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Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 07 May 2013

Beyond: Two Souls, from Quantic Dreams looks to be pretty amazing. So amazing, that it’s just the the second game (after L.A Noire) to be shown off at the Tribecca Film Festival. It’s one of the experiences I’m most looking forward to this year. I hate to say “game,” because like Heavy Rain before it, it’s more of an interactive film than a pure gaming experience – but what it’s not is a sequel; because while David Cage is happy to learn from the past, he doesn’t want to recreate it.

Posted by Yolanda Green - 01 Feb 2013

I’ve always been absolutely crazy about the God of War games, mostly for the story. So when I saw that there is this video of the first half an hour of the God of War: Ascension single-player campaign I was so conflicted but I clicked it anyway. Want to see? Obviously, there are spoilers. 

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 09 Sep 2011

Resistance: Fall of Man, set in an alternate reality where a post World War II earth saw the beginning of the invasion of the chimera, a parasitic alien race bent on assimilating humanity and claiming Earth as its own. It’s follow up, Resistance 2 was an all out war, with humanity fighting back as much as it could.

Four years later, and that futile war is all but lost. its 1957, and on the brink of defeat, humanity is driven deep underground.