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The PlayStation 4 is still outselling the Xbox One

Yesterday, we gave you the grand news that the Xbox One’s retail sales performance has doubled since Microsoft made the rather wise decision to excise Kinect and sell the thing as a separate, optional accessory. That’s magnificent news for Microsoft and Xbox fans…pity the PlayStation 4 is still outselling the thing.

Sony targeting Wii families with PS4

Sales of the original Wii may have tapered off to nearly nothing, but it’s still the biggest selling console of the last generation. Many of those new-to-gaming Wii families have packed the things away or thrown them out with yesterday’s trash – but a fair number have seen the light, and want to continue dabbling with the wonderful medium of videogames. It’s those people that Sony wants to buy a PlayStation 4.

Japan won’t let this Frozen PS4 console go

I dig custom consoles. Hell, I’ve owned a couple, with my current Xbox 360 being housed in a nifty Gears Of War 3 shell that I picked up for cheap a while ago. My PlayStation 4 however, as sexy as it is, looks rather plain. I need something to distinguish it. I need something to make it stand out. Or I could just let it go with this Frozen variant.

The Last Of Us PlayStation 4 screens look stunning

The Last Of Us may just be one of the prettiest games to ever grace the PlayStation 3, thanks to its software pushing that console to the breaking point of rendering believable characters and a detailed world that had one too many shrooms, man. Naturally, it was always going to pop up on PlayStation 4, as remastering games is now the new HD collection that so many other titles experienced during the early PS3/Xbox 360 days. But hot damn, does it look good.

Driveclub’s glorious bad weather

PlayStation 4 racer Driveclub has had a bit of a rocky start. It was meant to launch alongside the PlayStation 4, but was unceremoniously delayed just before release. It was then delayed again – and if you ask me, that’s a good thing because when I played it at E3 last year, it was bland and uninteresting, and hardly the sort of thing anyone would call a “next gen” game. That looks like it’s changing quite a bit.

Borderlands:The Pre-Sequel could arrive on PS4 and Xbox One

If there’s one bunch of games that I’ve perhaps put too many damn hours into, it has to be Borderlands and its superb sequel. I’m currently reaching the hundred hour mark on that game as I replay missions yet again in order to build up my Mechromancer (BEST ROBOT EVAR), and you can be damn well certain that I want some time alone with the upcoming Pre-Sequel game. That game is only scheduled for old-gen consoles and PC at the moment. But it could be more handsome on new-gen as well.

Sniper Elite 3 Review – Aryan vs Predator

Sniper Elite 3 has always been the poster child for gratuitous violence. Blood and gore in gaming isn’t a foreign concept, but the amount of care, thought and detail that the Sniper Elite franchise has poured into creating realistic violence has been staggering to say the least. This approach however, has always been to the detriment of the rest of the game. With Sniper Elite 3 however, we finally have a game that feels complete.

Even Sony is impressed with the current direction of the Xbox One

If I had to give an award to the best E3 press conference this year, I’d give it to Microsoft. Now while some people may not have dug all the games that were shown, that isn’t exactly the point I’m making here. What Microsoft did, was create a show that was just pure games. And that’s impressive. So impressive actually, that even Sony had some praise for their rivals.

No Prologue for Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo is one of those odd titles that people will buy a console for. I know more than a handful of people who bought PlayStation 3’s just to play Gran Turismo 5. Though Gran Turismo 6 didn’t quite do as well as Sony and Polyphony had hoped, that game’s relative failure could be attributed to the fact that it was released for PS3…after the PlayStation 4 was out. Gran Turismo 7 will likely be quite the system seller for the PlayStation 4…when it’s released in 2028.

Resogun Heroes DLC is now live!

Six months after I bought a PlayStation 4, and I’m still playing Resogun. It’s a game which just may be one of the very best launche titles ever. And it’s getting a DLC upgrade right about now.

It’s thanks to Knack that the PlayStation 4 has more RAM

A console may never have hardware that can equal a PC, but those devices sure as hell can utilise what they’ve been given in a far more efficient manner. Even if it had shipped with an original 4GB of Ram, chances are that the PlayStation 4 would have been home to some great games. But thanks to Knack, Sony doubled up on that specific component before they launched their home console.

Sony drops The Last of Us Remastered price

I’m not enamoured with the current industry practice of making relatively new games look a little better for the newer platforms and then selling them to us anew. At full price. It’s something we saw with Tomb Raider, we’re getting it with Metro Redux and GTA V, and there’re even rumours of Sleeping Dogs being remastered.

Can Microsoft stop the PlayStation 4 train?

May’s NPD stats are out, giving us a wee bit of insight in to the retail sales of games and hardware within the United States. As is usual, the NPD doesn’t cover digital sales or second-hand, so only paints a small part of the picture – but it certainly looks as if the videogame industry’s health is getting better, and much of that renewed vigour is because of the PlayStation 4. 

GTA V is going to have something extra on PlayStation 4

Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and yes, even PC in the Southern Hemisphere’s spring. If you’ve had a look at the new PS4 trailer, you can quite clearly see that it’s not some simple port job; the game’s very nearly being retooled – with new textures, new animations and will likely end up looking and running like magic. According to Sony, it’s going to be extra special on PS4.

Sony confident in Destiny as a PS4 seller

Sony’s European boss Jim Ryan believes that the game that’ll most convince people to buy a PlayStation 4 is not a first party title, but rather Activision and Bungie’s Destiny. Speaking with CVG, Ryan said that there are many games that’ll help sell the PS4 coming this year, but the definitive one has to be bungie’s open-world shooter.