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Get Dark Souls II Pre-Order DLC on PC for free

People who pre-ordered Dark Souls 2 were treated to a bunch of cool swords, staves and axes. They could all eventually be found in the game - in the palace for sale from the ghost. However, they certainly can be helpful when you first start the game, and thanks to a hidden file, they can actually be yours.

StarCraft and Guild Wars designer reveals a gorgeous new MOBA

Everyone is jumping onto the MOBA bandwagon. Just the other day Gearbox, the studio behind Borderlands, revealed that they were going to try their hand at the popular online format, adding their names to a growing roster of developers wanting in on the MOBA money. It’s easy for lots of these titles to slip through the cracks and go unnoticed. Although, it’s much more difficult when your game looks as stunning as this.

Build things to kill lots of other things in Epic’s Fortnite

You’d be excused for not remembering that Epic Games is working on a free-to-play title called Fortnite. The first time we got a look at it was back in 2011 and we haven’t really seen much since then. In that time, the title was announced as a free-to-play PC exclusive and we now have a good idea of what the gameplay will be like.

Super Time Force Ultra announced for PC

Gentlemen, there is a game on the way. A game that will test you to your limits. A game that will have you dying over and over again as you rewind your timestream like a suicidal character on Doctor Who. That game is Super Time Force Ultra. And it’s headed to your PC.

Razer’s modular PC is not getting much love

Razer is seriously trying to shove its thumb into every pie it can. They have a new Smartband on the way, an increasingly popular line of gaming laptops being churned out and even an idea to make desktop PC’s extremely easy to upgrade. Their modular PC concept, Project Christine, was revealed at CES earlier this year, but it seems like the rather novel idea hasn’t progressed much since then.

GTA V goes to Spain in live-action recreation

GTA V broke all the records and sold ridiculous numbers of games. The new-gen and PC versions are incoming, and I'm sure Rockstar will get us all hyped for the game again like they did last year. Their trailers were impressive and got people far too excited, and spawned awesome parodies like this.

Games for Windows Live is still a thing

Despite just about every single game of note transitioning away from Microsoft’s ill-fated Games for Windows Live service, Microsoft just doesn’t want to let the thing die. Last year, Microsoft’s Ensemble studios suggested that the service would be officially retired on 1 July this year.

You can’t find this Sniper Elite 3 special edition in shops…

Because you can only buy it online. Packing more nutshots than a Johnny Cage Cosplay Convention, Sniper Elite 3 is out soon and it’s headed to Effrika. The game will be out in a regular and special edition when it hits shelves. And it’ll also be available in the following flavour.

Why Ubisoft hid Watch Dogs PC graphics options

As you already likely know, some clever clogs has found a way to unlock a number of graphical options hidden within the PC version of Watch Dogs.  They make the game look, for all intents and purposes, like the stunning E3 reveal. We suspect they were disabled so that console gamers don’t feel like they drew the short straw, but Ubisoft says that’s not the case.

Watch Dogs PC patch will sort out your graphics

You all know Watch Dogs. It’s that hit PC game where players can hack their way through a corrupt totalitarian regime with a magic cell-phone before hacking the human body with a baton and bullets when the heat is on. And like most games these days, it’s getting a patch. A patch that should make it oh so much prettier.

FIFA 15 on PC uses the Ignite Engine

FIFA 14 on consoles uses EA’s fancy new Ignite engine, which significantly affects player and ball physics, making the new-gen versions of the football simulator the ones to play.Unfortunately, the same can;t be said for the PC version of FIFA 14 – which despite looking prettier, is essentially a last generation game. Not so with FIFA 15.

You can finally use the Xbox One Controller on your PC

The Xbox One controller is a magnificent. It’s a little more angular than rounded 360 controller, but it’s incredibly comfortable, and sports those undeniably sexy rumbling triggers. Though the controller has a little micro USB port on the top if it, the thing is just not compatible with PC. That has changed; Microsoft has released a PC driver for the Xbox One controller.

Dead Rising 3 coming to PC

I saw some rumours yesterday that said that Dead Rising was coming to PC, but now it's official. Capcom has announced the game is coming to Steam - but can your computer run it?

Battlefield 4 gets new lag-reducing netcode patch

In five or so months, it’ll be a year since Battlefield 4 was released – and for many, it’s still a bit of an unplayable mess. On the one hand, we should be a little thankful that DICE is still trying their best to fix it, but on the other, they should never have released the game in the state they did. They’ve haemorrhaged enough goodwill that people are hesitant to buy the next Battlefield game. That aside, the newest patch for Battlefield 4 should make it a smoother experience for many, provided they have fast enough internet connectivity.

Twitch will stream the entirety of E3

When it comes to E3, you wonderful readers have to hear tales from us about the event being a technicolour maze of new games, technology and indie devs devouring anyone who strays from the herd. This year will be a tad different however, because you the general public will have the chance to at least watch more than just a press conference.