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Maxis preparing a F2P, MMO styled Minecraft?

Maxis has made the same types of games for years, particularly since being acquired by EA. It's all about the Sim - SimCity and The Sims - or the Spore. But now they're getting ready to make a new title, and it could just be even weirder than those games.

What the hell is ArcheAge?

By Kyle Haward ArcheAge is one of the newer Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, developed by XL Games, that was released in Korea last year. It is now being brought to Western Audiences in North America and Europe by Trion Games.

Grab Destiny’s companion app before the beta this week

Destiny’s beta kicks off this week on the PS4 and PS3, coming to Microsoft platforms next week. The beta is supposedly a bigger, broader experience than the Alpha, giving players a good chunk of content to explore. You may want to download the fancy new companion app to help with that.

Could World of Warcraft come to consoles?

This weekend, rumours started swirling once again that the big daddy of MMO’s, World of Warcraft, could be coming to the new generation consoles. Of course, anybody’s who’s ever played World of Warcraft will tell you that that would be impossible; the game uses far too many buttons on the keyboard to make it viable on a controller. Sure, you could map some of it to a controller, coupled with using other buttons as modifiers, but it would be terribly unwieldy. You’d need a masters degree in physics just to be able to do... well, anything.

WildStar review – Welcome to Nexus, Cupcake!

Reviewing MMORPG's is always a darn tricky affair. They are filled with dozens, if not hundreds of hours of content, many, MANY acres to explore, millions of quests, and of course, a variety of classes to choose from which plays a part in dictating how you experience the game. WildStar is no different, offering up the experience you'd expect, but with its own crazy flavour. I've spent twenty hours in game, spread unevenly across two classes from two opposing factions. I've barely dented what the game has to offer, but I already know that it's something I'd be happy to spend more time with.

Why Destiny runs at 30fps

Destiny is pretty neat. You’d have been able to read my impressions of the game’s brief alpha yesterday if I’d had any power and every single one of my portable devices wasn’t flatter than Checkers’ in-house brand value cola. It's pretty damned good looking too, even if it does only run at 30fps. Here’s why.

WildStar gets 10 days Open Beta

Open Beta seems like the modern equivalent of a demo. The game isn't really finished yet, but it's close enough, and you can get a sense if it's for you. WildStar is giving you that opportunity for ten days.

Destiny’s Beta coming in July

Destiny is a massive, online multiplayer shooting experience that might just change the way we see the FPS genre. It looks like it will be a whole bunch of fun, and really varied. Of course, everyone wants to give it a try and see if it's all it's cracked up to be. Don't worry, you can play it soon.

Destiny multiplayer modes revealed

MoreConsole have put together a video showcasing the many multiplayer modes that will be available in the upcoming Destiny title from Bungie.

The Elder Scrolls Online review

I'll be perfectly blunt. It's freaking hard reviewing a MMORPG! Hours and hours of play, and I feel like I've just barely scratched the surface. Can I really give it a fair, critical score? I've invested over 25 hours, only reaching level 15 of the possible 50. I believe I am at least entitled to an opinion, but keep in mind that this review reflects my own experience, something which did not extend to the late game.

Player unlocks all 2057 World of Warcraft achievements

People have made fun of those who play WoW for many years now. The classic "how does one kill that which has no life" joke from South Park all those years ago is proof. Now, one player has unlocked every achievement in the game.

H1Z1 won’t be a pay-to-win hell

For people keen on the premise of DayZ, but unwilling to pay to take part in the game’s rather extended beta, Sony Online Entertainment’s H1Z1 sounds like just the ticket. An open world, large-scale MMO with zombies in it certainly sounds like something cast from DayZ’s mould. the biggest worry though, is that it’ll be free to play – which usually comes with excessive micro-transaction pitfalls. SOE however, has said that it most certainly won’t be pay to win. In fact, pretty much everything you’ll be able to buy is cosmetic.

Fun useless facts in this Elders Scrolls Online Infographic

Zenimax and Bethesda’s new Elder Scrolls MMO is available to all and sundry today, and to celebrate that fact the company’s released an infographic telling you all sorts of things about the game you would otherwise not even care remotely care about. Did you know, for example, that you’d have to slay 119,050 mudcrabs to reach level 50? No? Well you do now!

Choice tidbits of Destiny gameplay

Destiny is shaping up to be a game I keep forgetting about, until I hear more and get excited. Yeah, I know, it's blowing hot and cold for me. However, we finally get a glimpse at some gameplay in this latest PS4 commercial, and I'm definitely getting hot again.

SOE: sandbox “at the core of everything”

Sony Online Entertainment boss, John Smedley, has updated his blog. In it, he evaluates the future of MMOs, and argues that sandboxes are the way of the future. Time for Sony to jump on that bandwagon.