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King’s open letter defending trademarks

CEO of King, Riccardo Zacconi  publisher of Candy Crush Saga, has issued an open letter on their website regarding their recent decisions to trademark the words “Candy” and “Saga” while also pursuing Stoic Studios, the creators of The Banner Saga, for using Saga in their name.

An open letter from the CEO of THQ

Yesterday we reported that THQ had officially gone bankrupt and that their assets and IP had now been sold to Clearlake Capital Group. Well today John Rubin, the President of THQ, has posted an open letter regarding the deals and the bankruptcy.

Open Letter to Nintendo

Open Letter to Nintendo

WiNG over at Screwattack has written an open letter to Nintendo explaining why he has given up on the Wii and moved his love over to the Xbox 360.

Now I personally feel the Wii is starting to get a bad rep for no good reason but it had to suffer the consequences of being successful sometime along the line.

He does make some valid points but all in all it’s a very funny ‘Dear John’ letter that is well worth the read.

I do wonder if there may actually be a chance of the 360 overtaking the Wii this holiday season?

Open Letter to Nintendo

[Thanks ewie for the tip]