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Want free Pokémon?

A month or so ago in the UK and Australia, Nintendo handed out codes at participating retailers, giving Pokémon X and Y players brand new Pokémon for their Pokdéxes; Magmar and Electabuzz. That promotion is now in South Africa, where you can walk in to a participating retailer and ask for one of those codes. Or, you could just be lazy and grab one right here.

Get Pokemon X or Y for free

That's right, you can get the latest and greatest Pokemon game without using Thief. In fact, it is your reward for entering the 3D era. Now maybe Darryn will finally splurge on that 3DSXL to make his tiny hands look even smaller - everyone should catch this deal.

Yes, people are cheating at Pokémon X&Y

I don’t know why it is people insist on cheating in online games and ruining it for everybody else, but it’s a thing that’s most certainly quite prevalent. Just about any online, competitive multiplayer game is subject to cheaters – even 3D ones like Pokémon X&Y. How in the hell are people cheating in 3DS games?

Pokémon X and Y sold over 4 million games in 2 days

Who would have thought that a game featuring a yellow electric rat could do so well? Nintendo launched Pokemon X and Y worldwide on Saturday, a first for the franchise, and they cleaned up pretty well - shifting plenty of units across the world.

Pokémon X and Y reveals a new Charizard Mega-Evolution

You thought the original Charizard Mega-Evolution was badass in a recent Pokémon X and Y announcement? Well guess what? THAT’S NOT EVEN MY FINAL FORM!

Pokemon coming to save the Wii U?

As we know, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be coming to the 3DS later this year, but a new video has people wondering if there aren't signs of a Pokemon Wii U on the horizon. If so, could we finally see a title capable of saving the ailing console?

3D Pokémon X and Y headed to 3DS in October

I’ll admit, I’m not exactly the biggest Pokermans fan around. I haven’t really put much time in to any of the games since the original ones on the Gameboy. My kids love the hell out of that stuff though – but if I have to hear one more argument about which hypothetical creature would kick some other fantasy critter’s ass, I might explode.