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Lazygamer play BattleBlock Theatre

Have you played BattleBlock theatre? You really should, it’s all kinds of platforming fun! It also has some awesome multiplayer, perfect for trolling and ruining friendships teaching people how to work together. We teamed up with a certain cuddly Wookiee to bring you some gameplay footage.

LittleBigPlanet 3 hits closed beta next month

The LittleBigPlanet series is one of my all time favourites. It was my first ever PlayStation 3 game, something I actually bought months before I even owned the console. When I got around to playing it, I refused to do it alone. I roped in three friends for some weekly LBP action for a good few weeks. The same weekly meeting happened when the sequel rolled around. It makes me happy knowing I will be entering the imaginative shoes of Sackboy once more, with the third one being announced at E3. LittleBigPlanet 3 will be hitting a closed beta next month.

New ‘n’ Tasty pre-order bonuses!

You want to feel old? Remember Abe’s Odyssey? It was released almost 17 years ago! That was a true gem, with one of the most original and unusual worlds I’ve ever seen in a game. The remake, New N’ Tasty is nearly upon us, and pre-ordering it will net you some extra content.

Futuristic Quidditch? Epigenesis gets a release date

I will be completely honest. Before I started writing this, I had absolutely no idea that Epigenesis even existed. After doing some research and watching the new trailer, I think I can say that I am officially interested.

Indie Review: The Floor is Jelly

I love myself a good platformer. I still play Super Meat Boy to speed run it because I find it infinitely replayable. Never heard of The Floor is Jelly? It’s likely you wouldn’t have. It’s not on Steam, not on Desura, but quite fittingly on the Humble store for 10 dollars. It’s a platformer not unlike Super Meat Boy, but with a twist. Every surface is a Non-Newtonian fluid, possessing a jellylike consistency. Throw in some puzzles and you’ve got The Floor is Jelly in a nutshell.

Mighty Switch Force 2 review – Switching things up

Mighty Switch Force 2 is a puzzle platformer that channels some serious retro vibes. As soon as I started the game up, it felt like I was playing something from my 16-bit past. 

Ubisoft shows off a WWI 2D platformer

I often think that WWII gets way more attention than it should in gaming, I suppose because no one feels bad about killing Nazis. However, there were so many other interesting wars in history - I'm excited about this new game from Ubisoft that's based on actual letters from WWI.

Spelunky review: Thank you sir, may I have another?

Spelunky is a platformer for masochists. Okay, I've said it! Wildly popular and very well designed, Spelunky is quite the rage at the moment. Unfortunately, I'm simply not a big enough glutton for punishment to enjoy this game to the full extent.

Toki Tori 2+ review: Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Toki Tori 2+ might look all sweet and innocent, but once it has you in its claws it will gloriously abuse your brain, and you will love it.

Epic Mickey:Power of Illusion Review

I’ve got a love/love relationship with Disney games, when they happen to be from an older console cycle. Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck were a blast on the NES, while the Sega Megadrive gave way to such gems such as Aladdin and Castle of Illusion. That’s where Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion comes in, as the iconic mouse once again visits his butt-stompin’ roots in this new 3DS title. And boy oh boy, does it suck. Ah ha!

New Super Mario Bros U review

It would be easy to believe that New Super Mario Bros U. is a simple cash-in; something to give the masses of early Wii U adopters as some sort of peace offering until a real Mario game arrives for the new system. Even its name is a bit of an insult; as the fourth game to fall under the “New Super Mario Bros.” calling it “new” is an affront. A nostalgic stab in the face, it’s not quite as ground-breaking as something like Super Mario Galaxy, but dismissing it would be a grace offense – because it’s the best damned 2D Mario since the 16-bit era’s Super Mario World. In fact, I think it might even be better.

Rayman Origins extended hands-on preview – Back to bouncy basics

Most current gamers probably only know Ubisoft’s Rayman from the game that spawned those annoying, but delightfully charming Raving Rabbids. It’s been 16 years since the disembodied Rayman first charmed PlayStation 1 gamers, and 8 years since his last bona-fide platform game. Well he’s back, and he looks better than ever.

I’ve been terribly excited about the game since this year’s E3, where I got the chance to go hands on with the delightful platformer. I’ve since gotten the opportunity to sit down and play through the game at my own pace in the comfort of my home. Here’s why it’s one of the best games I’ve played all year.

How to get around in Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins from Ubisoft was one of my highlights of E3. Not only was it one of the most visually fresh, vibrant games on show - but I also got to play it co-op with a cute French girl who was impressed with my platforming prowess. “I’ve played games like this my whole life,” I told her, before plummeting to my death. I digress; Rayman Origins is an excellent game for fans of the genre, filled with clever ideas and interesting platform mechanics.

Here’s a new trailer showing some of those mechanics, and how you’ll make your way through Rayman Origin’s whimsical, colourful world.

Rayman Origins will be available on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and the Nintendo 3DS from November 25.

Happy Birthday, Sonic the Hedgehog!

20 years ago, on this very day, SEGA released a game that would prove so popular it would lead to their Genesis/Mega Drive outselling Nintendo’s Super-NES by a factor of 2-1 during the 1991 holiday season. Its lead character  - a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog - would also become SEGA’s mascot in response to Nintendo’s ubiquitous Super Mario.
Axel & Pixel announced for XBLA

Axel & Pixel announced for XBLA

I haven’t heard anything about this title before but the graphics are instantly appealing to me.

Axel & Pixel is a new IP being developed by a new Czech developer, Silver Wish Studios.

The title is being described as a point and click adventure game and as you can see from the screenshot above it will revolve solving puzzles.