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Origin will no longer ship physical copies of games

Did you know that you can buy your games online through EA’s Origin service and request a physical copy of the game to be delivered to you? Yeah me neither but apparently you can...or should I say you could.

PSA – Grab Dead Space for free

Got an origin account, a decent PC and enough cash for therapy? Well here ya go then, as the original name in horror is free right now on EA’s online service. That’s right, Dead Space, for free. Thank/Curse me later, and grab it while you can by hitting this link.

Win a digital copy of Titanfall for PC!

If it wasn’t for the lovely folks at Evopoints, most of us here in South Africa wouldn’t be afforded the opportunity to play Titanfall. South Africa’s been denied one of the year’s biggest games because network performance, they say,  just wasn’t up to scratch. Maybe you’re wary of buying game keys off the internet, or maybe you’re not convinced the lag will be bearable – so you’ve opted to not grab Titanfall right now. So thanks to Evopoints, we’re giving one away.

Titanfall on Xbox One has an uneven framerate

Titanfall is out today in the US, and on Friday everywhere else. Other than South Africa, that is. It is, by all accounts, a pretty exceptional game, evolving the Call of Duty formula and making it fresh and exciting. It’s the Xbox One’s  marquee title. it’s killer app. And it runs pretty badly. Stand by for disappointment.

How much time did people spend using Origin in 2013?

EA’s Origin gaming and digital distribution service isn’t quite as ubiquitous as Steam, but that doesn’t mean that a heck of a lot of people aren’t using Origin. Mostly because they’re forced to to play certain games, but that’s really besides the point. According to EA’s Origin “year in review (via Polygon),” 61 billion minutes were spent using the service for games.

The Batman: Arkham Origins Files – Lady Shiva

Ruthless, unrelenting and lethal are just some of the words that could be used to describe Lady Shiva. Provided that you never cross the deadliest hand to hand fighter on the planet.

The Batman: Arkham Origins Files – Bane

There aren’t many people who can go toe to toe with the Batman, and there are even fewer still who can actually even defeat. Bane is one of those few who not only managed to trade blows with the caped crusader, but also accomplished the impossible. Meet the man who broke the bat.

The EA Humble Bundle made more than $10 million

I don’t care what any news anchor or church group has to say, because gamers can be the most generous and giving people in the world. Especially when there’s a bargain to be had in the process. All kidding aside, the latest Humble Bundle that featured EA Origin games has just proven this, making quite a few millions in the process for charity.

No “gimmicks” for Battlefield 4

The next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft are coming this year, and they’ll play host to the next game in the Battlefield series. Both consoles will feature some form of motion control wizardry – but don’t expect those features to show up in Battlefield 4.

Frostbite 2 not next gen enough?

I’m sure by now you’ve all watched that really rather impressive 17-minute long Battlefield 4 trailer; punctuated as it is by fancy new graphical features, realistic and life-like motion capture, physics and overabundance of particle effects. It’s really quite graphically mind-blowing – but as far as military shooters go, I could take or leave it. The thing that piqued my interest was the new, next-generation Frostbite 3.0 engine, and made me recall earlier comment from EA about Frostbite 2.0 being developed for next gen.

EA is giving SimCity owners a free game

So the disastrous SimCity launch is now nearly over and things are pretty much stable -  but EA knows we haven’t forgotten about what happened. And to try and please the angry mobs they have come out and stated that if you have activated a copy of SimCity before the 25th of March 23:59 PDT then you can pick one of these games for free.

No refund for copies of SimCity bought on Origin

SimCity launches today! A game where you get to build metropolises, grow a city and then unleash all manner of hell on it. Well, it’s what I would do at least, seeing as how I still regularly brick up my Sims in their homes and leave them to die a horrible death. The thing is, SimCity has had a very rocky launch so far, as the always-online game has been hit with an Error 37 level of denied service and crammed servers. A lot of folks have thrown their hands in the air and taken back their game copy to get a refund. It’s just a pity that anyone who bought the game on Origin, is pretty much screwed.

EA and Ubisoft shack up on their digital distribution platforms

Some one must have heard my desperate prayers, because Electronic Arts and Ubisoft are now offering each other’s titles on Uplay and Origin. I actually think that this is a really, really awesome thing. Since I was pleasantly surprised with Uplay and prefer it to Origin.

Dead Space 3 winners announced

Right…as you probably know, we’ve got 3 Dead Space 3 download tokens for PC to give away. It’s time to announce which three of you lucky sods will be playing Dead Space 3 legally tonight (provided your internet holds up and you have the bandwidth). no more bandying about the bush – here are the winners!

Win one of 3 Dead Space 3 PC tokens today

Dead Space 3 will be out in South Africa tomorrow – and judging from the mixed, but mostly positive review scores it’s going to keep you in rapt suspense all weekend. Some have even called it the finest game of this generation – and today, it could be yours. We’re giving away 3 digital download tokens for the game today. Here’s how you could get your hands on one of them.