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Forget zombies, we need more dinosaurs

Zombies are old hat. Passé. Nobody cares about the ambling undead anymore. What the world needs now is something better. And that thing could just be dinosaurs. An enterprising modder has started work on something very much like DayZ, only with dinosaurs instead.

Skyrim tweak will allow for much better mods

I have a confession to make. It’s not a particularly popular one – but I loved the heck out of Skyrim. Yes, it was a buggy and glitchy mess. Yes, its combat is frankly terrible. Yes, many of its quests are repetitive and shallow. Despite that, it was good enough to suck up 200 hours of my life. And, two years on, it just keeps getting better thanks to mods and tweaks.  Now there’s a tweak that will let you have 300 (plus) player NPC battles.

SimCity now allows modding with EA’s blessing

SimCity hasn’t had the easiest time since it’s arrival with the small city sizes and always online requirement raising the ire of many a gamer. Personally I still love jumping into the game every now and then and attempting to build my empire.

Minecraft Community Post–Show me yours

Those who have been following me on twitter must now know that my kids have become obsessed with Minecraft. It’s all they seem to want to do now and I spend half my parenting life trying to get them to go outside and swim or something… I’ve become my mother.

Thief will be massively customisable

While I may be looking forward to 2014’s Thief, that enthusiasm hasn’t exactly been felt by long-time fans of the series. And for good reason, because in order to be as widespread as possible, the Thief formula will need to be watered down a tad to hit that mainstream appeal. But fans need not worry, because they’ll be able to transform their Thief game into the experience that they want to have.

Pokemon and Walking Dead skins for Minecraft and Cubeworld

I really shouldn't watch Silence of the Lambs before going to sleep - now I'm imagining gaming skins as something very different.  That said, Minecraft for 360 and CubeWorld are getting some awesome skins!

GTA V coming to PC?

Rockstar’s incredibly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V has yet to be announced for PC. According to Rockstar, it’ll only make its way to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 when it sees release later this year. That’s rightfully raised the ire of PC gamers, who so far have put 143 000 impotent digital signatures to a petition to bring the game to PC. Their wishes, however, might come true.

Why there’s still no DayZ standalone

DayZ, a slow-paced, realistic(ish) game mode about the Zombie apocalypse is an intriguing thing – but  it requires too much effort to get running at the moment, requiring Arma II, its expansion, a BETA patch and the mod to be installed. The good news is its coming in a standalone form. The bad news is that it was supposed have been released last year. Why isn’t it out yet?

Morrowind modded into Skyrim

Modders have started a project to completely mod Morrowind into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A site Morroblivion was designed specifically to re-create Morrow in Oblivion.

Guild Wars 2 unofficial Combat Mode

pvpPROJECT has modded Guild Wars 2 into a third-person shooter  - adding free mouse-look to the game.

I used to be a plumber like you, then I took a goomba to the knee…

One of the very best things about PC games that elevates them beyond their console counterparts (other than ridiculous framerates, better graphics  and thick rhinoceros callouses on your mouse hand) is the wonderful work done by modding communities. Games like DayZ, DOTA and Counter-Strike wouldn’t exist without the ability for dedictaed gamers to tinker and as a result make their own games. Nowhere is the power of modding more evident than with Skyrim, which has given us delightful things like a Macho Man Dragons and homicidal ponies.  This could be the best Skyrim mod yet.

A couple of Skyrim goodies to make your day

So how many hours of your precious life have you poured into Skyrim? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? The game is just so addictive, that it even scored a 10/10 in the review. And no matter how many hours you’ve put in, chances are good that you’ve barely even touched the main quest.

There’s just too much to do, and top of the list has to be all those books laying around bandit fortresses and nestled in the arms of a Draugar warrior. But for those of you who want to take your Skyrim experience that little bit further, here’s a few treats for you.

Skyrim Mod Lets You Play It On Low-End PC Setup

The guys responsible for those ridiculously amazing looking GTA IV ICEnhncer mods that make the game look like… the best thing you’ve ever seen, have now made a mod for Skyrim that does the exact opposite.

If you haven’t got the cash to fork out for a console or a new PC gaming rig but really want to play Skyrim, then your prayers have just been answered.

Blizzard doesn’t want you to mod Diablo 3

I don’t know about you guys, but my copy of Diablo 2 has to be one of the most played titles in my collection. That massive box, with the big grinning skull staring back at me still sits proudly next to other games on my shelf, partly due to some fantastic mods that kept the action flowing, long after the main campaign was finished.

With Diablo 3 expected next year, we’re pretty certain that the world will be crawling with all manner of beasties and demons, just waiting for us to explore a dungeon and attempt to get past them.

But if you’re planning on tweaking that dungeon-crawling experience, in order to give yourself more of a challenge or some better loot, then put your coding gloves away, because Blizzard doesn’t want anyone tinkering with their product.

No Mods for Battlefield 3, because it’s “scary”

Battlefield 3, possibly the year’s most anticipated modern combat shooter is getting released in just over a month. You’re likely already aware that the game will be shipping without any mod support - meaning no user-created maps or single player total conversions either.

Let them explain why.