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Watch Dogs details blowout

Multiplayer isn't for everyone, there are plenty of gamers who prefer to play on their own. However, it doesn't always have to be head to head combat to engage multiple players. Watch Dogs seems to have a ton of single player content, as well as some innovative multiplayer for those who are so inclined.

Evolving multiplayer: an interview with 2K

Yesterday, I got to play Evolve in an awesome preview event. You can read all about what Geoff and I thought of the game, and you should. We also talked with 2K's international producer, Iain Willows, and he had some cool tidbits to share with us.

Sniper Elite 3 details its multiplayer,co-op and customisation

Video games sometimes get unfairly painted as tutorials for how to commit all kinds of murder in the real world. And sometimes, that’s true. Because hands down, no other game on the market makes murder simulation as brutally satisfying as the Sniper Elite games. A sequel is on the way, this time taking place in Effrika. And beyond the single-player portion, the game sounds like it has a solid online mode as well.

The Division’s “Snowdrop engine” keeps impressing

Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy-branded online, multiplayer survival shooter RPG The Division is coming to PC and the new consoles later this year. It’s powered by Massive entertainment’s shiny new Snowdrop engine, which its creators say will allow smaller teams to make big, high-end AAA titles with relative ease.

Towerfall: Ascension review – Archery Rivals

Remember a time when gaming was all about fun? “Online” multiplayer gaming wasn’t viable, DLC and micro transactions didn’t exist? Remember when “multiplayer” gaming meant having a bunch of friends around, each with a controller in hand and a butt on a couch? Towerfall: Ascension brings that magic back.

FFD: Is multiplayer taking a backseat?

The gaming industry seems to work in cycles. Whatever the soup du jour  is at the moment won’t be popular in a few years, with something else taking its places at the most popular genre years later. Only to be usurped later still by something else. Since the advent of the last generation of consoles, the online multiplayer shooter has been king of the hill, with the result being that just about every game in every genre has had tacked-on shoe-horned multiplayer.  Lately though, more and more games are eschewing multiplayer in favour of more meaningful single player experiences.

Titanfall review – Dropping from the clouds

So Titanfall landed on the 14th of March 2014 in every single gaming country on the planet other than South Africa. Blame our networks, blame the Consumer Protection Act, blame the lack of a local Azure datacentre - either way, EA felt it was in their best interests not to release the game here. 

Indie Review: Nidhogg

It was very, very hard to put down Nidhogg to write this review. What do you know about Nidhogg? The people reading this versed in Norse mythology may think Nidhogg is a dragon that  gnaws on the roots of the Earth tree, Yggdrasill. Although that is relevant and true, Nidhogg in this context, is a 2D fencing game in which two people battle to reach their side of a level where they then get eaten by Nidhogg.

Titanfall’s 6v6 multiplayer is by design

Titanfall’s confirmed 12 player, 6-v-6 player has caused a bit of controversy. Some are disappointed, believing that a “next generation” game shouldn’t have such a low player count. Others believe it’s being held back by consoles, which is why it’s only a 12 player game. Respawn says this is nonsense, and that it was a design decision for maximum funsies.

XCOM: Enemy Within multiplayer update released

The recent expansion to XCOM, XCOM:Enemy within, has received a balancing update to the multiplayer component of the game. The update changes the pricing of units, making many cheaper and some more overpowered units more expensive to compensate. The full table of changes can be found below.

Evolve still lives, next game from creators of Left 4 Dead

You know what the best thing is about new gaming technology hardware? New games and ideas being floated around. Or at least a risk being taken here and there. Gaming is slowly creating a divide between pure single-player experiences and multiplayer-only gameplay, and that’s something that you’ll see more of later this year in Evolve.

Play Killzone: Shadow Fall for free until next year

PlayStation Plus subscribers have been getting hooked up recently, with several high-profile games currently available for free download in the EU region – including DmC: Devil May Cry and Borderlands 2 for the PS3.

If you have a PlayStation 4, though, there’s another perk for this coming weekend. From December 28-31, the multiplayer component for Killzone: Shadow Fall will be free to play for all PS4 owners – essentially the best part of the game. Preloading is available immediately for those who want to get started the minute it unlocks, so get ready to close out the year with some sci-fi multiplayer mayhem.

Future Assassin’s Creed games could have shared worlds

As far as single-player games go, Assassin’s Creed is one of those titles that have a very strong presence in that domain. Sure, it has multiplayer, but have you ever heard someone explain that they were buying one of those games solely for that? In future games however, the single and multiplayer worlds could merge together.

What are acceptable reasons to pause Multiplayer games?

I love playing LoL, mostly because there's no pause option. Don't start a game if you can't commit to the time it's going to take to complete it. Sure, sometimes life happens, but most of the time people pause for no good reason. So, what excuses would you deem acceptable?

You can’t handle this Killzone Shadow Fall ultra HD footage!

Man, my whole day so far has been about resolutions. Aaaaaanyway, even though I’ll be putting my preorder down for the Xbox One in a few weeks, I have to admit that the PS4 has some damn good-lookin’ games. Like Killzone Shadow Fall, which looks so fantastic in person, that a streaming service can’t do it any proper justice.