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Another quick update on our legal battle

I’ve received a few questions in public and private recently about the on going court battle that Colin Webster has launched against me. There isn’t much to say now but here is the quick update.

eSports association promotes sexism

I have been trying to steer clear of articles about sexism, mostly because it always feels like a giant can of worms. However, statements have been made that made my blood boil, and it should make yours do the same.

This is why we don’t require the MSSA yet

For possibly the one person out there who doesn’t know yet I’ll be clear up front. I am not a fan of the MSSA (Mind Sports South Africa). I find them overbearing, annoying and an impediment to the improvement of  eSports in South Africa.

The invisible man is speaking again

The infamous, and totally anonymous, Matatheni Mosotho of the eSports blog is posting again. It’s been a while since Mr Mosotho has graced us with his particular brand of commentary (read: garbage) but he has decided to throw his weight into the Rize issue and weirdly,  is once again attempting to defend these notorious MSSA test matches.

An open letter to MWEB

Ben Steenhuisen is a prominent shout caster in the local eSports industry and has also been a vocal opponent of the MSSA in recent months. He’s now penned an open letter to MWEB regarding their on-going sponsorship of the MSSA where he raises some valid questions.

MSSA vs SAESA website battle

One of the smaller complaints around the MSSA is that their website has been pretty woeful and they have been attempting to use Facebook and Wikipedia to spread the information on their goals.

MSSA holding online trials for Dota 2 next month

We received an email from the MSSA today that shocked us. firstly, it was pretty professionally done, without much in the way of poor formatting, typos or any of those editing flubs we’re largely guilty of ourselves. Secondly they’re being oddly forthcoming about upcoming online trials for Dota 2.

PSA: Update on our legal action–Postponed

So today I was in the Gauteng High Court to defend my articles against the ex-President of the MSSA. Unfortunately the man himself didn’t appear at court but his legal team were there.

MSSA Press Conference: A sad day for SA eSports

On Saturday, I went to Old Eds in Joburg to report on the Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) press conference - an opportunity to meet Simphiwe Maphumulo, as well as get answers to all those questions we raised a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, the afternoon just proved to me how ill-fitting and poorly managed the MSSA truly is.

Here comes a new SA eSports league

By now, you're all familiar with the trials and tribulations over at the MSSA. We are hoping for change, keeping some optimism about the new president, but many have called for an entirely new organization to take over and take eSports in a positive new direction. Now, it looks like that might be happening.

Is the MSSA building bridges?

So everyone by now knows what I think of the MSSA right? No? Okay let me quickly give you a rundown of how I feel about the organisation known as Mind Sports South Africa.

Our legal battle continues – You guys are amazing

So last week I posted an article giving you an update on our legal woes and how Colin Webster has an interdict against us that is going to cost at least R20 000 to resolve. Even if we are right.

An update on our legal woes

So early last week I posted an article regarding the General Secretary of the MSSA, Colin Webster. While 99% of the article has not been disputed I did inadvertently get one fact wrong. A fact that Colin feels has unfairly painted him in a bad light.

MSSA President Simphiwe Maphumulo finally responds

Late Saturday night,  MSSA president Simphiwe Maphumulo finally saw fit to address the hundreds of questions that gamers had flooded Mweb with, in response to an interview that was posted there. Over 350 comments were posted over 48 hours, with a lot of folks angry and wanting reassurance. Maphumulo clearly, was having none of that.

Simphiwe Maphumulo, MSSA President, is taking questions

The new President of the MSSA is fielding questions on their sponsor's website at the moment so if you have any questions please feel free to head on over and ask them.