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Review: Mario Golf: World Tour

I have a weird relationship with Mario sports games. Is videogame golf more or less of an experience when Mario is involved? I say he doesn’t add much to any sports game and rest assured, the same is true in World Tour. It might actually be for the better.

Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle confirmed…but it’s pricy

I’ve said it before that Mario Kart 8 is easily my most anticipated game next month – and that’s a month that sees Watch Dogs finally being released. the biggest problem with Mario Kart 8, of course, is that it’s exclusive to the Wii U – a great system that many gamers and the general populace couldn’t care about and don’t own. There’s a new bundle coming to coincide with the game to make amends.

Fatal Frame is coming back to terrify you

If you’ve never played the Fatal Frame, or Project Zero games as they’re known in these parts, then you’ve missed some of the most terrifying and chilling puzzle adventure games from the PlayStation 2 era. Project Zero 2 was re-released on the Wii not too long ago, so there’s little excuse, unless you’re a giant sissy. In it, you play the game using a camera to find and dispel ghosts. The series is making a grand return on perhaps the most perfectly suited bit of gaming hardware available. Yes, the Wii U.

Nintendo could have had Skylanders exclusivity

While we’re on the subject of companies being offered great properties and turning them down, Nintendo could have been the exclusive Skylanders partner.

This Tomodachi Life trailer is the weirdest thing you’ll see

Nintendo has a bunch of weird franchises that they keep within the confines of Japan, but one of the bigger ones is being freed from its Nipponese shackles. That game is Tomodachi Life, a weird sort of Animal Crossing meets The Sims meets hardcore hallucinogenics. And this trailer, showing you its intricacies, will leave you scratching your head…or laughing out loud.

Nintendo Direct drops huge Smash Bros info

 A Nintendo direct update has dropped a tonne of new information about the upcoming Super Smash Bros game for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Mario Kart 8 new info and trailer

I’m no fan of racing games – but I have a special place in my heart for Mario Kart. When I first got to go hands on with the Wii U exclusive, gravity-defying racer I fell in love. With crisp visuals and a buttery smooth 60fps, it finally felt like Mario Kart had come of age.  reviews for the upcoming racer have been dropping all over the internet..and it’s sent my excitement out in to the stratosphere.

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Review: Take that!

Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright are both fantastic and popular franchises in their own rights - with quirky personalities and interesting puzzling/logic problems, they are must haves on the 3DS. Now, they've been paired up to bring twice the fun.

Unity coming to 3DS?

Nintendo embraced Unity for the Wii U, announcing at GDC that 50 games were coming to the console via Unity. Now it seems that the ailing console might not be the only platform to benefit from this new partnership.

Molyneux: Never underestimate Nintendo

Ah, Peter Molyneux. Sure, he created Populous and Fable and is seen as one of the grandfathers of gaming. Sometimes he makes bizarre statements, but I actually agree with his latest comments. Uh oh, what does that say about me?

Investor wants Nintendo to do microtransactions

Nintendo has so far resisted the gilded allure of microtransactions. They’re pretty new to the DLC thing, and have only just attempted free-to-play with Steel Diver, but the company’s stayed away from microtransactions and the smartphone gaming market. One of its investors has sent a letter to Nintendo urging the company to start .

Sony Pictures to spin Console Wars movie

You heard correctly, Sony Pictures has picked up ‘CONSOLE WARS’ by Blake Harris, a business thriller about Sega’s rise to acclaim taking on established  console juggernaut Nintendo.

‘Year of Luigi” ending in March

Nintendo spent so much energy focusing on Luigi last year, hoping that shifting attention away from the red brother would have a correlating affect on their bank accounts. Surprising almost no one, it did little to boost the sales of Nintendo games and particularly the Wii U. Now Luigi's year is coming to an end - I wonder what the new year will bring.

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze review– A Tundra Fun

Donkey Kong’s return to gaming in 2010’s aptly named Donkey Kong Country Returns proved that the big ape could not just rub shoulders with the best platformers, but was in fact their King. Yes, back in 2010 before Rayman Origins and its exquisite follow-up existed, I proclaimed that Donkey Kong Country was perhaps the finest 2D platformer available. It’s one reason I’ve been confused by fan reaction to the news that developer Retro studios would be working on another Donkey Kong Country game. It doesn’t matter that it’s not the Metroid game you were hoping for…because it’s rather good.

Nintendo Direct Round-Up – Bayonetta 2,Super Smash Bros and more!

Another month, another Nintendo Direct! I love these announcements from the Japanese developer, as they’re down to earth and happen to be all about the games. The first Nintendo Direct of 2014 kicked off last night. Here’s what Iwata and pals had to show the world.