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Destiny has some shiny exclusives on PlayStation

Whether you love or hate Bungie for having a friends with benefits relationship with Sony now, you can’t deny that the content arriving on that platform does look rather tempting. All those cosmetic goodies have been detailed before, but thanks to a fresh drop of assets in my inbox, they’re looking even more alluring than before. See for yourself.

Destiny’s PlayStation exclusive content is upsetting Xbox fans

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that Destiny is a PlayStation exclusive. Sony has been pushing the game so hard in comparison to Microsoft that it’s an easy mistake to make. Not only that, but the PlayStation version of the game seem to be getting a fair share of exclusive content, and that’s upsetting quite a few people.

GTA V looks much prettier in this PS4 comparison

Sony briefly revealed that yes, Grand Theft Auto V was coming to new-gen platforms. At which point, everyone inside the Sony event lost their sh*t, something that I’d imagine was happening around the world at the exact same time. So how much prettier does the game actually look then? Here’s some video proof for those of you who want an HDier Trevor rampage.

Destiny will have plenty of PlayStation exclusives

Destiny is almost upon us, with most of you getting a taste of the upcoming Bungie game thanks to some Alpha-lovin’. That was exclusive to the PlayStation 4 though, with all other platforms getting the cold shoulder despite the fact that the game will be available on them in September. And here’s a number of other exclusive features that PlayStation owners will be experiencing soon.

PlayStation press conference round up

At the end of a long, exhausting day it was finally time for Sony to show off their goods. They started by plying all the journalists with food and drink, something much appreciated after a long day of conferences. But we were there for the news, and they certainly had loads to say.

New Additions To PSN As Well As New Hardware Announced

Shawn Layden, the President and CEO of Sony America takes the stage at e3 and starts by giving some mind boggling PSN stats. What can the player expect from PSN in the near future?

The Last Guardian is/isn’t cancelled

Over the weekend some websites got very excited about a rumour that The Last Guardian had been cancelled by the management of Sony.

Twitch will stream the entirety of E3

When it comes to E3, you wonderful readers have to hear tales from us about the event being a technicolour maze of new games, technology and indie devs devouring anyone who strays from the herd. This year will be a tad different however, because you the general public will have the chance to at least watch more than just a press conference.

PlayStation Plus is getting overhauled

The idea behind PlayStation Plus has been shockingly simple since it debuted four years ago. Customers pay a reasonable annual fee for the service, and get ten times that value back in games being available to download for free every month. Somehow, this idea worked. And now, the service is getting an overhaul.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Review – Fast and Führerious

It’s 1960, and after a failed attempt to end World War 2 saw Wolfenstein series regular William “B.J” Blazcowicz down, defeated and stuck with some coma-inducing shrapnel in his skull, the world has changed. And not for the better.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch Review – Dad of the tentacles

Shhh shhh. Just keep quiet. Just shut up. Don’t question this. Stop thinking about why an Octopus is masquerading around as a loving family man. Stop thinking about the fact that ordinarily, he’d be dead after ten minutes on dry land. Just roll with it. Just go with the ocean flow in Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

Sony’s Kaz Hirai to get a huge pay cut?

It’s no big secret that Sony isn’t doing quite as well as it should when it comes to money. It’s PlayStation 4 is the current console darling and is riding a huge wave of momentum, but the same can’t be said for the PlayStation Vita, or indeed just about any of Sony’s other business. They’ve sold off their VAIO PC division, TV sales are stagnant and the company is losing a bunch of cash. As is the Japanese tradition, it’s executives – including Kaz Hirai -  will now be taking a huge pay cut.

Rumour: Xbox to drop gold requirements for media apps

If you are a current Xbox 360 or Xbox One gamer you would know that not only do you need Xbox Live Gold to play games online but that you also need it to use any media aservices such as YouTube or any of the other assorted media applications.

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition launches in August

You’ve been wondering just when Blizzard would release Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition onto consoles. Well wonder no more, as it’ll be out on August 19 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It’s Diablo 3, and the Reaper of Souls together for the first time, and it feels oh so good. Prepare to go back to hell Nephalem scum.

The Last of Us: Remastered is almost too big for a Blu-Ray

New generation consoles have spoilt me. I now look with disdain at the visuals that are present on current-gen platforms, turning my massive nose up at them. One game which was truly impressive last year though? The Last Of Us, which looked fantastic on PS3. An HDier version is on the way for PlayStation 4. And it can barely fit on the disc.