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Rumour: The next Xbox needs to be online, always

If there’s just one rumour about Microsoft’s next generation console that keeps rearing its ugly head, it’s unfortunately this one. According to even more sources, the next Xbox is going to require an internet connection all the time, whether you’re playing single or multiplayer games. In fact, they say you’re going to need to be connected just to boot a game up.

FFD: Microsoft needs to bring its “A Game” to next gen

Right. I’m sure many of you are sick to death of the PlayStation 4 news following the systems reveal early yesterday morning. It’s brought about some pretty mixed reception – with some believing Sony hasn’t shown or done enough, hasn’t utilised enough tech, or has just copied Nintendo (again).

Is the next Xbox already in trouble?

After the Xbox 360 launched, it was soon discovered that the cheaply built machine had a wee bit of a design flaw - and cheap as all hell solder - that caused the motherboard to warp and the chip to start popping off the board, resulting in the infamous Red ring of Death. It looks like the next Xbox may already be facing technical difficulties of its own.

Will Microsoft be last to enter the next generation?

Microsoft was first to launch its HD console this generation - and some engineering blunders aside, the headstart’s really helped the company grow the Xbox brand from being a mostly failed console to the most widely used (In North America, at least). In my mind, I imagine they’d want to repeat history by launching before its most direct competition, Sony. Michal Pachter seems to think otherwise.

The Lazygamer Podcast: Episode 22 – We Have Forza 3 And Play Lots Of Games!

The Lazygamer Podcast: Episode 22 – We Have Forza 3 And Play Lots Of Games!

This weeks podcast sees Danny, Marc and myself discussing some of the awesome games that we have been playing over the last week including Forza 3, Brutal Legends and a couple more. We also have a good chat about the news and especially take a look at this new debacle with Modern Warfare 2's dedicated servers.
  • MS perma-bans Forza and Borderlands pirates
  • MS bans third party memory units in next update
  • Modern Warfare 2 not delayed, no dedicated servers
  • Cross game chat coming to PS3
  • New Xbox in 2012?
  • Xbox 360 struggling in Japan. Give SA some love then!
For those having troubles with the stream and mp3 file, we have uploaded the podcast as a zip file which can be downloaded by clicking here . Please let us know if this has helped you out in the comments below. Write to us with your thoughts, or even if you just have something that you really want to say at podcast@lazygamer.co.za and if you have an interesting suggestion, topic or question, we may even read it on the podcast. It's just like being on TV, except it really isn't. Don't forget to tell your friends, subscribe and rate us on iTunes and if you prefer downloading the MP3 directly, or want to stream it right now, you can do so below.
NextBox coming in 2012? AMD already onboard

NextBox coming in 2012? AMD already onboard

It is my personal opinion that the PlayStation 3 has been making good ground against the Xbox 360 recently and unless the team at Microsoft do something fast they will be sitting in last place by the time 2013 comes around…

I have been a little confused by the lack of movement by Microsoft recently but if the latest rumours are to be believed then it may all make sense, first up we have the official news that AMD has already been signed up as the GPU provider for the NextBox* after consuming ATI a little while back.