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Ozone Neon mouse and Lepton Mousepad review

Ozone is a rather new face in the world of eSports and gaming peripherals. They have a lot of endorsements from professional gamers, but not much brand recognition and trust. Luckily for them, I’ve had a play with their new Neon range of mice and I’m happy to say that it’s very good for the price point. Not many online stockists are selling it right now, but the price point is $49 (AUD) so about R480. For that price, you don’t really expect too much, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Steelseries Rival review– Pixel perfect precision

Over the years, gaming mice have become increasingly ridiculous, adding all manner of superfluous feature and button so that it very nearly requires a degree in engineering just to hold one. Sometimes, a simpler approach is not only necessary – but welcome. If you’re looking for a gaming mouse that nails the fundamentals but forgoes the superfluous, look no further than the Steelseries Rival.

PSA: Grab a gaming mouse for cheap

Let’s face facts: Your mouse sucks. It’s ancient, takes 9 volt batteries and is about as sensitive as the right side of Sly Stallone’s face. Need something decent, awesome and for cheap? Well here’s one for you.

Steel Series Sensei RAW Mouse Review – Raw, what is it good for?

So you want to be a PC gamer, do you? If there’s one essential tool that you’re going to need then, besides a rock-hard butt to endure hours of playtime, it’s a good mouse. But after spending a ton of cash of a decent rig, you’ve only got enough money to eat dog food for the rest of the month. Fortunately, Steel Series has you covered with a budget version of their iconic Sensei mouse. Here’s how the clicker handles.

Steelseries QCK Heavy mouse pad review – Table smothering rubber

We all (should) have one. That surface that your shiny mouse sits on to avoid dust and grime and to give you smooth, even handling. But sometimes we neglect the mousepad: after forking out for high quality peripherals, your wallet might be screaming at you to just use that R30 brandless thing that came with your very first mouse.

The gaming mouse that will blow you…


…Some cold air. PC Gamers, look at yourselves, and more specifically, your hands. They’re dripping with sweat and what we hope is spilled mayonnaise, flinging fluids in every direction. No one wants to shake a clammy hand like that, and that means that your life is over, if we are to believe everything that happens in movies. Don’t you wish that you could avoid that?

Well, now you can, with this handy mouse that will keep your hands cool and dryer than a Stephen Wright punchline.

Peter Molyneux compares Kinect to the mouse

Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux has compared Microsoft’s full-body motion-sensing peripheral with the advent of the computer mouse, which also saw derision and a general lack of acceptance in its early days, in the land before time.

R.U.S.E Mouse winner announced

R.U.S.E Mouse winner announced

We have been accepting entries into what may have been our first ever hardware competition over the last week.

But now with that awesome Black Ops Prestige edition up for grabs it’s time to wrap this one up and hand over the limited edition RUSE mouse to one lucky winner.

And that winner is Wade Kruger for being randomly drawn from the list of people who correctly stated that Megarom are the company responsible for distributing RUSE locally as well as supplying us with the prize.

Molyneux : Natal Could Effect Bigger Change than Mouse for PC

It’s all in how things are controlled. that’s how Peter Molyneux,  over-hyping grand champion, sees the world. It wasn’t the microprocessor that revolutionised the Pc, according to Molyneux – no, it was the mouse. “IF you’re thinking Natal is going to give you another version of an FPS, you’re just not thinking broadly enough. After all, it was the invention of the mouse that gave us computing as it is today – not the invention of the microprocessor. That’s how we ended up controlling our PCs.”