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Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 28 Nov 2014

I love free things. Perhaps that why I'm regretting having this job right now - I can't enter to win this awesome giveaway! But, I can still be excited for you bunch, you could win an incredible prize, the biggest we've ever given away.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 26 Nov 2014

We’ve had a great many competition on Lazygamer, giving away some fantastic prizes – but nothing quite like this. It’s our biggest competition ever – and we’re giving away both a Sony PlayStation 4 console and a Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone to one lucky winner. That’s one heck of a prize for one lucky human just before the festive season.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 26 Nov 2014

Sony as a whole isn’t doing quite as well financially as anyone would like. People aren’t really buying their TV’s (even though their newest models are AMAZING for gaming), and despite putting out one of the best Android phones on the market right now  with the Z3, their mobile division isn’t the market leader it had hoped it would be. As a result, they’ll be cutting back on both of those markets.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 19 Nov 2014

I like the current crop of consoles this generation. Each one has their own charm, and you can’t go wrong choosing either device this generation. With the PlayStation 4, Sony has delivered a console that feels like a pure gaming device, and thanks to early marketing, it knew that when it began building up momentum. But the key to long-term survival, is in attracting more casual consumers.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 14 Nov 2014

October’s NPD figures, which track US sales of games and related hardware are out – and they show that Sony’s console has been the best selling gaming hardware in the US for ten consecutive months. both consoles though, are selling like hotcakes. It’s a pity people aren't buying games.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 11 Nov 2014

Sony’s software engineers just can’t seem to get things right at the moment. Since the introduction of the PlayStation 4 2.0 update, Sony’s angular black box has been about as stable as our own Darryn after a single alcoholic beverage. That is to say, not at all. Many users have been complaining of issues since the last firmware, 2.01, came along to fix that annoying Rest Mode issue. There’s a new one on the way, to fix the issues that fix itself introduced.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 10 Nov 2014

Video game piracy. It’s one of the oldest and ugliest parts of the industry that just never seems to go away. No matter how advanced the hardware and the software that runs it, you can bet that sooner or later such machines and games will be hacked, allowing the scurvier side of the industry to get away with blatant theft. But with the current generation of gaming, that has yet to happen.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 05 Nov 2014

The PlayStation 4’s 2.0 update wasn’t quite the revelation Sony had hoped. Instead of creating joy, it caused issues for a number of gamers, specifically with its Rest Mode, which ended up making a number of systems inoperable. Sure there were fixes, and users could easily have skipped using rest mode, but that’s beside the point. Thankfully, there’s a new update out now that’s rolling out to fix the problems the last one created.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 04 Nov 2014

Pre-loading is a simple enough idea. Pre-order a game, download it early and have it ready to play on launch day, thus removing one of the digital download stings out of the equation. In theory, it should work fine, and indeed it does. But for some reason, it’s been a mission to get Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare properly pre-downloaded on Xbox One. And that’s not the only platform having some advanced issues, as the PlayStation 4 is experiencing some console parity problems as well.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 03 Nov 2014

If there was one game to test out this weekend, it was most likely Evolve. If there was one game to attempt to test out in an alpha state on PS4, only to be greeted by a sign telling you that servers were down or fatter than our top army brass which led to you curling up into the foetal position and gently sobbing, it was also Evolve. The Sony version of that alpha has had some problems. Problems which have been ironed out. Hopefully.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 30 Oct 2014

Evolve’s console alpha is starting up this weekend. Well, to be fair, it’s starting today on Xbox One, and on PlayStation 4 this weekend. South Africa has been excluded from the alpha, because of our poor infrastructure. That, of course, doesn’t mean its impossible to get in on the alpha. Thanks to some awesome dudes, we’ve got 10 keys for the PlayStation 4 version of the game to give away.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 29 Oct 2014

The PlayStation 4’s much anticipated Masamune update is out. Coming in at under 250Mb, adds an impressive array of features, like direct YouTube Video uploads, SharePlay (which is 100% useless in SA)  and the ability to actually pause downloads. For some though, it’s also seemingly bricked their machines.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 28 Oct 2014

The Xbox One gets monthly updates, bringing a slew of features and improvements every month. The latest version of the PlayStation 4 software should be rolling out to consumers later today, and it brings with it quite a number of changes. With the PlayStation 4, Sony’s been slow to issue updates, whereas with their last console, updates were a regular, seemingly incessant thing.  This is a conscious decision by Sony.