

If you live in Europe or anywhere south of the Equator and you’re one of those children or child-like adults who has to catch them all you’ve probably been waiting rather patiently for Nintendo to release the Pokémon Bank. Your wait is over.

Rate your IV stats easily in Pokémon X and Y

Just because you happen to have a box filled with Gyrados in Pokémon X and Y, doesn’t mean that you’re rocking an equal set of powerhouses. Each Pokémon is different, believe it or not, and it all comes down to some very particular stats. And if you want to max them out, you’re going to need to know which of your pocket monsters is the best. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to check those IV stats.

Meet the latest Pokémon – Bang Bang

The 20 most popular Lazygamer posts in 2013

During the early part of this year we started actively tracking hits on individual articles, yeah before that we only had a rough idea of how popular each post was and Google Analytics is just a real pain to use for that so we made an in house system which became Batman to our regular readers.

Nintendo Direct round-up – All the trailers and news

I’ve got a soft spot for the Nintendo Direct conferences that pop up every month. They’re humble slices of gaming news, stripped off all that Hollywood teaser jazz nonsense, and get right down to business. Nintendo didn’t stray too far from their usual conferences last night, but they’re certainly taking one or two game characters in unexpected directions.

Some Pokémon just want to watch the world burn

As far as Pokémon go, Espurr might just be the most disturbing creation ever conceived. And that says a lot when you realise he had to contend with a creature that runs around wearing the skull of its dead mother. Espurr is pretty much unchecked power in a cuddly form with soulless eyes. But it gets worse. So. so much worse.

Mario Warfare is getting better.. well nearly

Virtually a year ago back in January 2013 I posted the first two episodes of Mario Warfare and at the time stated that the acting was absolutely awful.