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Mad Max will have a sense of mystery around it

Growing up, Mad Max was one of several films that shaped me, thanks to the SABC being broke and having to show really old movies during the day.We never did find out how Australia and the rest of the world got ragnarocked, and don’t look to Avalanche’s upcoming Mad Max game to answer that question either.

Peter Molyneux’s damn Curiosity Cube has been opened

Former legendary game designer and top of my sh$^ list waste of time Peter Molyneux had a grand dream back in November of 2012. It was a vision for a cube that was supposed to be opened on May 21, but much like his entire career over the last decade, he couldn’t even live up to that promise. It was opened last night however.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes review

Thumb cocked to the left. Partial joint pain in digit: First point of attack. Two: Index finger; paralyze movement, stop fragging. Three: heavy Redbull drinker, quick snap to caffeine dispenser. Four: Drag in in right thumb on face buttons, mash progress. Summary prognosis: My new mastery of Mortal Kombat might be attributed to too many hours playing the latest Sherlock Holmes game. Recovery: Dubious at best.

Valve Mysteriously Updates Portal, Internet Matlocks Go Nuts

Portal, the space and mind-pending bending first person puzzler from Valve is an incredible game, and it’s just received a particularly mysterious update. The PC version of the game has been updated, but nobody’s quite sure why yet though. The peculiarly cryptic changelog reads  “"Changed radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations" It’s also received a new achievement called "Transmission Received," but with no information on how to acquire it. Also included in the update was a host of new sound files – all white noise and morse code -  that are triggered by doing things with the radio in the starting pod. This is where it starts to get really interesting…
Mystery game teased – Stranglehold 2?

Mystery game teased – Stranglehold 2?

Stranglehold wasn’t one of the better quality titles of the last couple of years but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun. In fact it is still one of my top rated games of the entire generation purely because of the fun factor that comes from dodging bullets in slow motion and bursting through a room with white doves flying everywhere.

But was it good enough to get a sequel? A new mystery trailer has now been revealed by Spike TV that may possibly be Stranglehold 2. I don’t actually think it will be but I can dream.