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Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 24 Apr 2015

You know what the best thing is about a game being properly ported over from console to PC? It’s not the bump in visuals, the joy in seeing fellow gamers experience a masterpiece or the eventual massive discount in a Steam Sale. It’s the fact that you can massively cheat the game system. I’m not here to discuss ethics, because just having such an option that doesn’t impact on other gamers, is bloody wonderful. And GTA V has plenty of cheats already, including one that allows you to morph into animals and keep on playing the game.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 21 Apr 2015

Behold! The most powerful force in the history of anything! Money! Yes sir, there’s nothing that you can’t do with a promise of worth on a piece of paper, and you’ll need plenty of the digital equivalent in GTA V in order to get your hands on the best possible gear. So what’s the best way to do that? By playing the stock markets of course. But you’re going to need to invest big in order to earn big. And here’s how you can be a wolf of Wall Street.

Posted by Matthew Figueira - 17 Apr 2015

I’ll forgive you if you’ve never heard of Son of Nor, because before I got my review copy, nor had I. It’s not a AAA title - it’s the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign that launched way back in April 2013. 2244 backers pledged $151 175 to bring the game to life. Now, two years down the line, Son of Nor has finally been released. It’s an interesting game, combining action and puzzling. Is it worth your time and money though?

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 15 Apr 2015

Mortal Kombat X was released yesterday, to very nearly universal critical acclaim. The platform of choice for publishers was the PlayStation 4. There’s been very little mention of the Pc version – and for good reason. It barely works. There are a number of issues plaguing the PC version of this year’s hottest fighting game, ranging from frame rate issues, to it being wholly unplayable. If you have the option, you may wish to avoid it for now.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 14 Apr 2015

Grand Theft Auto V is finally out on PC today (yes, it really, really is) and for the most part, it’s smooth sailing. The game works as advertised for most people, offering smooth and fluid gameplay that surpasses the 30fps you’d find even on the newest consoles. For most who’ve been playing it, it’s been a great experience. For others? Not so much. There’s a weird little bug that’s preventing people from downloading or installing GTA V on PC.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 13 Apr 2015

GTA 5's PC release is almost upon us. It feels like a ridiculously long time coming. Some PC gamers even wondered if it would ever release on their preferred platform. However, they need never have feared - apparently Rockstar planned on a PC (and next gen console) release right from the start.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 09 Apr 2015

I don’t think there’s any clearer example of how gaming has changed distribution models over the years, than the example found in the PC industry. Think about it: Years ago, you’d pop down to an actual shop, buy a big box that was jammed with various maps, pamphlets and goodies (FOR FREE), head home and install it. These days however, everything is digital baby! But for the physical PC release of GTA V, that franchise is keeping things old school.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 09 Apr 2015

GTA V is finally coming to the PC next week. After delay upon delay, it’s finally happening. While some PC gamers have already decided to give it a skip, many others are chomping at the bit, eager for the game to go live. In fact, it’s already at the top of the Steam sales charts, just waiting for the 14th of April to tick by so it can be unlocked. And it may have been worth the wait.

Posted by Zoe Hawkins - 07 Apr 2015

I don't have a Kinect. You would think as the only woman in the team, they would have sent me one as well as a variety of fitness or dancing games. However, my Xbox One came solely with the console and controller. I still have mixed feelings at the idea of a camera in my living room - some aspects of "living" shouldn't be seen by outsiders - but plenty of people swear by the power of the Kinect. However, for those who use it on PC, they may need to change their shopping patterns.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 31 Mar 2015

4K resolution! Anti-aliasing! Increased chest jiggle physics! Now that’s exactly what I want to see in a PC port for a fighting game. And that’s what you’ll see plenty of in Dead Or Alive this week as it hits the PC platform. Pity that you won’t see several other features which are standard in these kinds of games.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 26 Mar 2015

Before you get excited, drawn in by the deliberately misleading (but not factually incorrect!) headline, let me crush your spirits. Yes, Halo is coming back to the PC – but only in Russia…and as a free-to-play game.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 25 Mar 2015

We have a statement from Warner Bros:

"Batman: Arkham Knight will be available as both a physical and digital release for PS4, Xbox One and PC.  In the UK, PC will be available as a digital release only."
Take this with a great big grain of salt for now, but according to some people on the internet, the heavily anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight won’t be getting a physical release on PC – at least in the UK. That’s the word from prolific, and prolifically cheap UK e-tailer ShopTo, who’s said that they’ve been told by their suppliers that the game will only be sold digitally.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 23 Mar 2015

Devil May Cry 4. The best Devil May Cry. In the world, of all time and undisputed heavyweight champion of the franchise. It’s the Starship Troopers of Devil May Cry games and yes I am unbelievably biased when it comes to the game as I give objective reporting a Stone Cold Stunner and then defenestrate that neutral position. With DmC: Devil May Cry out in the world, it’s time for the fourth core game to get a chance in the spotlight. And that remaster will arrive June 18.